Say Goodbye To Embarrassing Amateur Mixes and Start Producing Label-Quality Records With The Pro Production System

What if you could join the top 1% of producers and mixers?

The ones who are taken seriously for their work…

Deliver in your face, tight and heavy records that grab listeners’ attention…

Feel proud of their mixes and confident in the studio…

And have tons of fun doing what they love?

The Pro Production System has already helped thousands of engineers in over 50 countries take their recordings and mixes from basement-demo quality… to pro-level commercial quality…

And they did it faster than they ever dreamed possible.

Check Out What Some Of Our
Members Are Saying…

Alec G.

"After one of the first few weeks of joining the Pro Production System, I learned more in that week than I did in the past 3 years of just trial and error, YouTube videos, and even going to school."

Don L.

"Jordan Valeriote says if 'this' is your goal... if you want your music to sound like 'this'... do these exact steps... don't deviate, and you'll get there. And you know what... you will. Because I got it."

Mathias F.

"Before taking Jordan's Mix Vault course, my mixes sounded really boring... weak, and amateur... and I honestly had no clue what I was doing. Since then, my life has changed dramatically. I went from slaving at a day job that I really hated, to now mixing bands as my full time job

Best of all though is that I now have the freedom to choose who I work with instead of actually having to accept any project that comes my way."


"These courses allowed me to quit my job as a sales associate and pursue my studio full time. They've allowed me to be more confident in myself... I feel I can take on any musician, any situation, and produce a result that is not only listenable but competitive and very much real-world."

Ryan I.

"My mixes are much quicker... and the quality is better. That's just a win-win for me. I'm doing better work in less time, which means I'm making more money, and my clients are happy."

Starting Today YOU Can Join Them.

So if you want to…

  • Produce competitive, professional quality records that sound just as good (if not better) than other commercial records
  • Feel proud of your mixes and totally satisfied when you compare them to your favorite records…
  • Accelerate how quickly you track, edit and mix your projects so you’re getting more work done in half the time
  • Know exactly what to do within seconds of walking in the studio… instead of pulling your hair out wondering what you’re doing wrong and searching YouTube tutorials to find the answers…
  • Elevate yourself above the masses of confused newbies out there and become a sought after music producer in your scene and beyond
  • Finally feel confident in the studio that no matter what band walks in, what their skill level is, or what they ask… you’ll make them sound tight, heavy and professional
  • Have a completely booked calendar with bands reserving studio time months in advance
  • Make more money recording and producing than you ever have before… quit your day job… and start living your dream life working in the music industry full-time…

If any of that sounds like something you want…

Then make sure you clear away distractions and read carefully…

Because I’m about to give you access to a full-picture, step-by-step audio training experience…

That will show you how to get pro-caliber tracking, editing and mixing down to a simple science.

Hear the Before / After differences from some of our members:







Only YOU know whether your work sounds more like the before or the after in those examples.

And you may wonder how these engineers were able to transform their work from amateur to pro and experience all this success in the studio…

While most others are simply stuck spinning their wheels, unable to get the quality they’re after.

That’s actually an easy question to answer...

It comes down to whether or not you’re approaching records like a Full Stack Producer.

Without full-stack skills in tracking, editing and mixing….

It’s going to be really hard - maybe impossible - to build a successful career in the studio today.

Instead of control and consistency, you’ll always be at the mercy of the gear or clients you have.

So if you feel frustrated to no end with your mixes…

Settling for amateur mixes that make you cringe…

It's likely because you’ve been focusing on the WRONG things this whole time…

Spending your time researching gear or room physics...

Wasting money on the latest “holy grail” plugin or piece of gear...
and blowing hundreds of hours on YouTube, listening to advice that pulls you in multiple directions at once.

None of that is going to get you further ahead.

I don’t want you to waste any more of your time.

I don’t want you to keep waiting and wishing while time and opportunity pass you by - no matter what your goal is.

Maybe you’d like to start working with clients and generate a side income so you can pay for your gear and pad your lifestyle.

Maybe you record and mix your own music, but you’re tired of your songs sticking out like a sore thumb on Spotify.

Or maybe you have the same dream I did - to ditch the 9-5 and make a living as a full-time producer.

I don’t know your exact situation… but I DO know that a lot of people who struggle in the studio feel like there’s a ticking clock in the background of their life…

And if it hits zero, you may end up like so many others who were once passionate about music but had to “grow up” and move on because they couldn’t find a way to make ends meet.

That’s why it’s so important to stop wasting time, and instead, to start getting the step-by-step formula and experience from someone who has been in your shoes and knows how to get you to where you want to be.

Can you imagine how much frustration and wasted time you could eliminate…

And how much more music you could record, mix and release…

All while building up your reputation as a producer who provides gold-standard results every time?

That’s Exactly What You Can Expect When You Join The Pro Production System:

Baz T.

"I've learned more in the last 6 weeks than I have in the last 4 years. My biggest take away in the last 6 weeks is keeping everything organized and to get it right at the start rather than diving in to fix everything later on."

Enrico M.

"There have been a lot of aha and illuminations thanks to this course and the calls. Every mix I do sounds way better than the previous!"

Braeden L.

"Purchasing the PPS has been the best thing I’ve done for myself in several years. This course is more helpful than almost anything I learned in audio school!

My biggest takeaway was the tips and tricks that Jordan shows in Hardcore Tracking to get musicians to record their parts perfectly even if they can’t play it. That’s been such a huge help for me. Learning to adapt that workflow is going to make my work so much better, and I can’t wait to keep practicing them and get more efficient with those tricks."

Let Me Tell You Who I Am 

And Why You Should Listen To Me

Let me tell you who i am and why you should listen to me

My name is Jordan Valeriote…
I’m the Founder of Hardcore Music Studio.

Over the past 10+ years I’ve been able to live my dream as a producer, engineer and mixer…

I've worked on records for bands like Silverstein, Neck Deep, Emery, Intervals, Counterparts, Forevermore, Nick Johnston, and many more

I’ve partnered with record labels like SolidState, Hopeless, Rise Records and Universal

And lately I’ve been mentoring aspiring engineers like you and turning them into paid professionals.

And it doesn’t matter if…

  • You’re embarrassed by most (or all) of the mixes you’ve produced so far
  • There’s always something “missing” when you compare your tracks to pro recordings
  • You’re completely self taught, have giant holes in your knowledge/understanding and you feel like you’re way behind everyone else
  • You’re overwhelmed with self-doubt and you feel crushed when you compare your mixes to the pros… or other bands in your scene
  • Your tracks lack punch, energy, solid low end, clarity, and that “wow factor” they need to stand out
  • You spend limited studio time going in circles on the same song or trying to find the right mix…
  • You have a hard time finishing projects…
  • You can’t get bands to pay good rates because your work isn’t up to pro-quality level… and in some cases, you can’t even get bands to let you record them for free
  • You’ve spent hundreds of hours watching YouTube tutorials, thousands of dollars on studio equipment, tried tons of techniques and tricks… yet your mix still sounds muddy and thin
  • Or you feel like you’re ready to give up a lot of the time… but you keep getting pulled back in because you want this so bad.

No matter where you’re starting from today… the information on this page will be a complete game-changer for you… 

Just like it was for me. See…

I started recording like you probably did

With a tiny space the size of a bedroom… a very small collection of gearno college degree

And I just tried to teach myself…


I didn’t know what a plugin was…

I didn’t know how to use EQ, compression or anything like that.

And like you’d expect… My recordings SUCKED.

Even during times when I thought I was nailing the mix and felt pretty good about a project I was working on…

I’d compare it to another record…

Or do a “car test”

And bury my head in my hands feeling crushed because of how thin and weak it sounded… like there was a blanket over the speakers or a giant hole in the middle of my mix…

And at a complete loss because I had no clue what I was doing wrong.

So I did what a lot of guys do…

And went down a bunch of rabbit holes to try and find a solution.

I hung out on the Gearslutz forums, subscribed to a bunch of recording industry magazines

But their advice was always the same.

They’d say I needed different gear…

A miracle new plugin…

Some magical mixing trick, fancy mics, or high-end preamps…

Or they’d give some snobby advice about how “it can’t be taught… it’s all about the feel, you either have it or you don’t.”

For 2 years I searched for answers and tried all the advice out there

But My Recordings Still Sounded Like
Lame Basement Demos.

And what started out as something I loved became very frustrating.

I was sick of being embarrassed of my recordings… feeling like a lost cause in the studio…

And worse yet, I was still working at a gas station to pay my bills

Spending more time stuck in a crummy day job than trying to make my dreams come true.

I began wondering if everyone else was right…

If I should call it quits and get a “normal” job like everybody else.

When I finally admitted that teaching myself wasn’t working…

I Spent 6 Months As An Intern
At A Studio In Toronto.

In between the typical “intern stuff” like taking out the trash, cleaning the floors, wiping down the gear, going on food runs and all of that…

I got to be a fly on the wall in sessions with real producers.

It was while watching John Fields track a platinum Jonas Brothers record that I had a true lightbulb moment.

In a matter of days, it became absolutely clear what I’d been doing wrong… And what was making my work sound like basement quality demos until that point.

Here’s what happened…

After watching that record get tracked, I went and purchased the CD on the release date…

Went back to my car and put it in…

And listened to that final CLA mix…

My mind was blown.

The Album Sounded Almost EXACTLY The Same As I Heard In The Studio Months Before

I was expecting that all the drums would be replaced by the mixer’s samples… the tones would be radically EQ’d and different…

But it wasn’t.

It sounded just like I’d remembered… only a bit more polished.

And this was so shocking to me because as an amateur music engineer…

I was used to changing EVERYTHING during the mix.

But that’s when I realized I had it totally backwards.

Instead of reinventing everything in the mix phase, the raw tracks needed to sound as close to a finished mix as possible

That’s how the pros did it.

I knew I needed to completely change how I went about recording albums

So I went on a mission to uncover and conquer everything that was keeping my records from sounding label-quality

And did everything I could to connect with more industry prosstudy their recordsask them questions… and take that back to my studio and try it for myself.

After years of fine-tuning and testing…

I Got Down The Science Of Finishing Albums Like Clockwork With Pro-Level Quality In The Studio

After that I was able to give bands the best experience and a final product that could stand toe-to-toe with commercial releases

Which led to my studio getting booked months in advance

And opened the door for me to become a full-time music producer… 

Recording and mixing hundreds of songs for local musicians…

Getting the attention and respect of bands like Silverstein who chose to pass up on recording in iconic studios across the country just to record with me in my small 300 square foot space

Producing & mixing songs that have millions of streams on Spotify and Youtube…

And the opportunity to work on multiple big label releases for Rise Records, Tooth & Nail, Universal, Victory Records and more.

Most importantly…

I’ve distilled everything I know down into a step-by-step process to help YOU become a successful, pro-caliber music producer.

But before you take that step… you’ve gotta face the facts:

That continuing to do what you’ve always done will NOT get you any further, any faster…

And that some of the training you’ve spent so much time on might have actually been making things worse.

But the good news is that making up ground and starting to see the results I’ve been talking about will likely be faster than you think…

Just like it was for these producers who were once in the same boat you’re in right now: 

Nick G.

"I Was Able To Quit My Part Time Job And Am Finally Working At My Studio Full Time."

“I was working on a mix of a song that I wasn’t happy with, and decided to mix it from scratch after watching this course. I, and the band, couldn’t believe the difference. It was on a totally different level. Everything was more clear, punched a lot more, sounded bigger and just straight up more professional.

Even mixing non ‘hardcore’ tracks is coming out better than ever before and I’m starting to get a lot more jobs just mixing.

Since watching these, business has improved so much that I was actually able to quit my shitty part time job and am now finally working at my studio full time.

Dave S.

"It's a dream I never knew I had, come true!"

"Before I joined HCMS, I had only attempted playing around with my own music, trying to make it sound good, but I was always painfully aware how unprofessional it was. When I fell prey to some top notch marketing and joined a HCMS webinar, I was immediately intrigued, but I was hesitant to bite the bullet and actually pay for these courses that promised a lot... but could they deliver?

I can't begin to describe the relief I felt as I devoured these courses. So much confusion and frustration was swept away as I watched a professional show me exactly how to approach an entire production from start to finish, step-by-step, in detail. The feeling of excitement as I learned and applied these techniques to the multitracks provided was fantastic! For the first time ever, I not only felt equipped to make better music myself, but I had the confidence to take on other people's music too! I had never even contemplated that before. I should point out that I studied music performance and production in college for 3 years, and the production side of it only ever confused and bored me. Now I'm working on my first paid EP project for another band! It's a dream I never knew I had, come true!"

Ben J.

"I have had almost 14 years of experience, and have never made progress quite like this."

"I have had almost 14 years of experience, and have never made progress quite like this. I listen back to my mixes now, whether it's in the studio or on headphones or even in the car and I am completely blown away by the results. It puts a huge smile on my face and has rekindled my desire and passion for mixing. I cannot stress how much becoming a part of your courses has helped to transform my mixes and my entire mindset towards mixing."

James B.

"Way more punch, clarity and depth"

"I went to Uni and got a 1st Class music production degree but was still pretty clueless about mixing. I'm really grateful to Jordan for sharing all this. I've now adopted his no-nonsense, streamlined approach, aimed at quick, instinctive mixing. I'm loving it. Before this course, my metal mixes were okay, but there was something missing to get them into that radio-ready pro category. Since devouring some of the content on the course, my mixes already sound better. Way more punch, clarity and depth. I'm super excited about it."

Kevin C.

“You Not Only Helped Me Dramatically Improve My Work, But You Also Motivated Me Again… Something I Desperately Needed.”

“Looking back on what I was doing a couple of months ago to what I can do now is shocking and exciting at the same time. The passion I felt for mixing back when I first started is all coming back now. And I have so much more confidence than I did a few months ago.

You’ve not only allowed me to dramatically improve my work, but you’ve also given me the tools to become motivated again, something I desperately needed.”

Austin H.

"An absolute plethora of working knowledge"

"I've bought a number of courses from you and so far, yours have always had a fantastic bang for your buck. I've taken away an absolute plethora of working knowledge that I've been able to implement immediately. I also come around multiple times a year to re-watch videos etc when I feel I need brushing up on certain skills. Thanks for all that you do for this community and I hope to learn even more from you in the future."

Shawn B.

"Learned more in 5 months than I did in 2 years of school!"

"I paid a TON of money for the Art Institute of Vancouver's Recording Arts Program and to be honest, I've learned more in 5 months of Jordan's courses than I did in 2 years of school. If I were to do it again, I wouldn't pay all that money to go to school. In the last year and a half, I have been able to take my studio full time, launch a second company and land a dream job. None of this would have been possible without Hardcore Tracking and your other courses. I am forever grateful."

Artur B.

“I Can’t Even Express The Joy Of Making My Own Songs With Pro-Quality Production!”

“A couple of years ago my mixes sounded like crap. I’m laughing at myself thinking about the poor quality of my work. Thanks to Jordan I’ve been able to start my own studio and recently released an album with my band 100% produced by me. I can’t even express the joy of making my own songs and getting them to have pro-quality sound!”

Shannon S.

“It’s Insane How Punchy And Tight My Mixes Are Now!”

“It's insane how punchy and tight all my mixes are sounding after watching your videos. You've really helped me a lot in my career as an audio engineer. Can't thank you enough.”

Gyan K.

"I've learned to up the detail in everything"

"It's all way more detailed than I imagined it to be. I’ve learned to up the detail in everything, mainly in tracking and automation, but to also be efficient and keep a steady workflow."

Chris L.

“For The First Time I Can Compare My Mix To A Pro.”

“Even though I felt like I had some innate talent and a good ear… I wasn’t able to get anything to sound how I wanted. Because I didn’t know the right tools and how to get where I wanted. There is SO MUCH MISINFORMATION lying around the internet

So I went for it, signed up for your course, and suddenly something clicked. You gave me the keys and it happened. For the first time, I can compare my mix to a pro and say, ‘Yeah, I could mix for those labels and bands.’ Thank you, Jordan!”

William M.

“I Did A Mix For A Friend… And He Compared It To An As I Lay Dying Record!”

“I would like to thank you for your service and training. I did a mix for a friend of mine the other day and he was comparing it to an As I Lay Dying album. He loved the mix and was happy it was competitive with pro mixes. Thanks again!”

Diego E.

“Suddenly More Bands Want To Work With Me!”

“I cannot express how thankful I am. Suddenly more and more bands want to work with me to the point that I think I could make a decent income from this! I wanted to emphasize that apart from all the technical stuff I'm learning in the courses, what I think really made the difference to me is the motivation you gave me. Just sharing your experience in this field and all the passion you have about it really gets through the screen. Again, thank you!”

DC Mabon

“I can NOW mix/master to a commercial standard, and owe it all to you!”

"If someone had told me 7 years ago to simply do WHATEVER the track needs to sound how you want it - no matter how extreme it may seem - I would have saved TONS of time and money! Doh! I can NOW mix/master to a commercial standard, and owe it all to you! I can now put my mixes on shuffle on my iPod, and NOT cringe when my mix comes on next to a professional production."

Ryan M.

“Recordings sound 100x better.”

"This is hands down the best investment I ever made with my recording/mixing career. School is great for basics, but what Jordan does with this course is in-depth. I love that I can reference back to the material and have the cheatsheets for a helpful hand when needed. My recordings have gone quicker, smoother, and sound 100x better than they used to. I love that Jordan thought of the fact that most of us have home studios with smaller rooms and included the bonus features of tracking in a small room! I have learned and applied more from Jordan's tracking course than what I learned in school 10 years ago!"

Starting right now, you can join these successful music producers

Feel confident every time you step in the studio and satisfied with the final product…

Make your band’s stuff sound just like the pros…

And earn tons of new clients that keep coming back because you give them a pro-level studio experience…

With a commercial-record quality product…

That makes you one of the most respected music engineers in your area, scene and beyond…

And gives you the freedom to finally leave your boring 9-5 job and make a living doing what you love.


The Professional Production System

Unlock the secrets of pro-level production all the way from tracking to editing to the final mix

Using a proven method tested across thousands of sessions in dozens of genres…

That’ll take your work in the studio from amateur to pro faster than you likely think possible — just like so many other students have done already.

This system is my way of letting you virtually “sit in the room” with me while I track, edit and mix projects from start to finish

Giving you an all-access pass to every step and secret on the path to becoming a top-tier music producer so you can make a living doing what you love.

And even better, you get to see how it’s done using real major releases from real bands, artists and worldwide records.

It feels just like shadowing a pro in the studio as they work on real records in real time.

Here’s How We Turn You Into A
Pro-Quality Producer:

There are 3 core modules.

Pro Mixing, Pro Editing, and Pro Tracking.

And in order to deliver pro-quality songs and mixes, you need to nail down all three.

I say that after listening to literally thousands of mixes over the years…

And 9 times out of 10… the reason a mix doesn’t hit as hard or sound as clear and polished as you want…

Doesn’t have to do with the mix as much as it has to do with the quality of the tracking and a lack of editing.

So if you want to consistently deliver pro-quality songs and records to the world… whether it’s for your band or any group that steps into your studio… completing all 3 modules is key!

Here’s Exactly What You Get With The Professional Production System:

Inside the Pro Mixing Module you’ll learn how to achieve the impact, clarity and polish of major label mixes…

As I take you behind the scenes of my mix for the song “Milestone” by Silverstein…

Where I’ll explain every single part of this mix in detail

Every nuance. Every decision. Every plugin. Every bus and effect. 

I’ve left nothing out

So you can understand mixing in a completely new way

And pick up game-changing mix techniques that you’ve never seen anywhere else or thought of before. Plus…

You’ll also get access to my personal mixing templates with all of my routing, plugins, presets and effects… 

All available to download for any DAW. 

Inside you’ll also learn…

  • The "need to know" fundamentals of EQ, compression, saturation, and effects that will finally clear up all of your confusion and give you a rock-solid grasp of each mixing tool
  • How to set yourself up to mix faster and more confidently… and practically guarantee you never get stuck in the loop of second guessing and starting over again
  • How to dial in all the punch & impact you want from your drums, with simple signal chains that translate to any song you're working on
  • How to achieve clarity and width in your mixes without using any complex frequency analysis or mix-destroying stereo wideners
  • Reduce massive track counts and organize your session properly so that you can navigate it with your eyes closed
  • Craft a solid low-end that sounds massive on big systems... yet translates just as powerfully on earbuds & small speakers
  • The automation secrets to keep pulling the listener forward through the mix and make every second of a song dynamic and exciting
  • How to start using templates to get your mix 75% there in just a few minutes so that you can crank out one, two or even three mixes per day with consistent quality
  • How to achieve modern ‘loudness’ in your mixes without squashing your mix, turning it into a pancake and making it painful to listen to
  • And so much more!


Pro Mixing
Mindset & Mixing Foundation
  1. Start here
  2. Your Mixing Mindset
  3. Foundations - Mixing Weapons
  4. Foundations - EQ
  5. Foundations - Compression
  6. Foundations - Saturation & Distortion
  7. Foundations - Effects
  1. Managing Your Mix Session
  2. Organization & Routing
  3. MixStarter Template
Mix Skills (Full Silverstein Mix walkthrough)
  1. Mix Skills
  2. Kick and Snare
  3. Toms, Cymbals and Room
  4. Drum Bus & FX
  5. Bass
  6. Guitars
  7. Metronome FX
  8. Vocals
  9. Finishing (Automation & Mix Bus)
  10. Your Next Steps
Bonus Material
  1. Working with Programmed Drums
  2. Creating a Fake Drum Room Track
  3. Drums to MIDI
  4. Q&A Replays 2020 to Present
  1. M3 Method for Massive Mixes PDF
  2. Silverstein - "Milestone" Multitracks and Stems
  3. M3 Mixing Workflow Cheatsheet
  4. M3 Mix Skills Cheatsheet
  5. MixStarter Template (Pro Tools, Logic, Cubase, Reaper, Studio One)
  6. Silverstein - "A Midwestern State of Emergency" Multitracks
  7. Silverstein - "Massachusetts" Multitracks
  8. Client Approval & Revisions Guide PDF

This is where you’ll get tight, pro-quality tracks that still sound natural — like real humans — and while cutting your editing time in half.

I’ll show you all kinds of examples…

From very basic instrumental parts… to wildly complex drums and guitars. Plus…

You’ll learn common tools (that people on forums probably told you to use) that are actually ruining your bass and guitar tone

And how to get the right timing and tuning on your vocals without making them sound fake.

All of these editing lessons have been adapted for each major DAW

So no matter what you’re using, you don’t have to figure out how to adapt my workflows to your situation.

Editing is one of the most important aspects of creating a high quality product

So if you want to go anywhere with engineering, and if you want your recordings to compete with the best commercial albums

You need to be able to edit like a pro.

Inside you’ll also learn…

  • How to combine Beat Detective with manual editing to get the perfect balance of speed and detail… (or adapt the industry-standard Beat Detective method for other DAWs like Logic, Cubase, Studio One, and more)...
  • In-depth demonstration of Autotune showing you the right settings and how to use graphical mode to tune vocals for a professional, natural sounding result
  • 3 tips on how to decide what the best editing approach is depending on the genre… the drummer… even down to the specific song
  • Why you should NOT quantize guitars the same way you edit drums. Instead, learn how the pros actually get that insanely tight guitar sound
  • How to get perfectly tight doubles and harmonies, while making sure you avoid over-editing vocal tracks and keep layers sounding big and wide
  • How to cut, fade and crossfade guitar tracks transparently for super-tight guitars that don’t sound like a robot
  • Drum, guitar and bass, and vocal editing CHEAT SHEETS and quick-reference guides to keep you on the right track and guide your editing process until it becomes AUTOMATIC for you…
  • And so much more!


Pro Editing
Intro & Core Editing Principles
  1. Welcome
  2. Core Editing Principles
  3. Core Editing Techniques & Tools
  1. Intro to Drums + Cheatsheet Downloads
  2. Basic Editing
  3. More Difficult
  4. Very Challenging
Editing Drums in Reaper, Logic, Cubase & Studio One
  1. Editing Drums in Logic
  2. Editing Drums in Cubase
  3. Editing Drums in Reaper 5
  4. Editing Drums in Studio One
Guitar & Bass
  1. Editing Guitar & Bass
  2. Guitar Editing Example 2
  1. Tuning & Editing Melodic Vocals
  2. Background Vocals & Harmonies
  3. Editing Scream Vocals
Additional Vocal Lessons: Auras Vocal Tuning Walkthrough
  1. Lead Vocal 
  2. Doubles 
  3. Harmonies
Bonus Content
  1. Tracking Super-Tight Guitars (so you never edit them again)
  2. Tuning Vocals with Melodyne
  3. Editing Drums Without Click Track - Lesson and Live Hangout Replay
  1. Drum Editing & Beat Detective Cheatsheet PDF
  2. Pro Tools Key Commands Cheatsheet PDF
  3. Drums Lesson 1 Multitracks (basic drum editing)
  4. Drums Lesson 2 Multitracks (more difficult)
  5. Drums Lesson 3 Multitracks (very challenging)
  6. Guitar Editing Cheatsheet PDF
  7. Vocal Editing Cheatsheet PDF
  8. Vocal Editing / Tuning Practice Tracks

This is where you’ll ditch the “fix it in the mix” mentality and learn how to capture raw tracks that beat your final mixes.

This ONE module will completely transform the quality of your mixes…

Because when you learn how to nail the right source tones and get tight performances… you’ll instantly eliminate 90% of the typical “mix problems” you face…

Like lack of width, power, size, and punch.

Don’t get me wrong…

I’ll still show you how to get mixes that slay everyone else’s.

But the true battle is won or lost in the tracking stage

Which means you can forget about constantly re-amping, replacing, and endlessly stressing over tones in the mix… 

Because you’ll learn how to get each song to sound 80% polished before you even start mixing.

For Pro Tracking, I filmed the entire process of tracking a song with a real band from start to finish…

While explaining everything along the way…

So you can have a behind the scenes look at everything from choosing the instruments, replacing the drum heads, setting up guitars and putting strings on

To mic techniques for drums, bass, guitar and vocals…

Full mic selection and placement walkthroughs

And then the actual tracking tactics to get those super tight takes no matter what.

Inside you’ll also learn…

  • Professional style workflow so you achieve better recordings with less wasted time… (which means you’ll have more room for clients on your calendar and bands will love you for how quickly you produce a commercial quality product.)
  • How to tune drums quickly and easily with a simple technique that has worked for every band I’ve recorded (as long as you want big, punchy drum sounds with lots of presence and body)
  • Advanced tracking techniques for insanely tight guitars (even if the band can’t play what they wrote)... These easy tactics guarantee you’ll deliver a pro-level album no matter what caliber musicians walk through your door…
  • How to know what you’re aiming for BEFORE you hit “record”
  • Ideal mic selection and mic placement for a tight, controlled and heavy drum sound (with real-world step by step walkthrough)...
  • The secret to punching in and comping drum takes seamlessly… and capturing dialed in takes for the record even if the drummer can’t play all the parts all the way through
  • Exactly what to listen for when dialing in guitar tone… and how to find the gain “sweet spot” in minutes. (Most newbies spend HOURS trying to find the sweet spot)
  • How to make commercial sounding records without pro room design, expensive treatment, or costly boutique gear…
  • Don’t have a big space to track drums? I’ll share how to track drums in a small room… optimize small spaces… and get a usable drum room sound that feels so much bigger than it really is...
  • How to make vocals sound ready for the radio with a 5-minute mix so you can commit to the mix with confidence using my “Comp On The Fly” vocal tracking strategy…
  • How to track guitar and bass in sections and get incredible takes that require ZERO editing afterwards… (this tracking hack solves tuning and performance issues so you can make even the most cringy guitar players sound amazing.)
  • How to choose the right vocal mic and mic technique for different genres of singers (including screaming vocals, gang vocals, female vocals and more). You’ll even learn tips for how to get the best out of a singer or screamer even if they’re introverted…
  • And so much more!


Pro Tracking
  1. Welcome to Pro Tracking
  2. Vision & Workflow
  3. Signal Chain Mindset
  4. Studio Walkthrough
Tracking Exposé:
  1. Choosing the Drums
  2. Replacing Heads & Tuning Drums
  3. Final Drum Check - In the Room
  4. Miking up the Drums
  5. Getting Drum Sounds & Signal Chains
  6. Phase
  7. Pre-Tracking
  8. Drum Tracking
  9. Drum Editing
  10. Drum Recap
  11. Rough Drum Mix
  1. Guitar & Bass Tracking Strategy
  2. Guitar & String Choice
  3. Changing Strings
  4. Intonation
  5. Mic & Cab Setup
  6. Guitar Tone
  7. Tracking Rhythm Guitars - Part 1
  8. Tracking Rhythm Guitars - Part 2
  9. Tracking Lead Guitars
  10. Bonus: Tracking With a Digital Amp
  1. Bass Cab & Mic Setup
  2. Bass Selection & Setup
  3. Bass Signal Chain
  4. Bass Tone
  5. Tracking Bass
  6. Guitar & Bass: Cleanup/Edits
  1. Vocal Mics & Techniques
  2. Vocal Chain & Levels
  3. Vocal Tracking - Singing
  4. Vocal Tracking - Doubles
  5. Vocal Tracking - Harmonies
  6. Vocal Tracking - Screams (Part 1)
  7. Vocal Tracking - Screams (Part 2)
  8. Vocal Edits & Tuning
Wrap Up
  1. Final Thoughts
Mixing Exposé:
  1. Mix Comparison: Before & After
  2. Setup & Drum
  3. Drums & Rhythm Guitars
  4. Parallel Compression & Bass
  5. Drum FX & Vocals
  6. Overall Gut Reaction & Tweaks
  7. Lead Guitars & Vocals
  8. Automation Part 1
  9. Automation Part 2
  10. Post FX & Mix Bus
  11.  Mix Revisions
  12. Mastering Notes & A/B
  1. How to Record Acoustic Guitars
  2. How to Track Massive Gang Vocals
  3. Tracking Drums in a Small Room
    1. Intro
    2. Setting up Drum Mics
    3. Drum Sounds & Signal Chains
    4. Drum Takes (+ Multitrack Download)
    5. Rough Drum Mix
  4. Drum Tracking Hacks
    1. Primer: Starting with the end in mind
    2. Hack 1: Faking a complex kick pattern
    3. Hack 2: Overdubbing drums
    4. Hack 3: Recording at a slower tempo
  5. Deep Dive Coaching Calls
    1. Coaching Call Drums (Jan 11 2019)
    2. Coaching Call Bass (Jan 25 2019)
    3. Coaching Call Guitar (Feb 15 2019)
    4. Coaching Call Vocals (Mar 1 2019)
  6. Q&A Calls
    1. Office Hours Replay May 16 2019
    2. Office Hours Replay June 27 2019
    3. Office Hours Replay July 16 2019
  1. "Exposé" Multitracks, Rough Mix, Final Mix, Final Master
  2. Gear Preset PDF (5150, Distressor, Sansamp go-to settings)
  3. Real World Recording Guide PDF
  4. Go-To Mic Choices PDF
  5. Gear Suggestions for Project Studios PDF
  6. Cheatsheets:
    • Drum Tracking
    • Bass Tracking
    • Guitar Tracking
    • Vocal Tracking
    • Signal Chain Hierarchy
    • Workflow Chart
  7. Tracking Drums in a Small Room - Multitracks
  8. Small Room Drum Tracking - Rough Mix for Reference
  9. Business Materials
    • Jordan's Pricing Breakdown example
    • Information Sheet example
    • Invoice template

And on top of that…

When you sign up for the Professional Production System you’ll also get…

When you sign up for the Professional Production System you’ll get lifetime access to group coaching sessions with our pro coaches.

Every week we’ll have 3 Zoom calls together… and each call will be recorded just in case you can’t make a session.

During these calls we’ll provide feedback on your mixes so you know how to specifically improve your work…

Areas where you’re getting it right

And how to turn your mixes into something that blows everyone out of the water.

Getting real life professionals to listen to your mixes and give you feedback is a HUGE benefit that you won’t get in any other audio program. 

Each one of our pro coaches started out just like you…

Completely amateur, stuck, and frustrated. But they used this exact system to transform their work to the industry standard, line up clients and quit their jobs…

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On these calls you’ll also get career coaching, and we’ll answer any questions you may have about making records in the studio.

And one of my favorite parts is you’ll have the chance to interact with other like-minded members in the group

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Let’s face it… most courses out there are made by YouTubers who just rinse and repeat what other YouTubers say.

But I was making records for big bands & labels for years before I ever made a YouTube video… and I’m “giving away the farm”... taking you by the hand… and showing you my entire step-by-step production process.

I don't care about being famous on social media.  

I care about giving you the one thing you’re actually searching for: real results that you can hear in your own mixes.

You’ll get a full-on pro-level production experience with yours truly…

And come out of this course with the complete understanding, capability and confidence you need to become a respected and celebrated music producer.

I like to think of the difference between my program and others like baking cookies…

You can try to pick random parts from a bunch of different recipes… throw them all together… and see how it goes…

Or you can follow one recipe that’s proven to bake delicious, gooey chocolate chip cookies… and have them hot and ready much faster because you followed one recipe the whole way through.

I hope you see the difference.

Plus you’re going to save so much time and money in the long run…

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This System Pays For Itself
And Much More (Even If You Don’t Care About Working With Other Clients)

With the Pro Production System you can start making your investment back within the first month, charging more for your work, and getting through mixes faster.

I’ve recently added a module called “Get Paid In 30 Days” to make sure that happens… because this module will help you land your first paid client even if you don’t have a single prospect right now.

But with that said…

You might be someone who doesn’t care about working with clients. You’re more focused on making your own stuff sound awesome

Funny thing is, many of the members who come into the program start in the exact same boat.

They hated how their songs sounded when compared to commercial records… and all they wanted was to take their work to the next level.

But once they learned how to transform their mixes… they suddenly had confidence that they could do it for others, too.


You’ll find that when other local artists hear how good your band’s stuff sounds… they’ll start hitting you up for help.

You don’t have to work with them if you don’t want to. But the option WILL be there after you get your pro-quality songs and records out into the world.

And if you decide not to go that route, the Pro Production System will still pay for itself…

Because you won’t have to hire anyone to record or mix your songs or records ever again, which will save you tens of thousands of dollars over the course of your music career…

And you’ll have a final product that you can promote with confidence

Which means you’ll get more plays on Spotify, Apple Music, and other streaming platforms… book more shows, and grow your fan base

And your improved work may even help you go from the basement to “big time”...

So you can live out your dream as a professional, touring musician if that’s where your heart is.

I Have No Doubt When You Follow The PPS You'll Be Blown Away By The
Return On Your Investment...

And we'll be here with you every step of the way... to answer whatever questions you have and to help you succeed.

We take that seriously.

When you sign up for this commitment, we’re giving you our time and attention. We won't let you fail. This investment will be the best decision of your life and we'll make sure of it.

Just like Alejandro C. who says,

Alejandro c.

Investing in your PPS course is the best money I ever spent. The difference is huge…

Before your course I was always struggling with the mix, always back and forth…

After your course I almost have my mix on the first try! I really appreciate you sharing your knowledge and experience in such a transparent way. I took other mixing courses and lessons but none clicked like yours didIt really is a game changer.”

And keep in mind…

There’s Never Been A Better Time To Become A Full Time Music Producer And Here’s Why…

Since the early 2000s when “streaming” seemed to dismantle any hopes bands had of making money…

The music industry has figured out how to make it work… and now there’s more money available for bands and producers than ever before.

In fact, in 2021 alone… recording revenue grew 23%... and in the U.S. alone, recorded music made $15 BILLION dollars.

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And get this…

Independent artist revenue (artists who aren’t on labels) is growing 35% every year

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Which is something that’s never happened before.

For the first time ever, you don’t need a million dollar studio to become successful in the music industry or for your band to “make it.”

There are a LOT of bands who need top-notch recordings in order to stand out…

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And Here’s Where The Professional Production System Will Set You Apart From Everyone Else:

There are so many people who are able to buy gear and record from home now… and that means there's more competition.


That competition is AT THE BOTTOM… meaning it’s guys who are doing “okay” work, 7/10 quality, charging $200-$300 per song.

But when you break free from the "average" and start putting out mixes that sound as good as any song on the radio, there’s very little competition and tons of opportunity.

It’s just like in pro sports where only a handful of superstars make the big bucks... same thing here.

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6 FREE Bonuses ($3,800 Value) That You Can’t Get Anywhere Else

Bonus #1: Digital Production Blueprint ($397 Value FREE!)

Bonus #1: Digital Production Blueprint ($397 Value FREE!)

Many people are making records with virtual instruments, using MIDI drums and amp-sim plugins…

I get asked by these people all the time… “Does this program still work?”

YES it does!

Inside the Digital Production Blueprint I’ll show you exactly how to do it...

So you can finally achieve satisfying and full guitar tones, and guarantee your drums sound like a real human is playing them (and get them to sit perfectly in the mix).

  • I’ll take a song that I already mixed with real drums and real amps… and re-record and re-produce the entire song using only programmed drums and amp sims… (and guess what… it’s going to sound even better than the original)...
  • You’ll get to watch my entire process to see exactly how I build a realistic and pro-caliber production using only these tools… (which is like an entire masterclass in tracking that you get for free)...
  • I surveyed over 100 hard rock and metal audio engineers about the digital production tools that give them the BEST sound from tracking to final product… and I’ll reveal them all to you inside
  • You’ll also learn the biggest pitfalls and backpocket principles you should keep in mind anytime you use programmed drums… and a simple approach to guitar amp sims that’s so easy it’ll save you hundreds of hours of frustration…
  • Plus a huge BONUS lesson by Auras and Intervals drummer Nathan Bulla called “Programming Like A Real Drummer”... (you’ll find out from one of the most talented and respected drummers in the scene today exactly how he writes and programs realistic drum parts.)


Digital Production Blueprint
Welcome to the Blueprint
  1. Introduction
  2. Using the Right Tools
The Fundamentals
  1. Pitfalls & Principles of Programmed Drums
  2. The Simple Approach to Amp Sims
Pyramids Recording Session
  1. Session Setup & Downloads
  2. Drums
    1. Selecting drums
    2. Programming drum midi
    3. Humanizing drum midi
    4. Committing to drum tracks
  3. Guitar
    1. Amp sim tone selection
    2. Real-time guitar tracking session
  4. Bass
    1. Bass tone selection
    2. Real-time bass tracking session
  5. Clean Guitar tracking & tone
  6. Lead Guitar tracking & tone
  7. Committing to Guitar & Bass Tone
Mixing Sessions
  1. Real-time Mix Session
Blueprint Bonus and Downloads
  1. Velocities & Ghost Notes: Programming Like a Real Drummer with Nathan Bulla
  2. Archetype Nolly - Jordan's tone presets
  3. Multitracks for "Pyramids" (song created in this course) including Drum Midi
  4. Jordan's Superior Drummer Presets

Bonus #2: Complete Drum Sample Library ($147 Value FREE!)

Bonus #2: Complete Drum Sample Library ($147 Value FREE!)

I think it’s safe to say that one of the hardest things to get right in the mix is the drums.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I have spent thousands of dollars on drum sample libraries over the years that did not work for my mixes…

Until finally I just got fed up and decided to create my own.

It took a whole lot of trial and error… but eventually I ended up with a solid library of kicks, snares and toms that would finally cut through my heavy mixes and give me the drum sound I was after.

So when you sign up for the Professional Production System today…

I want to save you all the hassle of sifting through expensive drum sample libraries… or trying to create your own…

And instead, I’m just going to give you my entire, private, custom drum sample library for FREE.

These are made for rock and heavy music, but also sound great when augmenting drums in other genres as well.

In this bonus you’ll get…

  • 6 different kick drums
  • 8 different snare drums
  • 1 set of toms
  • Plus my Mix FX Pack full of reverse snares, cymbal swells, big crescendos, bass drops that are different lengths and are tuned to every note you can possibly need…

So you can just drag and drop these effects into your projects instantly.

Bonus #3: MixVault ($1,997 Value FREE!)

Bonus #3: MixVault ($1,997 Value FREE!)

MixVault is a premium mix training library where you’ll gain access to 20 full mix breakdowns (and growing)…

Across different genres from some of the notable releases I’ve worked on through the years… songs with hundreds of thousands - or even millions of plays online…

Including NEW mix breakdowns that I’ll add throughout the year as I work on real client projects.

This is a unique experience that’ll feel like you’re in the studio with me

Because I regularly live-stream real client projects and do an entire mix from start to finish…

So you can look over my shoulder and get inside my head as I walk you through my exact process of turning regular mixes into pro-quality tracks… in only 4-6 hours (or less).

Every past and future livestream session is recorded so you can watch whenever you have time.

This Mix Vault bonus alone contains more mix training , across more genres, than any other course or system available.


Mix Vault
  1. Intervals - Ephemeral
  2. Neck Deep - Losing Teeth
  3. Auras - Adverse Condition
  4. Goodbye Sky Harbour - Loud and Clear
  5. Silverstein - Toronto Mix Walkthrough + Q&A Replay
  6. Nick Johnston - Remarkably Human
  7. Truth of My Youth - Bad Motivator
  8. The Year - Sweaty Palms
  9. The Danger of Falling - Still Vacant
  10. The Longest Year - All I Find is You
  11. Emery - After the Devil Beats His Wife
  12. Gracefield - The Pressure
  13. Pale Hell - KYM
  14. Jevani Sanders - Happy
  15. Silverstein - Replace You (Acoustic)
  16. Carol of the Bells
  17. Taking Back Sunday - Beat Up Car
  18. Afterimage - Pathogen
  19. Jake Scott - Deadset

All sessions include full multitrack download.

Bonus #5: Session Vault Starter Pack (10 Pack) ($47 Value FREE!)

Bonus #4: Session Vault ($97 Value FREE!)

Session Vault includes access to 40 different multi-track sessions you can use to practice your mixing skills

But the best part…

These multitracks are “portfolio approved”...

Which means you can mix them yourself and use them on YOUR website and on your public portfolio to show off your work and attract potential clients.

And it’s not only heavy rock and metal sessions in there…

There’s also a bunch of pop-rock, punk, indie-rock sessions and more.

Bonus #4: Complimentary Mix Critique ($97 value free!)


If you’re serious about turning your studio into a full-fledged business that allows you to do what you love for the rest of your life…

And earn more money doing it than you likely believe possible right now

Then you don’t want to miss the Studio Business Bootcamp Training.

Inside Studio Business Bootcamp you’ll learn…

  • How to start thinking like a successful producer (not a broke musician)... and the core mindset shifts you must make today if you want to start getting paid “the big bucks” to produce…
  • The "Studio Growth Engine" behind every successful studio… and how to get yours humming
  • A step-by-step guide on how to create your own personal studio brandbuild your website… and set your prices so musicians and bands have loads of respect for you before they even set foot in your studio
  • Learn the proven strategies that the most successful audio engineers are using to land new clients… (these strategies flat out WORK… and once you start using them you’ll have no problem keeping your calendar full.)
  • How to have artists begging to work with YOU (instead of the other way around) by implementing what I call the “Gatekeeper Framework”… (all successful audio engineers use this framework to attract top talent and stay in high demand year round.)
  • A super simple way to manage your finances and stay profitable with the Studio Banking System… (I know managing finances doesn’t sound very “sexy”... but this system will help you avoid dumb purchases, gear debt and will keep hundreds if not thousands of dollars of cash in your pocket each month.)

Bonus #4: Complimentary Mix Critique ($97 value free!)

Bonus #6: GOLD STANDARD MIXING ($199 Value free!) 

Let’s face it… there are going to be times when you get hired to mix…

And the raw tracks you get are a disaster.

Inside the “Gold Standard Mixing” tutorials…

I’ll show you the mindset that literally changed my life

That whatever comes in my studio, I’m going to do whatever I can in my power to make that project sound as good as it possibly can…  

Even when I’ve been given sketchy, sub-par source tracks.

Use this tutorial to turn even the most unlistenable raw tracks into ones that can hold their own against commercial records!

Here’s Everything You’ll Get Inside The Pro Production System:


  • Pro Mixing, Pro Editing, And Pro Tracking Modules
  • Lifetime Access To Group Coaching Sessions (3x Per Week)
  • Unlimited Feedback On Your Mixes
  • Lifetime Access To The Private PPS Community
  • Production Career Coaching & “Get Paid In 30-Days” Module

FREE BONUSES: ($3,800 value FREE!)

  • Digital Production Blueprint
  • Complete Drum Sample Library
  • Mix Vault
  • Session Vault
  • Studio Business Bootcamp Training
  • Gold Standard Mixing

10 Payments of


Only $499 to get started today!

All you have to do is click the “Join Now” button

And you’ll be taken to a secure checkout page where you can make your first payment.

Once you do that you’ll gain access to the entire course plus all the free bonuses.

And hey…

I know this is a big decision… and you might still have some questions...

So please send us a direct message on Facebook or Instagram and one of our pro coaches will be happy to chat with you.

If you’re nervous about the investment, rest assured that many of our members felt the same at first. 

But they don't feel that way for long. Here's why:

Free 10-day trial

 Creative working space, not noisy, fully equipped and convenient

  • Assisted workflow
  • Superfast wifi

Creative working space, not noisy, fully equipped and convenient



Exlusive creative working space, not noisy, fully equipped and convenient. A place just for you!

  • Working time 24/7 all days
  • Free Tea & Coffee
  • Superfast wifi
  • New items everyday
  • Flexible hours


David H.

"You could easily charge much more!"

"I had a bad experience with one of those private recording colleges. Tons of buck for not a lot of bang. However, Hardcore Mixing was different.

It is safe to say that the sounds of all my mixes have been taken to the next level. In fact, as a result, I have made the decision to start a side-business in recording and mixing. My $20,000 college diploma wasn't able to provide that level of confidence!

Once again, thank you Jordan for putting together this enormously valuable product. It has taken my mixing game to new heights in a ridiculously short amount of time. My drums sound better, my guitars and bass sound huge and my vocals sound crisp and clean. You could easily charge much more!"

Don L.

"Unreal man."

"I landed a really serious record to me last night and I feel I owe it all to you.

I would have paid 3 times what I did had I known how much these videos would clear up for me. I bought 10 years of knowledge for next to nothing. Unreal man."

Danny B.

"Bands across the UK are now booking me."

"The courses are spot on, I have learnt so much and my mixes have gone from amateur to pretty damn good I would like to think. Bands from across the UK are now booking me and I'm preparing to make the jump between part freelance/part time employment to full time freelance and get rid of my job! I couldn't have done it without you!"

Keith V.

"The difference is extreme!"

"I applied your method to a song that I already mixed and released for my band.

WOW! The difference is extreme! The new mix sounds exciting and full. By comparison, the old mix sounds like there's a blanket on the speakers. I am beyond happy with the results and can't wait to apply what I've learned to more projects."

Eric D.

"The only course that makes my mixes sound pro."

"I have read a lot of books on mixing and watched a ton of video tutorials online on the same subject. Jordan's mixing course is by far the only course that makes my mixes sound pro."

Kieran K.

"Mix Vault has improved my mixes insanely."

"Mix Vault has improved my mixes insanely. I am able to mix much more quickly and efficiently with a way better end result.

I started this course as a full time employee and student so my mixing was very part time, but during these past four months something sparked. Since December 2016, I have been doing this full time. I am booked all the way out until May. I never would've thought that would happen, but I am very lucky, and super thankful for the awesome resources you've provided!"

Chris L.

"Wouldn't be where I am today."

"It was a struggle at first paying the rent and all the bills associated with the studio. After purchasing Jordan’s Hardcore Mixing last year it has helped me open doors and achieve goals that I thought weren’t possible for me. I purchased Hardcore Tracking along with Mixing Exposé, and this was the best tutorial I have watched. Jordan explained how to capture specific instruments in complete detail. I can tell you that without Jordan and his courses I wouldn’t be where I am today. I have many clients that I am working with not only in Metal/Hardcore, but in EDM, EDC, POP, HipHop Hard Rock and recently gospel/Jazz Band. I owe it all to Jordan and Hardcore Music Studio."

John H.

"Stellar Work"

"I want to thank Jordan for the stellar work you provide us in the Mix Vault, Hardcore Mixing, Tracking, Gold Standard, etc. Without these things dude I (and I know I speak for many others) would still be at square one. Respect bro. Happy Mixing!"

Franco T.

"Your course changed my life!"

"First of all, your course changed my life!! I work everyday recording bands at my studio here in Brazil, and after your tips I can reach the final sound really fast. Thanks a lot!"

Keep in mind… This is a commitment.

So if you think you’ll flake out… then please don’t join.

But I can promise you this…

If you stick with it like our successful members have…

My team and I will NOT let you fail.

We WILL make sure you get your money’s worth and so much more…

Maybe even more than you ever dreamed possible… just like we have for hundreds of people like you already.

So if you’re not going to stick with it… then this isn’t the program for you.

But if you’re willing to commit and give it your all…

Then don’t wait any longer.

Click the “Join Now” button below to get started.

Pro Production System

10 payments of


Let’s have some fun and imagine what might be possible…

And say that within the next 6 months you get to the point where you’re charging $300 per song to record and mix… 

And let’s say you could record and mix 2 songs per week

Which isn’t really hustling that hard.

Well at that rate, you’d be making an extra $2,400 a month.

That’s a pretty significant upgrade…

Especially when it’s money rolling in while you’re doing what you love.

It makes paying rent a lot easier… car payments a breeze… and hey, you can even use that income to upgrade your studio with the gear you’ve had your eye on but haven’t been able to afford yet.

And that’s only if you charge $300 per song… which is low-balling what you could really charge…

Because honestly…

The Secrets Inside This Program Allowed Me To Charge at least $1,000 Per Song…

Or $1,000 per song for mixing alone.

So not only will you easily earn back the money you invested in the Professional Production System today…

But because bands and artists are blown away by their experience working with you…

They’ll keep coming back… and tell all the bands they know to come to you for their records…

Until you have a booked calendar and can even make producing music your full-time career.

Just like Vincent P. who says,

I’ve gone full-time in my studio. Yesterday was the last day at my ‘day job!’ This year has been great for my studio. I’ve also hit my first 5-figures and have projects lined up for the rest of the year.”

Or Grady who says,

“The Professional Production System has paid for itself 10x over. I’m now doing what I love making music for a living.”

Or Mathias who went from charging $150… to $650 per song to mix…

And RJ who went from $50 per song… to now charging $1500 per song and doing it in LESS time.

Imagine that…

30X’ing how much money you make… while spending less time in the studio.

You can be next when you take action today… and reap a huge, life-changing reward that impacts the rest of your life because of it.

So don’t let a “broke artist mindset” keep you from taking advantage of this life-changing opportunity, too.

And hey, to make your decision today as easy as possible…

I’ll also back up your purchase with my 100% Success Guarantee.

100% SUCCESS Guarantee

Since this program is by application only, if you get in and don't get results... then that's my fault.

So if you do the work... show up to the calls... and do the things I show you to do...

But for some reason you still don't hear insane improvements to your work after 3 months...

Me or one of my pro mix coaches will do private one-on-one sessions with you...

Focused entirely on your work... and we'll work tirelessly with you until you break through and make the progress you want.

So like I mentioned earlier... you CANNOT fail when you sign up...

Because we won't let you fail.

As long as you're putting in the work, you'll be a whole different audio engineer within the next 30-days and you'll keep getting better after that...

And with our ears on your work, you've got a 100% chance of success.

All you have to do is click the “Join Now” button to get started.

Pro Production System

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You Have 3 Options Of Where
To Go From Here…

Option #1: Figure It Out Yourself.

If you go this route, it’ll be a lot of the same things you’re doing right now…

Putting in hundreds more hours of trial and error sifting through all the misinformation out there…

Hoping you come across that one “aha” trick that changes everything.

You’ll continue feeling frustrated by your mixes when you do a “car test” and your mix sounds weak and harsh

And embarrassed when you compare your mix to a commercial one

And your song sticks out like a sore thumb because of how amateur it sounds.

You’ll continue wasting thousands of dollars trying to build a bigger studio with better equipment… even though that’s not the issue…

And still feel insecure and second guess your work… when you have a band in to record…

Sometimes spending days just to mix one song, and still not getting the “hi-fi, in your face” sound you want.

And since you don’t feel confident with your own music…

You’ll Never Make The Move To Work With Other Artists And Get Paid…

So you’ll be stuck at your day job feeling like there’s no way out.

And with the kind of amateur quality you’re producing...

Very few people… maybe none at all… will come to you for help…

Which leaves you with only a few recording jobs per year.

And because you didn’t strike while the iron was hot today… it could mean you fall so far behind that you can never reach the music career you’ve always dreamed of.

That voice in the back of your head (or maybe people in real life) will keep getting louder…

“Get a real job…”

“You can’t support your family with this dream…”

And so you become like 95% of people out there who give in and give up.

So, I know this is going to sound a little harsh…

And I’m not trying to come down on you…

But if you take this option…

There’s No One Else To Blame
But Yourself…

The Professional Production System is your golden ticket to achieve all the success you’ve ever wanted as a music producer.

And you will feel great about your decision, because you’ll easily earn that investment back very quickly because of how much better the quality of your work will be.

And if you put in the effort…

You’ll have the possibility of earning enough to quit your “day job”...

And provide for yourself and your family by doing what you love for a living.

I’ll get to more on that in a few seconds…

But before I do, let me tell you about a second option you have today that still doesn’t stand up against purchasing the Professional Production System.

Option #2: Try Audio College.

Maybe you decide to drop a lot of cash on an expensive audio degree.

I get that…

Going to college is what we’ve been taught to do since we were kids

But let’s look at the facts…

That’s going to cost anywhere from $20,000-$200,000… and take 2-4 YEARS to complete

And all you’re going to do is learn “theory” about how to make records…

And add TONS of student debt to your finances…

Which basically buries you right away in more bills…

Meaning you’ll likely have to get a day job even after your 2-4 year education is done.

In other words…

If you go this route…

You’re Basically Pressing The “Reverse” Button On Your Studio Career

And here’s the hard truth of what I’ve learned from 10+ years in the music industry.

Not one single band or label has EVER asked me for credentials.

Never asked to see my diploma or “proof” that I’m a professional.

Plus, I’ve had several guys tell me personally that they benefited MORE from a few hours of this training than they did in their entire 4 years in audio school.

Like Tate P. who says,

tate p.

“I turned to college training instead of mentor training first, and have since been through 3 audio engineering courses that did an alright job at teaching the basics, but barely taught how to use simple compression or EQ techniques in any context

Worst part is, I spent 1/3 of the cost of those courses on your online course and have learned more in 1 week than I've learned in over 2 years of those college courses. So it's safe to say, YOU are a real pro and teach far more in far less time!

So instead of falling into the same mistake…

And having tons of student debt…

Basically putting your career on “pause” for the next 2-4 years…

Why not gain access to real-world sessions (instead of just classroom theory)...

Learn from real-life professionals at a fraction of the cost

In a fraction of the time

And with the realistic possibility that you’ll earn back the investment you put into this system in just months?

Which leads me to the third and final option today…

Which I believe is a complete no-brainer compared to the other two.

Option #3: Invest In The Pro Production System And Start Seeing Results Today!

This is the fastest and foolproof option…

Because it won’t only save you thousands of hours of time you’d spend on YouTube tutorials or on college classes and homework…

But it’ll also MAKE you more money recording bands than you’ve ever made before.

Instead of emptying your wallet and leaving you in debt like expensive audio college does…

Or wasting money on a bunch of new studio equipment that doesn’t actually solve the problems you’re having.

When you take this option…

You’ll be amazed when your raw tracks sound better than any work you’ve done beforeincluding final mixes.

Bands Will Be Blown Away By How
“In Your Face” The Mix Is…

And the pro-quality work you do will stand up against any commercial record.

Because of the amazing work you do, bands will keep coming back to you for more… and tell their buddies to do the same…

Until your studio calendar is completely booked months in advance.

Plus, because you’re tracking, editing and mixing faster than ever

You can fit more bands into your calendar which means you’ll have no problem paying your bills and more.

And with the newfound respect you earn in your scene…

You can even start charging bands more money per song

And they’ll gladly pay it because of the awesome work you do.

If you want, you can reinvest that back into your studio and upgrade your gear without having to work a boring 9-5 job to pay for it.

Best of all…

You’ll finally be confident as a producer.

Word will get out that you’re some kind of wizard in the studio who can make anything sound great…

And because you know exactly what you’re doing from tracking, to editing, to mixing and beyond…

You’ll Have More Fun Producing Songs And Records Than Ever Before…

Because you aren’t second-guessing yourself anymore…

And you’re completing projects faster and with greater ease.

And because of that, you get to enjoy the creative side of producing music

Instead of spending all your mental energy trying to figure out what went wrong in the mix.

Now that everything has “clicked” you’ll be more passionate about music production than ever before.

You’ll record bands you’ve always dreamed of working with

Produce albums that get heard by thousands (maybe millions) of people

And give every band such an amazing experience

They’d rather work with you than anyone else.

When you take this third option today…

And purchase the Professional Production System, you’ll finally be on your way to making your dream of becoming a professional producer a reality.

And because you’re still reading, I know you want that for yourself.

So make a courageous decision today…

Click the “Join Now” button

And I’ll see you on the other side.

You won't regret making this investment into your career…

And I personally can’t wait to start working with you.

See you soon!


Pro Production System

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this for?

This program is for anyone who is passionate about recording and mixing music and who wants to make a living producing music - or learn how to produce commercial-quality records for their own band or album.

This is not for someone who is completely new to recording, editing and mixing.

But if you’ve been frustrated with how your final mixes sound and want to produce music that sounds professional, hits hard and has that competitive, polished sound, this program is for you.

What do I get inside the Professional Production System?


  • Pro Mixing, Pro Editing, And Pro Tracking Modules
  • Lifetime Access To Group Coaching Sessions (3x Per Week)
  • Unlimited Feedback On Your Mixes
  • Lifetime Access To The Private PPS Community
  • Production Career Coaching & “Get Paid In 30-Days” Module

FREE BONUSES: ($3,800 value FREE!)

  • Digital Production Blueprint
  • Complete Drum Sample Library
  • Mix Vault
  • Session Vault
  • Studio Business Bootcamp Training
  • Gold Standard Mixing

10 Payments of


Only $499 to get started today!

Got questions? Send a message to us on Facebook or Instagram:

Will this work for me even if I don’t record rock and heavy music?

Yes — it absolutely will.

Although my brand is “Hardcore Music Studio” and many of my credits are in the rock/metal world, these courses are about gaining solid foundational skills, not tips and tricks that are genre specific. As long as you’re working on any genre that has real instruments, everything in the Pro Production System will be directly applicable.

It can be rock, pop rock, country… you name it!

In fact, most of our members are NOT primarily focused on heavy music. One of the members who purchased this system wrote and said it worked amazingly well for recording jazz orchestras and other ensembles…

And another member had game-changing results working mostly in hip-hop.

So even if you don’t produce rock or heavy music…

Or you want to spread your wings and try producing all kinds of music…

This system translates across all genres.

Is this just a combination of your YouTube videos?

No. The Professional Production System contains material you’ve never seen before on my YouTube channel with a far closer in-depth look at how to track, edit, record and make professional quality albums no matter what your mixes sound like right now.

What if I can’t afford it?

I’ve done everything I can to make the Professional Production System as affordable as possible for you… even going as far as giving you the opportunity to split the payments up to make them easy to manage.

So if you think you can’t afford this… I want you to remind you that this system pays for itself and so much more… even if you don’t care about working with other clients.

I’ve added a brand-new module called “Get Paid In 30 Days”... where I’ll show you how to start making your investment back within the first month of the program.

You don’t get anything like this at an expensive audio college (that doesn’t help you reach pro-quality work anyways). And you won’t learn how to do this in other programs.

But we want you to start making money recording music as soon as YOU want to. So you’ll have access to the “Get Paid In 30 Days” module right away.

But with that said… you might not care so much about working with clients. Maybe you’re more focused on making your own stuff sound awesome.

Most of the members who come into the program start in the exact same boat…

But once they learned how to transform their mixes… they suddenly had confidence that they could do it for others, too. And if you still don’t want to work with clients…

You’ll save tons of money because you won’t have to hire anyone to record or mix your songs or records ever again… which will save you tens of thousands of dollars over the course of your music career.

There are some other ways you can make it happen, too. One of my students, Eliazar, sold gear to make ends meet. He said,

“I sold some of my gear to start this course and I’m so glad I did… I’m amazed at how drastically better my mixes are and so are my clients! Best decision I’ve made. No regrets.”

So don’t money stand in the way. This program pays for itself and so much more. There are ways to make it happen. And you won’t regret it when you do.

What if I already own one of your “Hardcore” courses (Hardcore Mixing, Hardcore Tracking, Hardcore Editing)?

You’re eligible for a significant discount when you upgrade to the complete Pro Production System! Please email and ask for your unique upgrade link.

You’ll want to make sure you upgrade to the PPS as soon as possible, because this is where all the new training and coaching calls have been happening for the past year and will continue in the future.

What if I use different DAW/plugins than you?

This won’t be a problem. Thousands of users across different DAWs and plugins and gear have all been through these courses. We have not had a single cancellation because of the DAW or plugins not lining up.

We also have tailored mix templates for Pro Tools, Logic, Studio One and Cubase…

Plus bonus lessons inside Pro Editing that show you how to adapt my Pro Tools editing workflows to Logic, Cubase and Studio One.

Is the 100% Success Guarantee for real?

Of course it is. If you join the program but you don’t see a noticeable improvement to your work in 3 months, then that’s on us.

So if that’s the case, then myself or one of our coaches will give you the one-on-one attention you need to get your working up to pro-level quality.

Alright, I’m ready to do this! How do I join again?

To join just click the “Join Now” button below..

After you do that, you’ll be taken to a secure checkout page where you can complete your order.

Once that’s completed you’ll become an official Hardcore Music Studio member and gain complete access to the entire system, all the bonuses, live Zoom calls, and everything else.

I can’t wait to see you inside! 

Pro Production System

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"I went to audio school for 4 years. I did 5 videos of Jordan's so far and learned more in 2 hours than in 4 years for a lot less money."

David P.

"Jordan Valeriote basically wrecked the internet for me...others kinda suck by comparison, I don't even bother with any others now."

Ryan I.

"Jordan, out of every mixing/engineering course I've taken, I've learned the most out of yours, so thank you so much for making these happen!"

Luiza C.

Rob B.

"I started using your methods and things sounded immediately better. Word spread, and now I have triple the clients and people coming from all over, from all backgrounds (yesterday I was confidently tracking a live folk session). Your courses have given me the confidence to trust my instincts, but also know my worth. I get good results quickly, and people love it."

Rob B.

Charles Y.

"For a mix to translate out of my bedroom studio, I'd have to make about 5-6 revisions to get something short of decent. I scrapped all my processing and applied your methods and approach to one of my songs and WITHOUT EVEN A REVISION, my mix ACTUALLY TRANSLATED VERY WELL AND SOUNDED GOOD IN MY CAR."

Charles Y.

"Man I am soooo freaking excited about this!!! I will finally be able to mix my own records and have them sound pro without spending thousands of dollars for sub par results. I am so glad I found this course."

Marc P.

"My mix from 6 weeks ago sounds so weak compared to what I am now churning out!"

Danny M.

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