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Compete at the highest level as an elite producer, engineer and mixer.

Syndicate is a 12-month mastermind group for established engineers/mixers who want to grow their career by working with bigger artists, charging higher rates, and becoming a top name in their scene.

Who It’s For

Syndicate is for engineers & mixers who have achieved pro or nearly-pro quality in their work and are already working with paid clients. At this level, you have different problems from most others, such as:

  • Inconsistent bookings leading to feast or famine income
  • Taking less than you deserve for projects beneath your skill level, in order to pay the bills
  • Unsure of how to break into the next level of artists and labels
  • Spending too much time on stuff you don’t enjoy - whether that’s dealing with ‘baby bands,’ tedious audio tasks or business admin - draining your energy and taking you away from what you do best
  • Struggling to balance a growing audio career with personal time, rest, family and other priorities

What it Helps Them Achieve

  • Attract & deliver for higher level bands and labels - you’re ready for the responsibility of important projects
  • Be “the guy” in your scene and beyond, playing at the top level with the best of the best
  • Enough high-quality bookings to say ‘NO’ to baby bands or projects you simply don’t want to do
  • Have a 6 month wait list of high-quality $5-10k projects
  • Streamline your workflow and delegate everything you hate doing (imagine never editing drums, tuning vocals or sending invoices - how many more projects (or free time!) could you take on?)
  • Shift into more solo mixing work to have more control over your life & time

How it Works

  • Custom Plan: 1 on 1 strategy session with Jordan to map out your personalized plan of attack for the year
  • Live Events: Three in-person meetups, where we go deep in optimizing your audio work, business and life
  • Mentorship: Bi-weekly Q&A calls with Jordan to ensure consistent progress
  • Community: Private online group for Syndicate members only and direct access to Jordan

Interested in Joining?

Enrolment is by application only. Please click the button below to apply now. If accepted, you will be invited to learn more about the program & join.

Questions? Email us at