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We teach rock and metal producers how to make label-quality records and get paid in the studio


For rock, pop, and metal producers who want to:

  • Craft mixes that sound as good as any song on Spotify (or better)
  • Get paid to produce, record, & mix (we'll show you how)
  • Build a lasting career in the studio

100% Virtual Training


Take your mixes to the next level by getting the most essential mixing advice tailored to rock & metal:

  • Finally get a firm grip on fundamental mixing concepts & tools
  • Learn the essential 7-step workflow to follow in every mix
  • Get track-by-track mixing tips and examples for every part of your mix: Drums, Bass, Guitars, Vocals, and Mix Bus

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Produced & mixed Silverstein’s album “A Beautiful Place to Drown”, nominated for a JUNO award (Canadian equivalent of the Grammys). 

To date, music that Sam has produced and mixed has amassed over 350 million streams on Spotify (including Devil Wears Prada, Trash Boat & more).


Produced & mixed the band Flesh Juicer, winning Best Album at the Taiwan music awards, and Best Musical Group at the Golden Melody Awards (the Chinese equivalent of the Grammys).

”Without HCMS, I wouldn’t be able to achieve any of this.”


Produced & mixed his band, Shallow Truths, amassing over 1 million streams on Spotify.

“I could not have mixed those songs to the quality that I did without this course.”


Produced & mixed Meet Me at The Altar’s album Model Citizen and Belmont’s debut EP, helping both artists land label deals. Songs from these albums have over 5 million streams on Spotify.

“The training I received from your courses paid dividends!”

Life-Changing Results That Audio Colleges Fail to Deliver:


I cannot express how thankful I am

I cannot express how thankful I am. Suddenly more and more bands want to work with me to the point that I think I could make a decent income from this! I wanted to emphasize that apart from all the technical stuff I'm learning in the courses, what I think really made the difference to me is the motivation you gave me. Just sharing your experience in this field and all the passion you have about it really gets through the screen. Again, thank you!

Diego E.

My mix actually translated very well!

For a mix to translate out of my bedroom studio, I'd have to make about 5-6 revisions to get something short of dcent. I scrapped all my processing and applied your methods and approach to one of my songs and WITHOUT EVEN A REVISION, my mix ACTUALLY TRANSLATED VERY WELL AND SOUNDED GOOD IN MY CAR.

Charles Y.

Having spent countless hours in the studio with several engineers in the past, I thought that the course would be an overall review of what I already knew. That was not the case. Jordan showed me stuff that I wish I knew years ago. By far the best thing I purchased in a long time. All I can say is that I'm 100% satisfied and this course will and already did improve my mixes and confidence a lot.

Sebastien Tremblay

Honestly comparable to the Berklee Masters program in music production...

If I could have taken it 5 years ago, it would have saved me $40,000 in tuition.

Ben S.

Gave me courage to open my own humble studio. All the second-guessing just disappeared once I finished the course. Now I know how to make my gear sound ten times better!

Artur B.

"The difference is extreme!"

I applied your method to a song that I already mixed and released for my band.

WOW! The difference is extreme! The new mix sounds exciting and full. By comparison, the old mix sounds like there's a blanket on the speakers. I am beyond happy with the results and can't wait to apply what I've learned to more projects.

Keith V.

Learned more in 2 hours than in 4 years!

I went to audio school for 4 years. I did 5 videos of Jordan's so far and learned more in 2 hours than in 4 years for a lot less money.

David Pietila

The difference is astounding!

The amount of years saved trying to figure out all this key knowledge.. I’m just impossibly blessed to have found Jordan’s teachings. I thought sure, what’s the worst that could happen? I learn some new things? Holy #$@! did I learn some things... because of the business course as well, I’m fully confident in selling my skills as an audio and mixing engineer! Only up from here! Thanks Jordan, you literally changed my life.

Dakota S.

I already see a big difference in my mixes.

To be honest all my mixes sucked and I kinda lost the motivation to do this. However, I decided to join PPS and committed to learn (or re-learn) everything I knew about mixing and bring my skills to the next level. I never had a full picture and good workflow before. Now I feel much more confident, much more free from the obsession of focusing on small problems and overthinking things, and I already see a big difference in my mixes.

Dmitriy B.

The whole story, with every detail.

One-stop shopping with this guy. He is the only online recording/mixing coach that I have found who gives the whole story, with every detail and who speaks with such certainty, that you know he knows what he's talking about and with a pedigree to back it up.

Robin K.

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Created by Producer/Mixer Jordan Valeriote

(Silverstein, Emery, Nick Johnston, Neck Deep)