Have you bought every plugin and watched every tutorial... but your mixes still don't stack up?

This free webinar reveals how to produce label-quality records and have bands lining up to work with you (audio degree and fancy studio not required)

What you'll learn on this webinar:

  • Why most aspiring engineers are putting all of their focus on the WRONG thing (and how blow past them with records that stand up to the pros). 
  • Learn how to get killer tones and tight performances every single time so that bands are desperate to work with you (instead of waiting for lucky breaks)
  • How to make great records without pro room design, expensive treatment or costly boutique gear by operating a streamlined "M.V.S." studio

4.7 stars / 3,714 attendees

Hosted by:

Jordan Valeriote

Producer/Engineer (Silverstein, Intervals, Counterparts, Forevermore)

Warning! Reserve your seat now and join us for the session to learn the secrets of pro record production. Attendees will also receive exclusive bonus downloads during the session.

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