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Feel the Satisfaction Of Making Label-Quality Records And Getting Paid To Create Music - Starting Moments From Now!

The Pro Production System Is OPEN For Enrollment - Apply Today To Start Your Journey

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Enrollment for our next batch of Hardcore Music Studio Pro Production System students is open.

Apply now - and if you're accepted, I'll send you all the details of the Pro Production System and an invitation to join...

Plus, you'll be able to talk to one of my professional mix coaches to answer any questions and to make sure the program is the right fit for you.

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The Pro Production System is a proven method I’ve tested across thousands of sessions and dozens of genres...

And when you follow the Pro Production System, you’ll:

  • Go from producing amateur music to pro-quality songs and records almost overnight
  • Feel confident every time you walk into the studio to record other bands or mix a new song
  • Achieve the clarity/punch/big/polished/wow factor sound that blows everyone away
  • Make better recordings with less wasted time so you can finish your mixes and get your music out into the world
  • Get feedback on your work from real pros so you can get better faster
  • Become the best you can possibly be, quit your day job, and go full time in the studio…
  • And much, much more!

Hi. I’m Jordan Valeriote. The founder of Hardcore Music Studio…

I created the Pro Production System to show you how to get pro-level quality mixes so you can feel confident in yourself, proud of your work, and make a living doing what you love.

Since our first enrollment, this digital system has helped thousands of students go from struggling with their mixes and always falling short when they compare their work to the pros…

To now producing pro-quality songs and records faster than they believed possible. Their mixes went from weak and sounding like they had a blanket covering the speakers… to having the big, polished, punchy sound they’ve been chasing.

You won’t ever need to go on YouTube and search for tips and answers again. And you won’t spend weeks or months second guessing yourself and never getting the quality you want.

This is a complete system that has worked without fail for all of my students who put in the effort. And what you’ll find, is if you follow what I tell you, it takes much less time and effort to make a pro-quality mix than you think it does.

Check out what our students are saying… 

If you’re ready to make label quality records — all you have to do is apply!