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The Pro Production System truly is "the real deal!"

//  BEN F.

The courses have catapulted my mixes towards greatness, and done so rather quickly. The level of detail and explanation just on one mix walkthrough is worth the course to me. When I look back, I can't help but to laugh at (and pity) myself for following the Youtube mix tip rabbit hole. This course is straight business, to the point, efficient and thorough!

I have no doubt that this course has shaved YEARS off of the learning curve and has already given me the mindset and fundamental skills for me to be able to produce music that I am proud to share.

I am still in awe of the instruction and information in this course.


Before PPS, I feel that I was one step above beginner with my knowledge and skills. PPS really helped me level up those skills.
The editing section showed me the importance of getting parts right in the tracking phase. In the tracking section, I learned that I had a lot of the right general ideas, but it laid a path to get everything done consistently every time.

I am now much more confident in my skills, and I have made the decision to go part time with engineering and producing. Getting into PPS was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Thank you!

PPS has taught me how a pro engineer would go about music production on every level.

//  JOSH B.

I haven’t had a single issue in my own work that I haven’t been able to overcome. I wouldn’t have had the confidence to pursue any kind of paid work had it not been from the teachings within the PPS. I am very glad I made the investment in it.

Since enrolling in PPS I have grown in confidence in my ability as a "full stack producer."

//  KEITH A.

It covers all the right aspects of the craft; and beyond this explains them in such a simple way that the principles really stick. The start to finish approach offered in the PPS course has really put me in the driver's seat while producing bands, and because of what I have learned in the PPS course, I now know that so much of this is really so simple!

And it was such a breath of fresh air to find that none of this is contingent upon the "right budget" or flashy gear! 

It’s hard to put into words how much PPS has transformed my recording and mixing abilities.

//  JEFF M.

I’m not just copying settings anymore but really understanding WHY I’m making certain moves and am able to hear the details of my mixes that I never would have noticed before. I have more clients now than ever before, and they are all so much happier with their final mixes.

After going through PPS and participating in weekly coaching calls, it’s hard to even listen to my mixes from last year this time, and bands are leaving other studios to come to me. I can’t believe how far things have come in such a short time. Not only are my clients and I happier, but with the extra business I’ve been getting, I was able to afford to buy an actual studio space and move out of my home studio.

My only regret is that I didn't do so sooner!

//  marcus s.

The knowledge shared in these videos has saved me years of trial and error, and I thank God that it costs less than going back to college to learn all of these techniques. Jordan has constructed a truly fantastic program, and I know I'm going to be going back and referencing these videos for many years to come.

Not only that, but access to the HCMS coaching calls and the community of like minded producers/mix engineers is absolutely invaluable. The support and guidance of both the HCMS team and the HCMS community has multiplied my confidence and efficiency several times over.

Wow, without a doubt, Pro Production System (PPS) is a great course!

//  GLEN F.

I’ve also undertaken several audio production/engineering courses at Berklee Online, and whilst the Berklee Courses are very good, I found that it wasn’t until I undertook the PPS courses that my mixes started to really take a big leap forward to a more professional level.

In the Pro Mixing Course, Jordan’s methodical and extremely thorough mixing approach is broken down step-by-step, showing students how to get the best sounds out of each component of the mix. Importantly, he doesn’t just show how to do something, he explains why he is doing it. I learned so much about the proper use of compression, EQ, effects etc, areas that I had previously only scratched the surface with.

The Pro Tracking and Pro Editing courses are excellent also. I felt that all of the courses fit together like pieces of a single puzzle and I now have a far greater appreciation of the importance of capturing great sounds at the source and employing proper editing up front and not expecting that things can just be fixed later in the mix.

Finally, the weekly coaching calls with the Hardcore Music Studio coaches are excellent. There are a huge number of multi-tracks to work on with PPS and the weekly coaching calls are a great opportunity to get feedback on my mixes or have other general production/engineering questions addressed.

Making the decision to invest in PPS was the best one I think I've made in my audio career...

//  CHRIS B.

Jordan and the Pro Production System have completely changed the way that I have approached and thought about production, at any stage. I have had a traditional university education in audio engineering, and whilst that has taught me a fair amount about recording, editing and mixing, as I enter my final semester, I can honestly say that PPS has taught me so much more, for a fraction of the cost. Everything is broken down in a way that's simple to understand and it's all incredibly effective.

Since starting the course, my mixes have improved tenfold, my recordings have gotten better and I've only gotten more confident as I've completed each section. Making the decision to invest in PPS was the best one I think I've made in my audio career as it has taken me from an unsure student to someone who has worked with clients and is pushing to get more.

The difference is astounding.


The amount of years saved trying to figure out all this key knowledge.. I’m just impossibly blessed to have found Jordan’s teachings. I thought sure, what’s the worst that could happen? I learn some new things? Holy #$@! did I learn some things... because of the business course as well, I’m fully confident in selling my skills as an audio and mixing engineer! Only up from here! Thanks Jordan, you literally changed my life.

What I can say is that this works.

//  TORJE A.

I was not prepared for how many videos and material this course actually contains. It is really well made with excellent production - which is something you'd want to stay engaged and focused.

The funny thing is, so much of it comes from understanding the value and importance of the basics, the core stuff you tend not to think about. Those are the things that makes a huge difference, and is often over looked.

It's a library you come back to and repeat to stay sharp and refresh your skills with. What I can say is that this works. You still need to apply what's inside to harvest from your time and investment, but if you stick with it and go through it all, it will do your studio good.

I've learned a lot from this course, and I'm glad I bought it as this is now part of the new foundation in my own business Amundsen Studio.

I would recommend the PPS for anyone who is serious about reaching that pro level.


As a beginner, I was very fearful of music production and starting my studio. I had beginner knowledge about certain aspects of music production, but not as a whole. After going through and completing the Drum Tracking section, this alone was worth the price of the whole course! Jordan broke this down so well that even a complete beginner could start at a pro-level! EQ and mixing were done so detailed and clear, that I am finally confident in starting my studio career.

What a massive difference.


I just released my second EP after joining PPS - what a massive difference. I was skeptical of how “easy” it would be to get those competitive results, but I followed the building blocks you set out and things just fell right into place, and whenever I encountered hurdles, I overcame them rather easily, to my surprise.

Well worth the cash. It has given me a sense of pride of what I am releasing to the world. I am so glad that I finally don’t need to chase down those rabbit holes to try figure out how to make my songs competitive.

The Tracking, Editing and Mixing modules have completely revolutionized my approach to working on music.

//  BRIAN W.

The biggest takeaways for me were how to tightly track guitars and bass so they require minimal editing, editing drums to the grid before tracking everything else, and seeing the overall workflow of how a professional produces and mixes songs. When I listen to all my previous work, the shortcomings are so obvious now!

Thanks a lot for this great journey.

//  CHRIS H.

I can't mention enough how this course changed my skills, focus and most of all my approach and whole mindset (even on a personal, private level). I am now closer to the quality I always wanted to deliver - gold standard. The biggest takeaway is that I now only need one day for a mix instead of struggling for weeks and still not getting to a satisfying result.

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