PROOF That You Can Get Tracks During the Recording Phase That Sound Almost as Good as a Finished Record.

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Here's what our Hardcore Tracking members have to say:

John Purifoy

I have taken many [other courses], and Hardcore Tracking really helped me learn about the most important part of recording: getting good takes in the most efficient way possible! I am so glad I bought this course, it has increased my workflow efficiency for the better!

Paul Mack

One of the best courses I've ever purchased. Invaluable information.

Franco Torrezan

Your course changed my life!

First of all, your course changed my life!! I work everyday recording bands at my studio here in Brazil, and after your tips I can reach the final sound really fast. Thanks a lot!

Jeff A. Rossbach

Mixing comes easy.

This is an awesome course. Hardcore Tracking is way too reasonable not to buy. It simply works. The final results always come out great and the mixing comes easy.

Nathan McMillan

Finally Feel Like I'm Not Struggling

Thanks again for putting all these resources together. I studied engineering at the Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences, interned at several studios, and have been recording for over 15 years and this is the first program/community that has helped me significantly improve my skills. Audio work can be a very isolated career so it's great to finally feel like I'm not struggling through the process on my own.

Mark Cooper

Honestly, this is the best audio course I have ever taken. The difference is it's pragmatic. You are literally in the studio with Jordan and the band. I find Jordan's style of teaching makes sense quickly, and I remember what I have learned.

Jeremy Wright

Just buy it!

Just buy it. If you have any reservations about the price point -- try paying $500 for a shit track, and then finding this, and realizing you can do it yourself.

Ryan Mey

Recordings sound 100x better.

This is hands down the best investment I ever made with my recording/mixing career. School is great for basics, but what Jordan does with this course is in-depth. I love that I can reference back to the material and have the cheatsheets for a helpful hand when needed. My recordings have gone quicker, smoother, and sound 100x better than they used to. I love that Jordan thought of the fact that most of us have home studios with smaller rooms and included the bonus features of tracking in a small room! I have learned and applied more from Jordan's tracking course than what I learned in school 10 years ago!

Van VerHoeven

Blown away!

Just finished the drum tracking lessons on the hardcore tracking course and I'm blown away!!! I've learned so much already!! I'm so excited to start implementing these new skills in a couple of weeks on a new project I'm recording. So stoked to keep on learning!!! Thank you Jordan Valeriote!!!

Josh Yates

Loved the course... You made it clear that you don't need a physics degree to understand where the mics need to be. The idea of getting everything right at the source was so fundamentally obvious, sometimes it's overlooked by beginners and thinking that making the magic happen was more in the mixing stage. Again, that helped me out hugely. I've just finished mixing my band's EP and from using your tracking techniques, mixing was awesome.

My mics are very below average and this EP sounds better than an EP we had professionally recorded in a full setup studio. I'm stoked. Jordan, you have put together an easy to understand course that outlines the processes you take to reach your end product. Your results speak for themselves and now they are speaking for me. Thanks heaps, Appreciate it!

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