Compete at the highest level as an elite producer, engineer and mixer.

Syndicate is a 12-month mastermind group for established engineers/mixers who want to grow their career by working with bigger artists, charging higher rates, and becoming a top name in their scene.

Who It’s For

Syndicate is for engineers & mixers who have achieved pro or nearly-pro quality in their work and are already working with paid clients. At this level, you have different problems from most others, such as:

  • Inconsistent bookings leading to feast or famine income
  • Taking less than you deserve for projects beneath your skill level, in order to pay the bills
  • Unsure of how to break into the next level of artists and labels
  • Spending too much time on stuff you don’t enjoy - whether that’s dealing with ‘baby bands,’ tedious audio tasks or business admin - draining your energy and taking you away from what you do best
  • Struggling to balance a growing audio career with personal time, rest, family and other priorities

What it Helps Them Achieve

  • Attract & deliver for higher level bands and labels - you’re ready for the responsibility of important projects
  • Be “the guy” in your scene and beyond, playing at the top level with the best of the best
  • Enough high-quality bookings to say ‘NO’ to baby bands or projects you simply don’t want to do
  • Have a 6 month wait list of high-quality $5-10k projects
  • Streamline your workflow and delegate everything you hate doing (imagine never editing drums, tuning vocals or sending invoices - how many more projects (or free time!) could you take on?)
  • Shift into more solo mixing work to have more control over your life & time

How it Works

  • Custom Plan: 1 on 1 strategy session with Jordan to map out your personalized plan of attack for the year
  • Live Events: Three in-person meetups (three days each), where we go deep in optimizing your audio work, business and life
  • Mentorship: Bi-weekly Q&A calls with Jordan to ensure consistent progress
  • Community: Private online group for Syndicate members only and direct access to Jordan

If you have any questions, email