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The Professional Production System Experience includes

All HCMS COURSES (lifetime access)

  • Pro Mixing (aka Hardcore Mixing)

  • Pro Editing (aka Hardcore Editing)

  • Pro Tracking (aka Hardcore Tracking)

  • Mix Vault: Includes 15+ complete mix walkthroughs and live mix stream replays across various genres

  • Digital Production Blueprint: A course dedicated to showing you how to produce label-quality mixes using only programmed drums & amp sims 

  • Studio Business Bootcamp

  • Gold Standard Mixing

  • Mixing Auras: Binary Garden


  • The Complete Drum Sample Library

  • Hard copies of the "M3 Method to Massive Mixes" & "Real World Recording " guides mailed to you to compliment your online training

  • Session Vault: Over 40 multitracks across different genres that you can use to practice AND build your public portfolio

  • Black Salt Audio Plugins - Escalator & Low Control

  • Essential Waves Plugins - CLA Compressor bundle (or SSL bundle if you already have CLA!)


  • Weekly Q&A opportunities with HCMS coaches (lifetime)

  • Private Facebook community access (lifetime)

  • Searchable library of previous Q&A calls

  • Access to all future PPS live mix streams with Jordan


  • With this offer, you'll receive an exclusive discount for each of the above HCMS courses you already own.

  • MEMBERS OF THE PPS (who joined prior to June 1, 2021) are eligible to upgrade to the new PPS experience for $2000.

  • PLUS...any member can get an additional $1500 discount by submitting a video testimonial detailing your experience with HCMS courses!

To grab your discount, here's what to do:

1. Use the form below to let us know you're interested in upgrading. 

2. We'll send you your specific upgrade price & discount link.

3. Use the link to checkout - and you're good to go!

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