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Jordan Valeriote


What is Hardcore Music Studio About?

Hey! My name is Jordan Valeriote. I’m a producer/engineer/mixer from Canada and the founder of HCMS.

Do you identify with any of these statements?

  • You record/mix/produce heavy music including rock, metal and hardcore
  • You’re not getting the impact, clarity and punch from your productions that you want
  • Your mixes aren’t quite stacking up when you compare them to the pros
  • You’re spending hours and hours with online tutorials, but not seeming to make much progress

If so, then this is exactly where you want to be.

Whether you’re a home or project studio owner who wants to establish a lasting career as an engineer…

Or you want to get good enough to start earning an income on the side from your studio so that your passion pays for itself…

Or if you self-produce and simply want the satisfaction of finally making your own music sound competitive…

I’m going to help you achieve these goals - and a lot faster than might imagine is possible.


Ryan M.

I get so much punch and depth in my mixes now because of everything I have learned with each session and applying different techniques!

Eric D.

"The only course that makes my mixes sound pro."

I have read a lot of books on mixing and watched a ton of video tutorials online on the same subject. Jordan's mixing course is by far the only course that makes my mixes sound pro.

Shannon S.

"Helped my mixes in so many ways."

It's insane how punchy and tight all my mixes are sounding after watching your videos. You've really helped me a lot in my career as an audio engineer. Can't thank you enough.


Here’s the deal: A lot of the recording & mixing advice you see online is a waste of time.


For one thing, it might be counterproductive or irrelevant for heavy music….

And most of the “experts” teaching online have never made a record that anyone knows about!

I always learned the most from watching pros ahead of me work on real-world projects, so that’s what I’m providing with Hardcore Music Studio.

All of the free content you’ll find here is designed to make an immediate impact on your recording & mixing quality NOW.

You’ll get to look inside the actual sessions I’ve done for worldwide releases on labels like Hopeless, Rise, SolidState and more.

No fluff, no arbitrary “rules,” and no nonsense. Just tips & techniques that actually work for heavy music.

By the way - you don’t have to go to a fancy audio college or have an amazing room.

It’s what’s in between your ears that counts, and I want to help you develop your engineering skills quickly.

Sound good? The best place to get started is to sign up to the email list and download my free PDF that will reveal 5 key secrets to getting better rock & metal recordings today.



After playing in hardcore/metal bands for years, I fell in love with the studio. It became my dream to make records professionally, and I was able to achieve that dream only a few years after starting out.  

I’ve been a self-employed producer/mixer for over 10 years and have worked with bands like Silverstein, Neck Deep, Forevermore, Intervals, Counterparts, Nick Johnston, Auras and many more.

This only matters because I believe it’s entirely possible for you to live the same dream.

After seeing thousands of students upgrade their work forever - some of them even quitting their jobs to go full time in the studio - I’m committed to helping more aspiring engineers achieve their goals without wasting any more precious time or money.

Why not get started now? Download the free guide & upgrade your record quality now.