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My years becomes a month and months becomes a day.

    I'm Christian Carlos. I started mixing in 2017 and I joined Hardcore Studios last 2019.

    I have tried different ways to improve my mix, however, after comparing my works to other songs it still sounded so thin and somehow lacked a sort of kick.

    My drums doesn't make much impact and punch. The bass guitar is not heard and felt in the mix. To add up, the guitar is so harsh and dark. It was so frustrating, to think that I've spent 2yrs trying to improve my mixes.

    Then I came by one of Jordan's tutorials on how to equalize and compress a snare drum properly. It was so interesting that it made me subscribe and follow him so I can watch all his tutorials. My curiousity didn't end there, I wanted to learn more. I then enrolled on one of his courses.

    Now, I can equalize drums and all other instruments, make them all work together. I'm able to clean them up, especially the guitar, which used to sound terrible. The songs now have much feel to it compared to my past mixes.

    I really can't believe my improvement in such a short time. I can proudly say that the progress I made was impressive, I can even mix 3 songs in a day which would've taken me weeks or months if I didn't learn this skill.

    I'm currently working fulltime in my studio and I can't believe that clients will line up in my desk. I was able to work with a great band and collab with a local guitar brand in the Philippines.

    Learning from him was so fulfilling. I enjoyed every minute of it. Thanks to Jordan and his unselfishness in sharing his craft to people like me who have struggled trying to make that perfect mix.

    The road is long and I have more things to learn along the way. But I have a foundation now, all thanks to Jordan's teachings.

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