"Charge more, choose who you want to work with, and actually enjoy what you're doing..."

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Middle man

I'm considering just having my clients make their payments out to Hardcore Music Studio and remove myself as the middle man! :)

Ryan Izzard

Tracking like a boss!

This course has revealed to me the truth; I'll stop trying to fix the mix! Tracking like a boss is mixing like a boss, period. Since I've been recording the way I learned in this course, my tracks have a more professional sounds, mixes are easier, and clients are happier.

Alessandro Rorato

Loved the course... You made it clear that you don't need a physics degree to understand where the mics need to be. The idea of getting everything right at the source was so fundamentally obvious, sometimes it's overlooked by beginners and thinking that making the magic happen was more in the mixing stage. Again, that helped me out hugely. I've just finished mixing my band's EP and from using your tracking techniques, mixing was awesome.

My mics are very below average and this EP sounds better than an EP we had professionally recorded in a full setup studio. I'm stoked. Jordan, you have put together an easy to understand course that outlines the processes you take to reach your end product. Your results speak for themselves and now they are speaking for me. Thanks heaps, Appreciate it!

Josh Yates

Watching a pro at work and sharing his knowledge every step of the way is only going to give the world more music that sounds great to listen to Thanks so much for sharing your expertise.

Timothy Enneking

Gave me courage to open my own humble studio. All the second-guessing just disappeared once I finished the course. Now I know how to make my gear sound ten times better!

Artur B.

One of the best courses I've ever purchased. Invaluable information.

Paul Mack

The tracking course is AMAZING. Worth every penny. Over the last several months I've ended up rewatching select parts of the course as part of my project prep for upcoming sessions. Since having taken the course, the three singles I've produced, recorded, and mixed sound WAY better than anything I've ever done. And my clients couldn't be more stoked - they've all mentioned they can't wait to work me again. Technique, mic placement, signal flow is all great, but absolutely the biggest take away for me is Jordan's workflow. I know how to make better records faster now. Lessons learned here carry over across all genres. Thanks Jordan!

Joseph Freeman

Learned more in 2 hours than in 4 years!

I went to audio school for 4 years. I did 5 videos of Jordan's so far and learned more in 2 hours than in 4 years for a lot less money.

David Pietila

I was a little skeptical at first about HC Tracking as someone who has been doing studio work on and off for the past 10 years. I am so glad I decided to go for it, because I was surprised how much I learned watching these videos. Jordan is an articulate teacher and shows an appropriate level of attention to detail. The videos don't go too fast, nor do they drag on. It was reassuring to see a lot of the same techniques that I use, as well as pick up some very cool little tricks and workflow tips. Would definitely recommend for anyone who is serious, at any level. His courses offer far more PRACTICAL knowledge than my music production degree did. Thanks for everything, dude!

Jason Aaron Adams

Incredibly insightful. Even down to phrases and body language for communicating with the band... I especially enjoyed the section on drums and tuning. Money very much well spent and I haven't even finished yet. Planning on investing in Hardcore Mixing on the next pass. Thanks!

Travis Hall