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    My biggest struggle with mixing at home is dealing with low end in a small room.

    As a pop punk fan, the walkthrough of Neck Deep's Losing Teeth in the Mix Vault is incredibly helpful for dealing with inconsistent low end. As is the pop punk live mix in Mix Mentor. And of course the the walkthrough in Hardcore Mixing.

    All of these show how Jordan deals with low end while mixing in an environment where he's not even hearing bass because he's mixing on NS10's without a sub. If he can do it in an environment like that, it shows me anyone can deal with low end at home.

    These courses have allowed me to up my game. Whereas before I couldn't even get free work, I then began charging $100 per mix, and now I'm charging hundreds of dollars per mix. Because my rates are higher, it's also allowed me to be pickier with my projects.

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