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Discover The Fastest Path To Making Pro-Quality Mixes, Landing Clients, And Feeling Confident In The Studio...

Your mixes can go from sounding weak, muddy, and like they’re always “missing” something…

To punchy, clear, and with the same “wow” factor that you hear from the pros…

Because I’ve created a clear, follow-along system complete with hands-on mentorship and personal mix feedback…

That’s already helped thousands of people who felt like they could never get the mix right… start delivering pro-quality mixes faster than they thought possible.

With our unique combination of coaching, individual mix feedback, community, and the virtual training inside the Pro Production System, you’ll feel confident, proud, and satisfied with your quality of work. It doesn't matter if...
  • You're completely self-taught, have giant holes in your knowledge/understanding and you feel like you're way behind everyone else
  • There's always something "missing" when you compare your tracks to pro recordings
  • Your tracks lack punch, energy, solid low end, clarity, and that "wow factor" they need to stand out
  • You've hit a wall after following YouTube tutorials for awhile...and there's too much information in too many different places for you to keep track of it all
  • Your mixes take way too long...days, weeks, months...or sometimes you never finish because you overthink it
  • You can't get bands to pay good rates because your work ins't up to pro-quality (and in some cases, you can't even get bands to let you record them for free)
  • You're overwhelmed with self-doubt and you feel crushed when you compare your mixes to the pros or other bands in your scene

Our Members Hear A Difference Within The First Week — And Start Hitting Milestones Like Landing Clients And Producing Pro Quality Mixes Within A Couple Months…


For the first time I can compare my mix to a pro.

"Even though I felt like I had some innate talent and a good ear...I wasn't able to get anything to sound how I wanted. Because I didn't know the right tools and how to get where I wanted. There is SO MUCH MISINFORMATION lying around the internet...

So I went for it, signed up for your course, and suddenly something clicked. You gave me the keys and it happened. For the first time, I can compare my mix to a pro and say, 'Yeah I could mix for those labels and bands.' Thank you, Jordan!"

- Chris L.


It's hard to put into words how much PPS has transformed my recording and mixing abilities.

"I'm not just copying settings anymore, but really understanding WHY I'm making certain moves and am able to hear the details of my mixes that I never would have noticed before, and they are all so much happier with their final mixes.

After going through PPS and participating in weekly coaching calls, it's hard to even listen to my mixes from last year, this time, and bands are leaving other studios to come to me. I can't believe how far things have come in such a short time. Not only are my clients and I happier, but with the extra business I've been getting, I was able to afford to buy an actual studio space and move out of my home studio."

- Jeff M.


My only regret is that I didn't do so sooner.

"The knowledge shared in these videos has saved me years of trial and error, and I thank God that it costs less than going back to college to learn all of these techniques. Jordan has constructed a truly fantastic program, and I know I'm doing to be going back and referencing these videos for many years to come.

Not only that, but access to the HCMS Coaching Calls and the community of like-minded producers/mix engineers is absolutely invaluable. The support and guidance of both the HCMS team and the HCMS community has multiplied my confidence and efficiency several times over."

- Marcus S.

So if you want…

  • Hands-on coaching and mentorship from full-time audio professionals who want to help you reach your goals and become successful in the studio
  • Personal feedback on your mixes so you get better faster (you’ll get unlimited mix reviews for an entire year—and you’ll improve with every mix)
  • An on-demand training library that covers tracking, editing, mixing, and career growth… and allows you to “sit in the room” and learn how to make pro quality records
  • Access to a private community of like-minded music producers where you can build connections, ask questions, get feedback, and make friendships that last a lifetime
  • To feel satisfied with the quality of your work and achieve the clarity, punch, and polish you need to compete with pro records today
  • And have the confidence to find more clients, get paid higher rates, and make more money doing what you love

...then joining the Pro Production System is

a great opportunity.

As a member of the Pro Production System you’ll get a unique combination of mentorship and personal feedback to help you improve fast.

This isn’t like other memberships where you might get a mix selected for feedback once in a while. As a member of PPS, when you submit a mix, you’re guaranteed to get specific, weekly feedback that you can apply right away to improve your work.

You’ll be coached by real professionals with label credits and millions of streams worldwide. It’s not a group of random YouTubers or college professors without real world credits. You won’t find this caliber of coaching and mentorship anywhere else. 

Inside the Pro Production System training videos you’ll get “Full Stack Training” where I’ll show you how to track, edit, and mix songs like a pro with real projects. 

You won’t learn a few mixing tips or get random bites of information like you will from YouTube videos. Instead, you’ll get a complete library of clear, step-by-step videos where you’ll be a “fly on the wall” inside real tracking, editing, and mixing sessions. 

You’ll learn how pros produce label quality records, and why we make certain tracking, editing, and mixing decisions—this way you know the “how” and the “why” behind pro-level music production.

And we won’t just teach you some audio concepts and cut you loose like audio colleges will. Instead, we’ll also show you how to make a living producing music.

Our coaches will give you hands-on advice, teaching you how to book more clients and charge more money per song. Plus, they’ll show you how to make a living as a music producer without having to live in the studio—meaning you can still spend time with family and friends, travel, tour, and enjoy life inside and outside the studio.

When you join the Pro Production System, you’ll get a full year of coaching and personal feedback (which you can renew as often as you want after the first year). 

You’ll also keep lifetime access to the training and bonuses inside PPS.

We’re committed to helping you produce label quality records and get paid doing what you love with our unique combination of real, professional coaching, community, and training. And we want you to apply to join if you’re the right fit.

The Pro Production System is NOT for everybody. So Please ONLY apply if:

  • You’re not a total beginner
  • Your mixes are between a 5-8 on a scale of 1-10… and you feel like you need that final push to make your stuff reach pro level.
  • You’re ready to take the next big step in your music production career.
  • Ideally, you’re planning on making some kind of income from music production.
  • You’re ready to commit to a year of personal coaching, mentorship, and community that will help you reach the next level.

Before you apply, ask yourself: “If I were to submit my application and Jordan were to call me in 60 seconds, would I be ready to start right now?”

If you can answer with a “YES” then please apply! 

All you have to do is click the “APPLY NOW” button below to get started. 

My team and I will review your application to make sure we’re a good fit to work together (so put your best effort into the application!). If you’re accepted, you’ll be invited to learn more about the Pro Production System.  

Got questions? Not sure if you should apply? 

Email us at or DM us on Instagram or Facebook