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The Professional Production System Experience includes

All HCMS COURSES (lifetime access)

  • Pro Mixing (aka Hardcore Mixing)

  • Pro Editing (aka Hardcore Editing)

  • Pro Tracking (aka Hardcore Tracking)

  • Mix Vault: Includes 15+ complete mix walkthroughs and live mix stream replays across various genres

  • Digital Production Blueprint: A course dedicated to showing you how to produce label-quality mixes using only programmed drums & amp sims 

  • Studio Business Bootcamp

  • Gold Standard Mixing

  • Mixing Auras: Binary Garden


  • The Complete Drum Sample Library

  • Hard copies of the "M3 Method to Massive Mixes" & "Real World Recording " guides mailed to you to compliment your online training

  • Session Vault: Over 40 multitracks across different genres that you can use to practice AND build your public portfolio

  • Black Salt Audio Plugins - Escalator & Low Control


  • Weekly Q&A opportunities with HCMS coaches (lifetime)

  • Private Facebook community access (lifetime)

  • Searchable library of previous Q&A calls

  • Access to all future PPS live mix streams with Jordan


  • Members will receive a dollar-for-dollar discount for each of the above HCMS courses you already own...

    • PLUS an additional $1000 discount for submitting a video testimonial detailing your experience with HCMS courses.

  • Are you a member of the PPS, who joined prior to June 1, 2021?

    • You may be missing some of the courses included in the NEW PPS, like Studio Business Bootcamp, Session Vault, Gold Standard Mixing, or Binary Garden. Email us for your unique discount to complete your library of HCMS courses!

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2. We'll send you your specific upgrade price & discount link.

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