"Charge more, choose who you want to work with, and actually enjoy what you're doing..."

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Learned more in 2 hours than in 4 years!

I went to audio school for 4 years. I did 5 videos of Jordan's so far and learned more in 2 hours than in 4 years for a lot less money.

David Pietila

Wouldn't be where I am today.

It was a struggle at first paying the rent and all the bills associated with the studio. After purchasing Jordan’s Hardcore Mixing last year it has helped me open doors and achieve goals that I thought weren’t possible for me. I purchased Hardcore Tracking along with Mixing Exposé, and this was the best tutorial I have watched. Jordan explained how to capture specific instruments in complete detail. I can tell you that without Jordan and his courses I wouldn’t be where I am today. I have many clients that I am working with not only in Metal/Hardcore, but in EDM, EDC, POP, HipHop Hard Rock and recently gospel/Jazz Band. I owe it all to Jordan and Hardcore Music Studio.

Chris Litwin

The Hardcore Tracking course is truly eye opening for producers/aspiring engineers. The way Jordan built the course was very clever, and the content is engaging. Keeping the videos short and specific makes it easy to follow and reflect about the subject covered. Nowadays it's getting harder and harder to have the opportunity to make internships in big studios and the small ones don't have sufficient amounts of work to justify having one. So this is the way to go. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us all.

Dénis Rhomays

The tracking course is AMAZING. Worth every penny. Over the last several months I've ended up rewatching select parts of the course as part of my project prep for upcoming sessions. Since having taken the course, the three singles I've produced, recorded, and mixed sound WAY better than anything I've ever done. And my clients couldn't be more stoked - they've all mentioned they can't wait to work me again. Technique, mic placement, signal flow is all great, but absolutely the biggest take away for me is Jordan's workflow. I know how to make better records faster now. Lessons learned here carry over across all genres. Thanks Jordan!

Joseph Freeman

The Hardcore Tracking course changed a lot about my way of starting a record. Beyond technical tricks given through the videos, there's a full philosophy of how to approach the different recordings of various instruments and how to manage musicians during them. Thanks to that course, I found the nerve to work with bands and offer my services to them, More and more come to build their projects with me. I now have the feeling of getting solid knowledge which will let me explore the infinite possibilities of recording. Thank you Jordan for your time and letting me live my passion.

Bastien Renon

Tracking like a boss!

This course has revealed to me the truth; I'll stop trying to fix the mix! Tracking like a boss is mixing like a boss, period. Since I've been recording the way I learned in this course, my tracks have a more professional sounds, mixes are easier, and clients are happier.

Alessandro Rorato

I was completely lost with tracking, editing and mixing before getting involved with Hardcore Mixing Studio. Jordan has given me better guidance and clarity with a simple, no-nonsense approach to making a great record. With the help of this program I finally have the confidence to record my own record and release it. I didn’t have to go to a trade school and my tracking and mixes sound better than most of the people in my local market. THANK YOU JORDAN!

Mike de Hoyos

Jordan's Hardcore tracking course came to me as a blessing when I had least expected it and I am very happy that I took the plunge. This has significantly increased my confidence in the studio tracking a band, working with whatever microphones I have in the studio, and most importantly, to always know that there is someone I can ping and ask for help if I am in a fix. Jordan has been very responsive on the forums and course comment section as well and I thank you for putting together such an incredible wealth of knowledge at such an incredible price.

Varun Murali

When I saw the promo about the tracking course I had to sign in to take it to the next level. I even bought your mics and plugins of choice! At that time I had no clients... Well now... I have some test runs here in the studio and some new projects. It really sounds big and full like never before: more realistic and 200 times better! I have found a new drive to do all this at the max! I would love to give you some feedback, but all I can say is... "THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING!"

David Ooms

Much like all your courses, Hardcore Tracking was one of the best investments I made. There are so many courses out there that reveal mixing secrets, so it was refreshing to finally find a course that pulled back the curtain on the tracking stage. After completing the course, I immediately put what I had learned into action and saw immediate results. Not only were the bands I was working with that much more stoked, but the quality of audio I was capturing at the source had greatly improved. This also had a direct impact on my mix quality, as I was able to focus more on mixing the song, and less on fixing the song. In the last year and a half, I have been able to take my studio full time, launch a second company and land a job with Brian Hood. None of this would have been possible without Hardcore Tracking and your other courses... Thank you for everything you've done and continue to do Jordan. I am forever grateful.

Shawn Barnes