From Employee to Full-Time Mixer in 4 Months

Hear how Kieran went from mixing on-the-side to being booked out 5 months in advance and mixing full-time. 


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After 4 months of intense training I've learned so much and cant wait to get going on the bonus tracks. All of the songs were great and I had a lot of ah-ha moments. After completing the Hardcore Mixing Course and then the Gold Standard Course and still hungry to learn, this was the perfect course to continue your in-depth training. I really feel a lot of the material is starting to click in my own mixing without having to keep referencing the videos for the answers.

Ross W.

I get so much punch and depth in my mixes now because of everything I have learned with each session and applying different techniques!

Ryan M.

This course has allowed my mix chops to get better and been a fantastic investment in my mix training! I made oodles of notes and as I went thru each mix, I noticed that I was starting to anticipate what was required for a particular combination of sounds and how to really have the total mix VIBE!

I have purchased other courses but your MixVault course was the only one that really opened my eyes (and ears) to what good mixing is all about. Before I took this course, I always wondered why my mixes were so flat and one dimensional. Now that I know how to use volume automation moves throughout the various tracks of the mix, I finally understand how to make the mix breathe and be exciting.

Not to be cliche Jordan...but YOU ROCK!

Michael G.

Since taking the plunge into this Mix Vault course my mixes have changed dramatically. I can now listen to one of my mixes and think, "this sounds closer to the real deal." After finishing the course, I can also hear things about my mix (that I couldn't before) and make decisions more quickly about what it needs.

These courses are worth every cent. The very best out there. This will change everything about how you organize, hear and mix your tracks.

Alex A.

My mixes sound more like 'real records' since finishing the first 3 tunes. I now have a much better understanding of drums - especially enhancing with samples. I think where I've improved the most is workflow -- managing the raw materials and getting the project planned and ready to go in a reasonable amount of time. This alone was well worth the cost, time and effort!

Will S.

Great course. Easy to understand with excellent explanations. The Tom trick was amazing! And I feel I understand compression much better now thanks to you.

Jake N.

The Mix Vault course has helped me transform my mixing. Not just in how I approach a mix, but in how a prepare for one as well. The course has also taught me ways to work with sections that may seem difficult to get clarity in, helping me understand what i can do to help bring those parts in mixes to life without hindering the track. I cant really say thank you enough for the course.

Nathanael B.

Stellar Work

I want to thank Jordan for the stellar work you provide us in the Mix Vault, Hardcore Mixing, Tracking, Gold Standard, etc. Without these things dude I (and I know I speak for many others) would still be at square one. Respect bro. Happy Mixing!

John Harcus

All of your training and tips/templates have dramatically improved my mixing of my own band's CD. I'm feeling pretty confident in pushing out mixes that are at least as good as our last studio project with a pro engineer.

David B

Mix Vault has improved my mixes insanely. I am able to mix much more quickly and efficiently with a way better end result.

I started this course as a full time employee and student so my mixing was very part time, but during these past four months something sparked. Since December 2016, I have been doing this full time. I am booked all the way out until May. I never would've thought that would happen, but I am very lucky, and super thankful for the awesome resources you've provided!

(Click here to watch an extended interview with Kieran.)

Kieran K.

It helped me get into a routine again. I feel like I was finally able to separate the bullshit after 15 years of recording and mixing.

Thomas H.

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