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We teach rock and metal producers how to make label-quality records and get paid in the studio


For rock, pop, and metal producers who want to:

  • Craft mixes that sound as good as any song on Spotify (or better)
  • Get paid to produce, record, & mix (we'll show you how)
  • Build a lasting career in the studio

100% Virtual Training


Take your mixes to the next level by getting the most essential mixing advice tailored to rock & metal:

  • Finally get a firm grip on fundamental mixing concepts & tools
  • Learn the essential 7-step workflow to follow in every mix
  • Get track-by-track mixing tips and examples for every part of your mix: Drums, Bass, Guitars, Vocals, and Mix Bus

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Produced & mixed Silverstein’s album “A Beautiful Place to Drown”, nominated for a JUNO award (Canadian equivalent of the Grammys). 

To date, music that Sam has produced and mixed has amassed over 350 million streams on Spotify (including Devil Wears Prada, Trash Boat & more).


Produced & mixed the band Flesh Juicer, winning Best Album at the Taiwan music awards, and Best Musical Group at the Golden Melody Awards (the Chinese equivalent of the Grammys).

”Without HCMS, I wouldn’t be able to achieve any of this.”


Produced & mixed his band, Shallow Truths, amassing over 1 million streams on Spotify.

“I could not have mixed those songs to the quality that I did without this course.”


Produced & mixed Meet Me at The Altar’s album Model Citizen and Belmont’s debut EP, helping both artists land label deals. Songs from these albums have over 5 million streams on Spotify.

“The training I received from your courses paid dividends!”

Life-Changing Results That Audio Colleges Fail to Deliver:


It's a cheat code.

As for the content of the course, you get way more than you pay for. It's a cheat code. If you are like me, you have watched hundreds of YouTube videos. There is just too much noise out there. I'm a DIY guy and this saved me a ton of time...and time is money. The catalog of information this course provides is invaluable.

Jamie K.

I've already learned significantly more useful information than I did in two years of audio college.

I started the PPS training 3 days ago and I've already learned significantly more useful information than I did in two years of audio college. This course is truly the info you actually need to make killer records, not that filler garbage info you get taught in college. I'm super excited to keep learning and make sick records.

Andrew C.

"Wish I knew about this sooner."

I purchased a [big-name mixer] mixing course prior to your course and felt like I completely wasted my money.

The material in your course is PRICELESS! It is applicable in every mixing situation. I always wondered why my mixes sounded so dull or lifeless prior to your course. Now I finally get my mixes to hit as hard as I've always wanted.

Dave Z.

Learned more in 2 hours than in 4 years!

I went to audio school for 4 years. I did 5 videos of Jordan's so far and learned more in 2 hours than in 4 years for a lot less money.

David Pietila

Learned more in 5 months than I did in 2 years of school!

I paid a TON of money for the Art Institute of Vancouver's Recording Arts Program and to be honest, I 've learned more in 5 months of Jordan's courses than I did in 2 years of school. If I were to do it again, I wouldn't pay all that money to go to school. In the last year and a half, I have been able to take my studio full time, launch a second company and land a dream job. None of this would have been possible without your courses. I am forever grateful.

Shawn B.

Wouldn't be where I am today.

It was a struggle at first paying the rent and all the bills associated with the studio. After purchasing Jordan’s training last year it has helped me open doors and achieve goals that I thought weren’t possible for me. Jordan explained how to capture specific instruments in complete detail. I can tell you that without Jordan and his courses I wouldn’t be where I am today. I have many clients that I am working with not only in Metal/Hardcore, but in EDM, EDC, POP, HipHop Hard Rock and recently gospel/Jazz Band. I owe it all to Jordan and Hardcore Music Studio.

Chris Litwin

"I'm a full-time college student studying Audio Production… Even though I felt like I had some innate talent in a good ear, I wasn't able to get anything to sound how I wanted and this is because I didn't know the tools and how to get where I wanted.

I went for it, signed up, And suddenly, something clicked. You gave me the keys, and it happened. I went from complete amateur, and now I feel I could dare to call myself semi-pro. For the first time I can COMPARE my mix TO A PRO and say, "yeah I could mix for those labels and bands.”

Chris L.

It's a dream I never knew I had, come true!

I can't begin to describe the relief I felt as I devoured these courses. So much confusion and frustration was swept away as I watched a professional show me exactly how to approach an entire production from start to finish, step-by-step, in detail. The feeling of excitement as I learned and applied these techniques to the multitracks provided was fantastic! For the first time ever, I not only felt equipped to make better music myself, but I had the confidence to take on other people's music too! I had never even contemplated that before. I should point out that I studied music performance and production in college for 3 years, and the production side of it only ever confused and bored me. Now I'm working on my first paid EP project for another band! It's a dream I never knew I had, come true!

Dave S.

It’s hard to put into words how much PPS has transformed my recording and mixing abilities.

I’m not just copying settings anymore but really understanding WHY I’m making certain moves and am able to hear the details of my mixes that I never would have noticed before. I have more clients now than ever before, and they are all so much happier with their final mixes.
After going through PPS and participating in weekly coaching calls, it’s hard to even listen to my mixes from last year this time, and bands are leaving other studios to come to me. I can’t believe how far things have come in such a short time. Not only are my clients and I happier, but with the extra business I’ve been getting, I was able to afford to buy an actual studio space and move out of my home studio.

Jeff M.

I cannot express how thankful I am

I cannot express how thankful I am. Suddenly more and more bands want to work with me to the point that I think I could make a decent income from this! I wanted to emphasize that apart from all the technical stuff I'm learning in the courses, what I think really made the difference to me is the motivation you gave me. Just sharing your experience in this field and all the passion you have about it really gets through the screen. Again, thank you!

Diego E.

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Created by Producer/Mixer Jordan Valeriote

(Silverstein, Emery, Nick Johnston, Neck Deep)