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We teach rock and metal producers how to make label-quality records and get paid in the studio


For rock, pop, and metal producers who want to:

  • Craft mixes that sound as good as any song on Spotify (or better)
  • Get paid to produce, record, & mix (we'll show you how)
  • Build a lasting career in the studio

100% Virtual Training


Take your mixes to the next level by getting the most essential mixing advice tailored to rock & metal:

  • Finally get a firm grip on fundamental mixing concepts & tools
  • Learn the essential 7-step workflow to follow in every mix
  • Get track-by-track mixing tips and examples for every part of your mix: Drums, Bass, Guitars, Vocals, and Mix Bus

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Produced & mixed Silverstein’s album “A Beautiful Place to Drown”, nominated for a JUNO award (Canadian equivalent of the Grammys). 

To date, music that Sam has produced and mixed has amassed over 350 million streams on Spotify (including Devil Wears Prada, Trash Boat & more).


Produced & mixed the band Flesh Juicer, winning Best Album at the Taiwan music awards, and Best Musical Group at the Golden Melody Awards (the Chinese equivalent of the Grammys).

”Without HCMS, I wouldn’t be able to achieve any of this.”


Produced & mixed his band, Shallow Truths, amassing over 1 million streams on Spotify.

“I could not have mixed those songs to the quality that I did without this course.”


Produced & mixed Meet Me at The Altar’s album Model Citizen and Belmont’s debut EP, helping both artists land label deals. Songs from these albums have over 5 million streams on Spotify.

“The training I received from your courses paid dividends!”

Life-Changing Results That Audio Colleges Fail to Deliver:


What a massive difference

I just released my second EP after joining PPS - what a massive difference. I was skeptical of how “easy” it would be to get those competitive results, but I followed the building blocks you set out and things just fell right into place, and whenever I encountered hurdles, I overcame them rather easily, to my surprise.
Well worth the cash. It has given me a sense of pride of what I am releasing to the world. I am so glad that I finally don’t need to chase down those rabbit holes to try figure out how to make my songs competitive.

Lionel S.

This course is more helpful than almost anything I learned in audio school!

Purchasing the PPS has been the best thing I’ve done for myself in several years. This course is more helpful than almost anything I learned in audio school!

My biggest takeaway was the tips and tricks that Jordan shows in Hardcore Tracking to get musicians to record their parts perfectly even if they can’t play it. That’s been such a huge help for me. Learning to adapt that workflow is going to make my work so much better, and I can’t wait to keep practicing them and get more efficient with those tricks.

Braeden L.

I've already learned significantly more useful information than I did in two years of audio college.

I started the PPS training 3 days ago and I've already learned significantly more useful information than I did in two years of audio college. This course is truly the info you actually need to make killer records, not that filler garbage info you get taught in college. I'm super excited to keep learning and make sick records.

Andrew C.

Having spent countless hours in the studio with several engineers in the past, I thought that the course would be an overall review of what I already knew. That was not the case. Jordan showed me stuff that I wish I knew years ago. By far the best thing I purchased in a long time. All I can say is that I'm 100% satisfied and this course will and already did improve my mixes and confidence a lot.

Sebastien Tremblay

Recordings sound 100x better.

This is hands down the best investment I ever made with my recording/mixing career. School is great for basics, but what Jordan does with this course is in-depth. I love that I can reference back to the material and have the cheatsheets for a helpful hand when needed. My recordings have gone quicker, smoother, and sound 100x better than they used to. I love that Jordan thought of the fact that most of us have home studios with smaller rooms and included the bonus features of tracking in a small room! I have learned and applied more from Jordan's tracking course than what I learned in school 10 years ago!

Ryan Mey

I already see a big difference in my mixes.

To be honest all my mixes sucked and I kinda lost the motivation to do this. However, I decided to join PPS and committed to learn (or re-learn) everything I knew about mixing and bring my skills to the next level. I never had a full picture and good workflow before. Now I feel much more confident, much more free from the obsession of focusing on small problems and overthinking things, and I already see a big difference in my mixes.

Dmitriy B.

"What I can do now is seriously shocking..."

Going back from what I was doing a couple of months ago to what I can do now is seriously shocking to me and very exciting at the same time. The passion that I felt for mixing back in 2011 is all coming back now and I really want to go forward with this as a career. I have so much more confidence now than I did even a few months ago.

I feel like I should be giving you more money for the course than what I paid! You've not only allowed me to dramatically improve my mixing but you've also given me the tools to become motivated again, something I desperately needed.

Kevin C.

Investing in your PPS course was the best money spent!

I always think that investing in your PPS course it's the best money spent...the difference is huge. Before your course I was always struggling with the mix, always back and forth. After your course, I almost have my mix on the first try! I really appreciate you sharing your knowledge and experience in such a transparent way. I took other mixing courses and lessons but none clicked like yours did; it really is a game changer.

Alejandro C.

Mind blowing!

Made a huge impact on my work/workflow! The pieces are getting together big time and I can finally hear a lot better what sounds wrong or right! The template system you showed us works like ‘holy s#$*’, like when I bring the template in the songs seem to be mixed 50-60% already in a few minutes! Mind blowing! Thanks for your work and massive help!

Rovo B.

Way more punch, clarity and depth

I went to Uni and got a 1st Class music production degree but was still pretty clueless about mixing. I'm really grateful to Jordan for sharing all this. I've now adopted his no-nonsense, streamlined approach, aimed at quick, instinctive mixing. I'm loving it. Before this course, my metal mixes were okay, but there was something missing to get them into that radio-ready pro category. Since devouring some of the content on the course, my mixes already sound better. Way more punch, clarity and depth. I'm super excited about it.

James B.

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Created by Producer/Mixer Jordan Valeriote

(Silverstein, Emery, Nick Johnston, Neck Deep)