Start Capturing Tracks That Sound Like a Record, Right at the Source.

Record with certainty that the tracks you record will be exactly what you need in the mix, no matter how good (or bad) the band is.

Are you confident in the sounds you capture during recording?

Do you know that each tone and performance is going to work exactly how you want in the final mix?

Or are you constantly struggling to get good tones and to know when to commit...

Even worrying that you’re screwing up the recording as it’s happening?

I want to show you how to do away with all of that - and start having your songs sounding better during tracking than most people’s final mixes sound.


A lot of engineers today are falling into a trap:

The “fix it in the mix” mentality.

It's when it feels like like you're faking your way through the recording process as quickly as possible, capturing multiple takes with multiple mics on everything...

Just HOPING that you got the right performances and can make it sound better after the band leaves.

It's a never ending hunt for shortcuts that causes you to spend more and more time editing and struggling through the mix.

I used to fall into that same trap!

It wasn’t until I started to grasp the importance of getting it right at the source that the direction of my career finally took a big turn for the better.

I decided to take 10 years of hard-won recording experience with bands and labels like Silverstein, Intervals, Counterparts, Rise Records and SolidState, and map out the entire process from start to finish...

So that you don't waste any more time fumbling through the tracking process only to feel frustrated at mix time.


Capture tracks that sound like a finished record, right at the source.

This is NOT just another bag of tricks that help you fix or fake your way to a good sounding record.

Despite all the amazing digital tools we have now, a real engineer needs to be able to  put the right mic in the right spot and capture the right performance.

If you rely on shortcuts that only work in certain genres, or if you can only succeed with a specific plugin or piece of gear, you won't be able to adapt to different scenarios or flow with the vibe in the studio.

And that means you won't build a lasting career in audio, because tastes and trends are changing all the time.

So this course isn't about hacks and tricks.

Instead, we’re gonna go deep.

I want to teach you real world, practical engineering chops that will improve your work right now and last as long as you keep making records.

In fact, I’ll make a bold promise:

Regardless of where you’re at… even if you’ve never recorded real drums or real guitar amps before…

After this program, you could go into any studio and do exactly what I show you in this course and come out with a pro sounding recording.

You'll also learn a new framework for tracking that naturally slashes your editing and mixing time too.

The best part?

MIXING becomes fun again, because you're no longer trying to fix everything and reinvent the entire production after the band leaves.

Instead, you can simply enhance what's already there. 

This means happier clients, less revisions, and no surprises. 

This Hardcore Tracking bundle will equip you with the knowledge & resources you need to track at an elite level with absolute confidence.

Here's what's included:


Tracking Exposé captures the entire recording process with a real band tracking a real song, with explanations of every step along the way. 

This is a masterclass in tracking paired with real-time ‘fly-on-the-wall’ style observation of a session from start to finish.

You’ll learn mic selection and mic placement by watching me set up and explain each recording chain for drums, bass, guitar and vocals.

That way, in your own sessions, you’ll be able to quickly and easily choose the right mic for the job and put it in the right spot without wasting time, ruining the vibe or keeping the band waiting.

But simply knowing your way around recording gear isn’t enough today.

You also need to become a master of the instruments themselves so you can always start with the best source possible….

Especially when many artists come in with less than stellar gear (which is almost every time!).

That’s why Tracking Exposé goes a layer deeper and covers things like drum selection and setup, drum head replacement and drum tuning, guitar setup from string choice to intonation to tuning, and examples of go-to amps, pedals and settings that will work in almost any situation.

That alone covers everything you need to know about setting up and capturing each instrument...

But perhaps the most eye-opening part of these videos will be watching how a great real-world recording comes together take by take.

After all, even the best mics and engineering chops don’t matter if you can’t get good performances.

And if you’ve ever wondered HOW to get the right performances, rest assured, I’m going to teach you unique approaches to nailing each instrument.

Learning what the right tone and the right performance is - and knowing how to get it - is one of the most important ingredients to great recording, and you’ll see how to do it no matter who comes through your door.

EVEN if they can’t play what they wrote!

What You'll Learn Inside the Tracking Exposé Videos:

  • Your VISION
    • How to know what you’re aiming for before you even hit record
    • The ideal workflow for better recordings with less wasted time
    • Signal chain strategies to make sure you're focusing on what really matters and ignoring what doesn't.

  • DRUMS:
    • Ideal mic selection and mic placement for a tight, controlled and heavy drum sound (with real-world step by step walkthrough)
    • Signal chains and outboard gear for drum tracking
    • Checking and correcting phase on drum mics
    • Comping and punching in drum takes seamlessly & capturing great takes
    • Mixing on-the-fly to get your drums sounding close to a finished record before you track the next instrument. *This makes tracking every other instrument so much easier!*

    • What kind of guitars to use for rhythms & leads
    • How to choose the right strings & how often to change them
    • How to setup and intonate guitars correctly (never pay your local music store to do it again!)
    • How to mic a guitar cab and get great tone in a matter of minutes
    • How to use multiple mics on a cab without phase issues
    • What to listen for when dialling in guitar tone (and how to find the gain sweet-spot)
    • How to set up the guitar chain from guitar to pedals, amp, cab, mic, D.I. and preamp
    • How to track guitars in sections and get incredible takes that require NO editing after the fact
    • How to make sure guitars are in tune at all times
    • Guitar tracking hacks for getting cleaner takes and solving tuning & performance issues
    • How to add layers & capture them efficiently (and know how many layers to add)
    • Getting different lead tones and layers that don’t fight with each other
    • Advanced tracking techniques for insanely tight guitars, even if the band can't play what they wrote (like tracking at half speed, piecing together notes and riffs, using beat detective and more)

  • BASS:
    • The simple ingredients of a solid bass tone (massive rig NOT required)
    • Bass setup, string choice, tuning and intonation
    • How to mic a bass cab
    • Dialing in a bass tone that fits the mix like a glove
    • Blending clean & dirty bass tones for ultimate control in the mix (without phase issues weakening your low end)
    • Bass tracking workflow for tightness and feel without having to edit later
    • How to troubleshoot tuning & performance issues, like tuning individual bass notes and solving common bass-playing issues

    • Choosing the right vocal mic and mic technique for different types of singers
    • The simple vocal chain that will work on every project you take
    • Vocal preamp and compressor setup essentials
    • How to get killer vocal takes by striking the right balance of pitch vs. timing  
    • How to get the best out of a singer (even if you're an introvert like me)
    • How to track scream vocals and the differences between recording screaming and singing
    • The ‘Comp-on-the-Fly’ vocal tracking strategy— track great vocals quickly, kiss the hours of comping goodbye, and never again waste the time or energy of the vocalist
    • How to lay down polished vocal layers, doubles and harmonies
    • How to make the vocals sound ready for radio with a 5-minute mix so that you can commit to takes confidently
    • Final cleanup and editing to prep for the mix, whether you’re mixing yourself or sending it off

At the end of the process you’ll hear how the rough mix off the board, during tracking, sounds shockingly close to the final mix - and you’ll start getting the same results for your own projects.


You’re also going to get the “Real World Recording” guide, a written guidebook that gives you foundational engineering knowledge, including:

  • Microphone types and their characteristics
  • Choosing the right mic for the job
  • Mic technique & placement theory
  • Signal flow & gain staging fundamentals (make it simple and stop stressing)
  • Using outboard gear - when & why to commit on the way in
  • Tracking strategies for specific instruments
  • Room treatment basics
  • My ‘quick and dirty’ DIY room treatment guide to get your space ready for tracking without spending a fortune

Like everything else in the course, even this technical theory is broken down in simple, easy to understand terms - and will help you finally cut through the confusing mess of information and opinions once and for all.

Everything important that you could have learned in recording college is inside this guide - you don’t need to pay 10s of thousands and take years of school to get this knowledge.


  • GO-TO GEAR GUIDE: This handy guide outlines exactly what gear you need to optimize your home or project studio. Eliminate the second-guessing and expensive trial-and-error and save thousands on gear you don’t need.
  • TRACKING CHEATSHEETS for drums, bass, guitars and vocals. These cheatsheets outline go-to mics and positions, instrument setup and tuning tips, and tracking workflow for each specific instrument. Keep them handy for quick reference during a session.
  • WORKFLOW and SIGNAL CHAIN charts for quick reference


When you’re tracking for your own projects, you might doubt your decisions or question whether you’re getting the right sounds during a session. 

Plus, it’s hard to try and reference your raw tracks against final mixed and mastered records.

So to give you helpful reference points of what good raw tracks should sound like during recording, I’m including the raw multitracks for the song we record inside this course.

They’ll help clarify what good input levels are, and what all of the source tones sound like in YOUR DAW so that you know exactly what to shoot for during your sessions.

Being able to watch the tracking videos AND reference the exact same material in your own environment will give you a much clearer benchmark and eliminate all the second guessing.

I'm also throwing in these bonuses:


I’m exposing and including the entire editing process for the song we track inside this course.

There will be no gaps and no mysteries about how the raw takes become the final tracks ready for mixing.

You’ll see how I edit the drums, clean up guitar and bass tracks, tune and align the vocals - all in full detail.

It’s essentially an entire editing class that you’re getting for free with this tracking package.


You might not have nice big room to track drums in, and I didn’t either.

In fact, I made all of my important records in a tiny 15x20 live room.

So I filmed an exclusive bonus lesson specifically on how to track drums in a small room, optimize small spaces and get a usable drum room sound that feels much bigger than it really is.

There are specific ways you can deal with typical small-room problems and tailor your drum approach to the space you’re in.

You’ll see all of these strategies in action in a real-world small studio setting. You’ll also get the raw drum tracks from that session for reference.


This bonus lesson will show you how to overcome the most common problems you’ll face with sloppy drummers and still get record-quality tracks, even when the drummer can’t pull it off.

Includes tempo hacking tricks, how to overdub drums with realistic results, and how to hack double kick patterns that the drummer can’t nail themselves.


I recently hosted four live group coaching calls to dive deeper into tracking drums, bass, guitar and vocals. 

HT members had the opportunity to show up live on these calls and have their questions answered, with each call focused specifically on a different instrument. 

I also taught brand new concepts & provided additional in-depth training during these calls.

Here's what Chris said about the coaching call on vocals:

"Just Re-tracked vocals yesterday using your vocal layout, changing parts of melodies, leads, doubles, harmonies & background vocals and holy crap it took this song to a level I’ve never done before. Absolutely Amazing. Thanks Jordan! 🤘"

These recordings will instantly double the value you get from this course!

They're also fully transcribed and searchable, which means you can find the answers you're looking for quickly and easily.


I’ve been producing and engineering records full-time for over 10 years, with credits including Silverstein, Neck Deep, Counterparts, Intervals, Auras, Nick Johnston and more.

I’ve been fortunate enough to learn from some of the top producers in the world and witness platinum selling records get made.

Though I’ve been able to work in a few multi-million dollar studios, most of my records were made in a tiny converted garage with some minimal DIY treatment. Those records have now been heard by millions of fans worldwide…

And in this course, I’ll show you exactly how I did it - nothing hidden and no secrets held back. I want you to have a shot at living your dream and making records that last.


Ryan I.

Roelof K.


  • Tracking Exposé Videos - the entire recording process from start to finish with real-time teaching along the way 
  • Real World Recording Guide - written guide and cheatsheets to give you foundational engineering knowledge and help you master recording theory quickly
  • Multitrack downloads for reference and benchmark to use on your projects
  • Editing Exposed videos - no mystery of how the raw tracks become mix-ready
  • Bonus Lessons: "Tracking Drums in a Small Room", "Drum Tracking Hacks", "How to Record Acoustic Guitars", and "How to Track Massive Gang Vocals"
  • Bonus: Deep Dive coaching call recordings

Get access to Hardcore Tracking today for only $497

or 6 monthly installments of $99 - Click Here


Joseph F.

Paul C.

Adam W.


Mixing comes easy.

This is an awesome course. Hardcore Tracking is way too reasonable not to buy. It simply works. The final results always come out great and the mixing comes easy.

Jeff A. Rossbach

Jordan's course made me a far better recording engineer. It was quite an eye opener and a total change of mindset. My raw tracks now sound better most of the time than my completed mixes did before. This course is an absolute no brainer. Do it. Now!

Thomas G.

Recordings sound 100x better.

This is hands down the best investment I ever made with my recording/mixing career. School is great for basics, but what Jordan does with this course is in-depth. I love that I can reference back to the material and have the cheatsheets for a helpful hand when needed. My recordings have gone quicker, smoother, and sound 100x better than they used to. I love that Jordan thought of the fact that most of us have home studios with smaller rooms and included the bonus features of tracking in a small room! I have learned and applied more from Jordan's tracking course than what I learned in school 10 years ago!

Ryan Mey

The Hardcore Tracking course changed a lot about my way of starting a record. Beyond technical tricks given through the videos, there's a full philosophy of how to approach the different recordings of various instruments and how to manage musicians during them. Thanks to that course, I found the nerve to work with bands and offer my services to them, More and more come to build their projects with me. I now have the feeling of getting solid knowledge which will let me explore the infinite possibilities of recording. Thank you Jordan for your time and letting me live my passion.

Bastien Renon

Hardcore tracking took what I had already known and confirmed it. I did learn some better tips as well, which have now become some of the first things I do during tracking. The course gave me more confidence during tracking for my last few projects which lead to less sweating. In closing, Hardcore Traking is an absolute must for newbies and a great back to basics for some, and someone like me who just needs to know if he is on the right track (pun intended). Hats off to you Jordan! Cheers.

Grady Mccarty

This series literally opened my eyes!

I have to say, I watched all of this information in one day and I have learned far more than I ever imagined I would. I am in the process of recording my band Agony currently and I had a completely different mindset/approach I was taking with it, but now this series literally opened my eyes to different approaches/options. Thank you so much Jordan. Will be purchasing future courses.

Zane Pugh

Much like all your courses, Hardcore Tracking was one of the best investments I made. There are so many courses out there that reveal mixing secrets, so it was refreshing to finally find a course that pulled back the curtain on the tracking stage. After completing the course, I immediately put what I had learned into action and saw immediate results. Not only were the bands I was working with that much more stoked, but the quality of audio I was capturing at the source had greatly improved. This also had a direct impact on my mix quality, as I was able to focus more on mixing the song, and less on fixing the song. In the last year and a half, I have been able to take my studio full time, launch a second company and land a job with Brian Hood. None of this would have been possible without Hardcore Tracking and your other courses... Thank you for everything you've done and continue to do Jordan. I am forever grateful.

Shawn Barnes

Gave me courage to open my own humble studio. All the second-guessing just disappeared once I finished the course. Now I know how to make my gear sound ten times better!

Artur B.

All these years I struggled with my recordings despite learning a lot of things alone. When I saw a professional like you working, for me it was awesome! I learned a lot and at the same time saw that I was right on some things. This gave me a lot of confidence. My work has improved overnight and all my clients are very happy!! I hope to meet you one day to thank you and give you a very strong hug haha! Thanks again for changing my life.

Franco Torrezan

Immediately translated to better mixes.

Hardcore Tracking took my recording abilities to a new level. The way Jordan explains and presents things makes it very easy to absorb and the information provided is priceless. The techniques for recording guitar were a game changer for me, but I think one of the most important things I learned from the course was seeing how Jordan required the tracks to be absolutely perfect before moving on. I struggled with the 'fixing it in the mix mindset' and Jordan blew that out of the water. I can't even find the words to describe how beneficial this course was for me. My recordings are so much better now and that immediately translated into better mixes. Thanks Jordan!

Nicholas Chamberlin

Get some audio education that actually makes sense.

Just to put this into perspective, a big-name audio college can cost $30,000 - $80,000 to attend, not to mention the years it takes to get through it.

In contrast, you can take Hardcore Tracking for less than 2% of that investment and start getting results in a matter of weeks, not years.

I've had dozens of students tell me they learned more from my free videos than they did at expensive audio schools!

Even if I DID charge the same as the big audio colleges - and all it did was eliminate all the second guessing, confusion and wasted time in the studio from here on out, would it be worth it?

If it eliminated 80% of the editing and fixing you’re stressing over right now, and gave you certainty that what you’re tracking is exactly what the song needs - would it be worth it?

If you could finally take 100% control over the quality of your work, and make every single band sound incredible regardless of their skill level, what would that do for your portfolio & word of mouth?

Hundreds of engineers have already gone through this course, and they’ve started getting clients, earning an income from their studios and even become full-time pros with bands lined up months in advance.

Don't make the mistake of putting this course into the same category as a microphone or plugin purchase.

This is an investment in you and your future as an audio engineer. 

Invest today so that you don't wake up 6 or 12 months from now with the exact same recording problems, the exact same frustration, and mixes that still don't sound good enough.


The possibility of earning a side income or even full-time income from your studio is exciting, but that doesn’t have to be your goal.

If you’re just starting out, this course will help you bypass years of trial and error and save you thousands on gear and room treatment.

Everything you’ll see inside the course can be applied whether you record for clients or if you’re a self-producing artist.

And if you’re already more advanced, you’ll pick up brand new tracking strategies, speed up your workflow and raise your quality of work to take that next step on to better projects and bigger clients.


I’m 100% confident that this will help you start getting recordings that sound better than anything you’ve done before - maybe even better than your final mixes right now.

So I have no problem offering a 60 Day money-back guarantee to prove it.

That means if you go through this course and don’t hear a noticeable improvement in your recordings OR feel like you moved forward in your workflow, speed and confidence, then I’ll refund all of your money on the spot - all the way up to 2 months from now.

You’re placing your trust in me when you purchase this course, so in return, I’m putting my neck on the line and trusting you by offering this guarantee.


Jordan's Hardcore tracking course came to me as a blessing when I had least expected it and I am very happy that I took the plunge. This has significantly increased my confidence in the studio tracking a band, working with whatever microphones I have in the studio, and most importantly, to always know that there is someone I can ping and ask for help if I am in a fix. Jordan has been very responsive on the forums and course comment section as well and I thank you for putting together such an incredible wealth of knowledge at such an incredible price.

Varun Murali

Blew my mind!

Just wanted to tell you that, last night, for the first time ever I took the time to set up the guitars properly before a recording session, as you show in the Hardcore Tracking course. We did the intonation and everything, and man does that make it easier to track guitars, it blew my mind! I guess I just wanna say thanks for all your info in that course, to me, it's your flagship course. Nowhere else would I have learned this, so hats off!

Roelof Klop

What I never had with my home / band recording was a set method. Hardcore tracking gives me a structured approach. Instead of trying to distill pages of random information and free online tutorials into a cohesive plan I now have a consistent method which is logical and effective. Hardcore Tracking has added clarity and usability to my recordings, and even on my very modest setup the raw tracks are sounding better than recordings I've tried to mix in the past!

James Murphy

I finally get to know how it's done...

Started the HC Tracking course today. Feels like I finally get to know how it's done after just doing what I thought was right for many years. Just awesome! The interest in my studio is growing since the last two productions in which I've been able to incorporate your mixing course knowledge!

Erwin H.

Immediately translated to better mixes.

Hardcore Tracking took my recording abilities to a new level. The way Jordan explains and presents things makes it very easy to absorb and the information provided is priceless. The techniques for recording guitar were a game changer for me, but I think one of the most important things I learned from the course was seeing how Jordan required the tracks to be absolutely perfect before moving on. I struggled with the 'fixing it in the mix mindset' and Jordan blew that out of the water. I can't even find the words to describe how beneficial this course was for me. My recordings are so much better now and that immediately translated into better mixes. Thanks Jordan!

Nicholas Chamberlin

The one question I have always had was whether or not my recordings were comparable in quality to recordings done in proper studios. Your Tracking Course provided much needed reference tracks. This was a tremendous help as well as all of the instruction, tips and techniques that you provided... your Tracking Course has helped me refine my skills primarily due to the thorough instruction that you provide throughout the course.... Keep up the great work and thank you for sharing your knowledge with the rest of us.

Santo J. Bell

Gave me courage to open my own humble studio. All the second-guessing just disappeared once I finished the course. Now I know how to make my gear sound ten times better!

Artur B.

I was a little skeptical at first about HC Tracking as someone who has been doing studio work on and off for the past 10 years. I am so glad I decided to go for it, because I was surprised how much I learned watching these videos. Jordan is an articulate teacher and shows an appropriate level of attention to detail. The videos don't go too fast, nor do they drag on. It was reassuring to see a lot of the same techniques that I use, as well as pick up some very cool little tricks and workflow tips. Would definitely recommend for anyone who is serious, at any level. His courses offer far more PRACTICAL knowledge than my music production degree did. Thanks for everything, dude!

Jason Aaron Adams

The Hardcore Tracking course changed a lot about my way of starting a record. Beyond technical tricks given through the videos, there's a full philosophy of how to approach the different recordings of various instruments and how to manage musicians during them. Thanks to that course, I found the nerve to work with bands and offer my services to them, More and more come to build their projects with me. I now have the feeling of getting solid knowledge which will let me explore the infinite possibilities of recording. Thank you Jordan for your time and letting me live my passion.

Bastien Renon

Incredibly insightful. Even down to phrases and body language for communicating with the band... I especially enjoyed the section on drums and tuning. Money very much well spent and I haven't even finished yet. Planning on investing in Hardcore Mixing on the next pass. Thanks!

Travis Hall


Q: What will I learn in Hardcore Tracking?
The course takes you inside the studio to watch me track a real song with a real band from start to finish.
You get to see and learn everything… and I mean everything - even the stuff that other courses & programs wouldn’t cover, such as: 

  • Choosing the right drums
  • Changing drum reads
  • Tuning drums 
  • Replacing guitar strings 
  • Guitar/bass intonation and setup 
  • Mic choice and placement for drums/bass/guitar/vocals
  • Signal chain & outboard for every instrument 
  • Aligning phase 
  • Tracking workflow (each instrument requires a unique approach)
  • Punch-ins vs. comping 
  • Editing on the fly
  • Finding guitar/bass tone 
  • Getting the best performances
  • Getting tight takes even when the musician can’t pull it off
  • … and more!

You also get a digital copy of my Real World Recording guide which covers all the “classroom theory” like microphone types, mic techniques, signal flow & gain staging, room acoustics and more. 

Q: I don't record "hardcore" music. Will this work for me?
A: Definitely. This course isn't just about recording hardcore music. If you record bands with real instruments - drums, bass, guitars, vocals - then everything in this course will apply to you.  

In short, if you put mics in front of things, this course is for you.

Q: Am I going to buy this only to find I can't put it into practice without buying more expensive gear?
A: Absolutely not. Even though we filmed in a nice studio, I purposely did not use all of their boutique gear for this course.

You don’t need a collection of high-end gear to make great records. In fact, it’s possible and preferable to work with a streamlined setup that simply gets the job done. 

That’s why inside the course, I’ve included my Go-To Gear Guide for home & project studios. It outlines my recommended mics, preamps and outboard gear to get pro results without wasting your money. 

Q: What if I’m working in a small room or home studio without proper treatment or acoustic design?
A: Good news: your space doesn’t have to hold you back. I made all of my important records, including work for major labels, in a small 600sqft converted garage with DIY treatment and a small selection of gear…

So I’m the last guy in the world who is gonna tell you to spend a fortune on your room!

The course includes my ‘Room Basics’ and ‘Quick & Dirty Room Treatment for Small Rooms’ guides to help you optimize your space on the cheap. 

The techniques & workflow you’ll get in HT are designed to work in any environment, and in most cases, the room plays no role in the sound you’re getting, thanks to strategic mic choice and placement.

The only exception to this is drums. That’s why I filmed & included a bonus lesson called “Tracking Drums in a Small Room” that shows you how to optimize small spaces and get a usable drum sound that feels much bigger than it really is. 

Newbie engineers use things like the room & the gear as excuses. Pro engineers can make a great record just about anywhere.

Q: Do I get DVDs and booklets shipped to me in the mail?
A: Everything will be delivered to you digitally. That means you get INSTANT access to all the videos and written guides (as PDF files). Images are for visual representation only.

New members will also receive a physical copy of the Real World Recording Guide shipped to their door FREE, while supplies last!

Q: Do I get lifetime access to the course after I purchase:
A: Yes

Q: Can I download the video files?
A: Yes

Q: Will the course be available again later? What's up with the deadline?
A: Yes, but I have no dates on the calendar yet, and it's usually 6 months or more between openings. I love to work with ACTION TAKERS and people who are passionate about learning this craft. Plus, you'll have the added benefit of going through the content as part of a new group of students.

Q: Are the editing videos the same as the ones I already have with Hardcore Editing?
A: No! Everything inside Hardcore Tracking is brand new and isn't available anywhere else. The editing videos included are specific to the song we record in the course; they're not taken from Hardcore Editing.  

Q: It's too expensive / I can't afford it
A: This course delivers 10x the value of traditional audio college at a tiny fraction of the cost. But don't just take my word for it!

This is based on actual feedback from my students who spent $30,000 or more on college, only to find out they learned more from these courses at about 2% of the cost and a fraction of the time.

What would it mean to have a massive breakthrough in the quality of your recordings right now? 

Would it mean getting your first paying client?

Landing your biggest project yet with a major local band or label?

Releasing your own songs and finally feeling proud of how they sound?

Or simply letting go of all the headache, frustration and worry... and enjoying the process again while finally getting the sounds you've always hoped for?

Imagine if this course takes you from earning $50/song to $200, $500 or even $1000 per song and up...

Or if it gets you to the point where you can release your own music professionally?

This could easily be the single biggest return in your life so far, paying for itself hundreds of times over, on and on into the future.

It’s up to you where you want to go now.  

You can choose to go back to what you've always done, or you can take a leap (which is actually risk free) and see what it feels like to run a tracking session with absolute confidence and certainty.

But I believe taking decisive action on your goals is crucial to success, so I’m only making this course available for a few days.

After the doors close, my team and I will be dedicating our time to making sure every member sees massive improvements, and so that we can focus on interacting with you inside our private member communities.

In as little as a few hours you could be implementing new techniques that take your recordings not to a new level, but to an entirely different world.

I can’t wait to hear what this does for your productions and for your journey as a producer and engineer.

Click below to sign up now and I’ll see you inside Hardcore Tracking.


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