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We teach rock and metal producers how to make label-quality records and get paid in the studio



For rock, pop, and metal producers who want to:

  • Craft mixes that sound as good as any song on Spotify (or better)
  • Get paid to produce, record, & mix (we'll show you how)
  • Build a lasting career in the studio

100% Virtual


For established producers/mixers who want to:

  • Work with higher profile artists and labels
  • Charge higher rates
  • Compete as a top-level pro in the industry
  • Network with industry veterans and like-minded peers

Virtual and In-Person

Life-Changing Results That Audio Colleges Fail to Deliver:


Wrecked the internet...

Jordan Valeriote basically wrecked the internet for me...others kinda suck by comparison, I don't even bother with any others now.

Ryan Izzard

It’s hard to put into words how much PPS has transformed my recording and mixing abilities.

I’m not just copying settings anymore but really understanding WHY I’m making certain moves and am able to hear the details of my mixes that I never would have noticed before. I have more clients now than ever before, and they are all so much happier with their final mixes.
After going through PPS and participating in weekly coaching calls, it’s hard to even listen to my mixes from last year this time, and bands are leaving other studios to come to me. I can’t believe how far things have come in such a short time. Not only are my clients and I happier, but with the extra business I’ve been getting, I was able to afford to buy an actual studio space and move out of my home studio.

Jeff M.

The whole story, with every detail.

One-stop shopping with this guy. He is the only online recording/mixing coach that I have found who gives the whole story, with every detail and who speaks with such certainty, that you know he knows what he's talking about and with a pedigree to back it up.

Robin K.

Gave me courage to open my own humble studio. All the second-guessing just disappeared once I finished the course. Now I know how to make my gear sound ten times better!

Artur B.

Thanks a lot for this great journey.

I can't mention enough how this course changed my skills, focus and most of all my approach and whole mindset (even on a personal, private level). I am now closer to the quality I always wanted to deliver - gold standard. The biggest takeaway is that I now only need one day for a mix instead of struggling for weeks and still not getting to a satisfying result.

Chris H.

"I'm a full-time college student studying Audio Production… Even though I felt like I had some innate talent in a good ear, I wasn't able to get anything to sound how I wanted and this is because I didn't know the tools and how to get where I wanted.

I went for it, signed up, And suddenly, something clicked. You gave me the keys, and it happened. I went from complete amateur, and now I feel I could dare to call myself semi-pro. For the first time I can COMPARE my mix TO A PRO and say, "yeah I could mix for those labels and bands.”

Chris L.

Making the decision to invest in PPS was the best one I think I've made in my audio career...

Jordan and the Pro Production System have completely changed the way that I have approached and thought about production, at any stage. I have had a traditional university education in audio engineering, and whilst that has taught me a fair amount about recording, editing and mixing, as I enter my final semester, I can honestly say that PPS has taught me so much more, for a fraction of the cost. Everything is broken down in a way that's simple to understand and it's all incredibly effective.

Since starting the course, my mixes have improved tenfold, my recordings have gotten better and I've only gotten more confident as I've completed each section. Making the decision to invest in PPS was the best one I think I've made in my audio career as it has taken me from an unsure student to someone who has worked with clients and is pushing to get more.

Chris B.

"Bands across the UK are now booking me"

The courses are spot on, I have learnt so much and my mixes have gone from amateur to pretty damn good i would like to think. Bands from across the UK are now booking me and i'm preparing to make the jump between part freelance/part time employment to full time freelance and get rid of my job! I couldn't have done it without you!

Danny B.

I have had almost 14 years of experience, and have never made progress quite like this.

I listen back to my mixes now, whether it's in the studio or on headphones or even in the car and I am completely blown away by the results. It puts a huge smile on my face and has rekindled my desire and passion for mixing. I cannot stress how much becoming a part of your courses has helped to transform my mixes and my entire mindset towards mixing.

Ben J.

"What I can do now is seriously shocking..."

Going back from what I was doing a couple of months ago to what I can do now is seriously shocking to me and very exciting at the same time. The passion that I felt for mixing back in 2011 is all coming back now and I really want to go forward with this as a career. I have so much more confidence now than I did even a few months ago.

I feel like I should be giving you more money for the course than what I paid! You've not only allowed me to dramatically improve my mixing but you've also given me the tools to become motivated again, something I desperately needed.

Kevin C.

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Created by Producer/Mixer Jordan Valeriote

(Silverstein, Emery, Nick Johnston, Neck Deep)