“Start Getting Label-Quality Mixes Now So That You Can Compete With the Pros, Attract Better Bands and Get Your Music Noticed.”

Do your mixes sound professional yet?

You spend hours on a mix and finally feel like it's getting close... but then you compare it to a major-label record and start to doubt every move you made.

The vocals aren’t sitting right in the mix.

The low end sounds muddy and lacks power.

The drums are either peaking too loudly above the mix or aren’t cutting through at all.

Side-by-side with major-label records, your mix sticks out like a sore thumb. 

Flat, dull, lifeless... lacking the impact, clarity and punch you hear from pro mixers.

So you start second guessing each mix decision and redoing everything, but it ends up sounding even worse.

Even though you're trying to use all of the tips and techniques you've seen on YouTube and read in online forums, it feels like you're just turning knobs blindly without really knowing what you're doing and why.

You know the sound you want, but you just can't get it to come out of the speakers.

Or worse yet, you might not even have a vision of where the mix needs to go at all!

You're spending hours and hours and getting nowhere, overthinking and doubting everything until it just falls apart.

It feels like no matter how many tutorials you watch, how many forums you read or how many plugins you buy, you still don't have a basic grasp of what to use, when to use it and why. ​

This all leads to a lack of confidence that holds you back from reaching your dream: to produce and release great records, whether it's for yourself or for bands you love.

Imagine making a living producing music, spending every day in the studio instead of working 9-5 just to *hopefully* get a few spare hours to work on a record.

I believe that you already have the passion, the talent, and probably all the gear you need to achieve that dream. 

Trust me, I know that it can feel pretty hopeless and frustrating sometimes when your work just doesn't sound good enough.

You might be starting to think that maybe you're just not cut out for this engineering stuff after all. ​

But hold on...​


Does any of this sound familiar?

​"Don't boost more than 3db!"
"Make sure all your tracks are set to -18db before you touch anything else!"
"Do all of your processing on busses!"
"You should only use EQ to cut out bad frequencies, don't boost!"
"Without top-notch gear and a perfect room, your mixes will never sound pro."

And on and on and on...

They're kind of like the rules you have for a toddler.

They're meant to keep you safe and avoid a disaster...

But eventually, the rules hold them back and prevent them from growing.

The pros don't mix by these "rules," and while no one is trying to mislead you...

A lot of this popular mixing advice is keeping your mixes flat and boring.

The thing is... I've never heard a successful recording engineer say that YouTube videos or audio blogs were the key to their success.

These things are great to get you started, but if you want to graduate up to a professional level, you need something different. 

You need to learn the same way these mixing legends did.

What if you could look over the shoulder of a pro while they mixed a song from start to finish and see exactly how they pump out big, tight, powerful mixes every single time?

Things would probably change pretty quickly.

You would start feeling confident about your mixes and share them with more people.

You would know exactly what tools to use and how to create the sound you have in your head.

You would stop spending days or weeks on a mix and start cranking them out on a daily basis.

You would instantly realize which old habits you needed to ditch, and get validation on what part​s of the mix you were actually doing right.

Good news - I'm going to give you that access so that you can cut through the noise and finally start achieving your dream of making music professionally.


Hey, I'm Jordan Valeriote, and I've been producing and mixing full-time for almost a decade.

I've been able to work with bands like Silverstein, Forevermore, Neck Deep, Intervals, Dead and Divine and Counterparts to name a few.

But I didn’t get there overnight.

Actually, my mixes sucked for quite a while, and I wasted 2 years trying to teach myself how to mix.

Looking back on it now, it’s not surprising that I made very little progress in those two years.

​I spent thousands on plugins and drum samples.

I obsessed over staying up-to-date with the newest DAW.

Worst of all, I wasted time ​​​​on online forums, consuming a ton of information that ultimately got me nowhere - except further in debt to buy more gear!

I was stuck, and I needed to make a change if I wanted to realize my dream of recording and mixing records full-time in my studio.

That’s when I started searching for a mentor and landed a job as an intern at a multi-million dollar studio.

During my time there, I got to watch true professionals record and mix real records.

I got to look over the shoulders of platinum engineers and producers, soaking in all of the techniques and secrets they used to make hit records - things that would have taken me 10 years of trial and error to discover on my own!

That's when I finally "got it" - I learned things that would actually help me realize my dreams of becoming a professional engineer.​

After only 6 months, my recording and mixing had improved so much that I felt confident enough to quit and go full-time at my studio… and I never looked back!

Since then I’ve produced and mixed projects for labels like Rise Records, Hopeless, SolidState, and Universal. Plus I’ve helped bands make great sounding records that landed them management and record deals.​

And I accomplished all of that out of a tiny 600 sqft studio, a small collection of gear and no audio schooling.

The secret ingredient that allowed me to improve more in 6 months than I had in 2 years was the opportunity to look over the shoulder of an actual pro engineer.

You might be thinking, “That’s great for you Jordan, but I’ll never have the opportunity to learn from a pro like that in a multi-million dollar studio...”

You're probably right.

These opportunities are getting harder and harder to come by.

The old-school path of rising through the ranks in a pro studio and learning from mentors is almost completely gone now.

But that's actually good news!

After all, who wants to go clean toilets for 6 months just to get a glimpse of the control room?​​

There's a better, cheaper, faster way for you to gain the benefits of a pro mentor without the 12-hour days, toilet cleaning or working for free.

My mission is to help you:

  • Improve your mixes dramatically. Take massive leaps forward in your mixing skills in the shortest amount of time.
  • Demystify the Major-Label Mix. Get full access to the actual mix session for a major release and see all the secrets behind the curtain.
  • Have artists seeking out your sound. When your mixes get better, you start attracting more and better clients and become a mixer who bands flock to and trust to deliver a killer mix every time.
  • Save time and finish more records. Get the tools, templates and samples you need to stay focused on what matters: making records!

Listen to these incredible before-and-after examples from some of my students:

I can't thank you enough for the Hardcore mixing course. It's definitely the best investment I've made in a long time!

I was striving to get my mixes to sound like the pros, trying to copy tones and shape my mixes to sound like theirs. I didn't have a clue how to take my mix from novice level to professional. The course really helped me open the doors to making significant improvements to all elements of my mixing.

After finishing the course I went back to a current mix I was working on and started from scratch... the client was blown away. He even said to me that it was better than what any other studio in my area was putting out (which have been going a lot longer than me!).

Hear Joel's mix before and after the course:

Joel F.
Daniel A.

I want to say thanks for the amazing course... the best in the market.

I make music in my house, and I have been working very hard to improve my mixing for 2 years… my drums weren't punchy (kick and snare); my bass was buried under the guitars; my guitars didn't have energy,etc…

In just 2 weeks after buying “Hardcore Mixing," I improved A LOT!!

My sound now is more professional, and the change in my mix is really incredible…thanks for helping to end this frustration. This course is my best purchase in years!!

Hear Daniel's mix before and after the course:

I've gone through the course and watched all the videos (most more than once). I applied your method to a song that I already mixed and released for my band. I waited until I was done with the new mix before I compared the before and after results.

WOW! The difference is extreme! The new mix sounds exciting and full. By comparison, the old mix sounds like there's a blanket on the speakers. I am beyond happy with the results and can't wait to apply what I've learned to more projects.

I appreciate the workflow tips in the beginning and I think that part of the program is just as important as the mix walk-thru. Thank you so much for making this available to people like me. Below is a link to the before and after mixes. The results are striking, you should really check it out.

Listen to Keith's mix before and after the course:

Keith V.
Dan M.

I used to think that mixing was simply trying to make everything sound “natural”. My mixes sounded dark and veiled and lacked any punch or energy compared to any commercial mixes. After watching your course, it became very apparent that I was literally neglecting the midrange, and even more so not enhancing the song.

I feel like everything’s finally clicking and that I’m finally getting in charge of my gear. I now feel confident to mix and have fun with it which is the real value!

Listen to Dan's mix before and after the course:

Are you ready to hear that kind of improvement in your mixes?


The authentic mix training you need to start getting powerful mixes that stand up against the pros.

Hardcore Mixing gives you track-by-track access to a major label mix and my step-by-step mixing workflow, the M3 Method for Massive Mixes.

Here's what you'll learn inside the course:

1. Adopt the MINDSET of a World-Class Mixer

​If you lack vision and purpose as a mixer, you'll always be searching for the next "magic fix," jumping from one plugin or technique to the next.

I call this "mindless mixing," and it will have you spending weeks on a mix because you don't know where to start or how to tell when the mix is done.

I'll teach you how to overcome "Mindless Mixing" with the 5 Minute Pre-Mix Ritual:

  • Discover what your vision and purpose should be as a mixer
  • The super-simple ritual to follow before every mix to make sure you start with a clear vision
  • How to stay focused on the song and not get overwhelmed by the gear.
  • The specific way to use reference tracks to ground your ears and make sure they're not actually working against you.
  • Set yourself up to mix quickly and confidently

2. MANAGE Your Sessions & Organize Them for Fast & Creative Mixing

A huge mistake that many engineers make is to approach every mix differently.

Tracks are disorganized, sessions are hard to navigate, and every mix looks different.

This is what I call "Sloppy Session Syndrome," and it's a major mix killer.

See, every time you have to stop and create a new track, change the routing, search in a crowded session or edit something, you are being taken out of the creative space. 

This keeps you from getting into the mixing "flow" where you mix creatively and quickly - and have fun!

I'll show you how to replace "Sloppy Session Syndrome" with my No-Fail Mix Prep Process:

  • The go-to workflow that allows me to mix 1-2 songs per day with consistent, professional and competitive results
  • Reduce massive track counts and organize your session properly so that you can navigate it with your eyes closed
  • Set up your mix templates to save time up-front (or just download my templates!)
  • Optimize your session for maximum flow and creativity
  • Get your system so dialed-in that an assistant could do all of the prep work for you.. just like the mixing legends

3. Hone Your MIX SKILLS by Watching a Pro

A lot of the mixing advice you see is coming from people who aren’t trustworthy and have no real credits to their name.

You might even be getting tips that simply aren’t relevant to the style of music you’re working on.

It's information overload out there, and it's impossible to sift through it all and find the most credible, valuable advice.

That's why I'm going to take you behind-the-scenes of my actual mix session for “Milestone” by Silverstein (Rise Records).

I'll break down every track, every plugin and every mix decision in detail as if you were in the room with me. 

Here are just some of the things you’ll learn and absorb from digging into this mix:

  • How to shape the kick drum with the perfect amount of low-end ‘oomph’ and high-end attack and presence
  • How to EQ and compress the snare and then use a little-known secret for making it cut through the mix without spiking your meters like crazy
  • EQ and compression techniques for toms, plus the unique ‘tom splitting’ trick that lets you get as much high-end attack as you need without any bleed
  • Get crystal clear cymbals from the overhead tracks
  • Add space and energy with the drum room tracks
  • How to use drum buss and parallel drum compression to get thick, explosive, punchy drums that cut through the mix
  • Choose the right reverbs for your drums - especially the snare - to make them bigger and wider without clouding up the drum mix

  • How to combine and balance bass D.I. and amp tracks for an aggressive but clear tone
  • How to isolate and control the low-end easily and get just the right amount of tight power and sub in your mix
  • How (and how much) to compress the bass
  • EQ the bass to make sure it cuts through on small speakers and provides a solid foundation for the guitars
  • Eliminate harshness and mud in the guitars without sacrificing energy or power
  • How to take the ‘less-is-more’ approach to mixing heavy guitars, keeping them big and full while avoiding a narrow and wimpy tone
  • Process & balance multiple guitar layers so that they sound big throughout the mix - whether there are only 2 or 6 layers happening at once
  • How to make the lead guitars cut & soar above the others
  • Which effects to use on guitars… and which to avoid

  • How to EQ each type of vocal - lead singing, screaming, doubles and harmonies
  • How the pros use compression to achieve the up-front, in-your-face vocal sound
  • Make the vocal sit perfectly in the mix using effects that may surprise you (hint: no reverb)
  • How to treat vocal layers and harmonies to build a big, wide vocal stack that still keeps the lead vocal clear and in-focus
  • Special FX & how to use them on vocals to keep the excitement up
Use automation in ways you’ve never thought of before to create impact, depth and excitement in your mix.
  • Go beyond ‘riding the fader’ with advanced EQ, sends and plugin automation techniques
  • See the in-depth automation moves that really separate the pros from the rest of the pack
  • How to keep pulling the listener forward through the mix and keep it dynamic and exciting
  • The minimalist approach to what to use on your mix bus to get loudness and glue without ruining dynamics.
  • How to put all the final touches on your mix and get it ready for mastering

At my normal hourly mix lesson rate, the training in this course alone is worth over $2,400.

But you'll get even more inside the Hardcore Mixing course.


  • The M3 Method for Massive Mixes training
  • Detailed on-screen walkthrough of my mix for Silverstein - "Milestone"
  • Cheatsheets & quick-reference guides
  • My MixFX and MixStarter templates. Simply download these and use them as a starting point in your own mixes (available in all major DAW formats)
  • Raw multitrack & stem downloads to follow along & mix the Silverstein song yourself
  • The same kick and snare samples used in the session
  • Private Facebook Group Access (find answers to your questions and get feedback on your mixes)
  • Two more Silverstein multitrackto download and use for mix practice and production insights
  • "Working With Programmed Drums" Lesson: See how to achieve a tight, realistic and glued-together sound when working with programmed drums... plus how to create a room track from nothing! 
  • Client Approval & Revisions Guide: Cut down on painful revision time and lengthy mix notes (If you’re regularly needing to do more than 2-3 revisions for your clients, you may be breaking one of these rules!)
  • Q&A Videos + Live Hangout Recordings. With over 3 hours of live Q&A, these videos provide a wealth of information beyond mixing to recording, producing and running your studio business.

It's all yours for only $297 today.

Real HARDCORE MIXING Transformations:

"I landed a really serious record to me last night and I feel I owe it all to you.

I would have paid 3 times what I did had I known how much these videos would clear up for me. I bought 10 years of knowledge for next to nothing. Unreal man."

Don L.Atlantis Studio
Nick G. Schoolhouse Studios

"I'm finally working full time at my studio."

"I was working on a mix of a song that I wasn’t happy with, and decided to mix it from scratch after watching this course. I, and the band, couldn’t believe the difference. It was on a totally different level. Everything was more clear, punched a lot more, sounded bigger and just straight up more professional.

Even mixing not “hardcore” tracks are coming out a lot better than ever before, and I’m starting to get a lot more jobs just mixing.

Since watching these, business has improved so much that I was actually able to quit my shitty part time job and am now finally working full time at my studio."

"Hardcore mixing opened my eyes to a lot of things - especially drums. I always struggled to get my drums to sit correctly - they always lacked the punch and clarity I needed. Your course helped me understand how to achieve what I struggled with.

What I have learned from the course really helped jump me to the next step in quality, consistency and knowledge. Everything that the course offers is worth it - it is simple to understand.

Regardless of what DAW you use, plug ins you have access to or the style of music you are looking to work on - the information is essential and easy to apply in any situation! This is coming from a guy that used to use ONLY analog equipment. Thanks again for putting this stuff together!"

Bill P.
Chris L.

"Man, I can't thank you enough. I'm a full-time college student studying Audio Production… Mixing has always been the one part of audio that really really grabbed my attention and love.

Even though I felt like I had some innate talent in a good ear, I wasn't able to get anything to sound how I wanted and this is because I didn't know the tools and how to get where I wanted. There is SO MUCH MISINFORMATION lying around the internet…

I went for it, signed up, And suddenly, something clicked. You gave me the keys, and it happened. I went from complete amateur, and now I feel I could dare to call myself semi-pro.

For the first time I can COMPARE my mix TO A PRO and say, "yeah I could mix for those labels and bands.” Again, THANK YOU JORDAN."

"I had a bad experience with one of those private recording colleges. Tons of buck for not a lot of bang. However, Hardcore Mixing was different.

It is safe to say that the sounds of all my mixes have been taken to the next level. In fact, as a result, I have made the decision to start a side-business in recording and mixing.

My $20,000 college diploma wasn't able to provide that level of confidence!

Once again, thank you Jordan for putting together this enormously valuable product. It has taken my mixing game to new heights in a ridiculously short amount of time. My drums sound better, my guitars and bass sound huge and my vocals sound crisp and clean. You could easily charge much more!"

David H.
Jacob S.

"After my time with Hardcore Mixing my skills have improved immensely. The course really helped me with attacking the mix vs messing around with individual elements without direction.

I now have a plan that I apply to any mix situation that increases my speed, confidence, and overall sound. I have my go to plugins and I have now setup similar fx busses to yours and they are all ready to go at any moment so I'm not digging through menus and being taken out of the moment.

This process has helped me mix more efficiently which has led to more projects and this was worth the cost of the course alone."


Look, I believe in this product and I know that if you take this training seriously, your mixes will improve. And when your mixes improve, you’ll start attracting more and better clients, raise your rates and cover the cost of this program many, many times over.

So I want to remove all of the risk for you. If you take the course, try a new mix and still aren't satisfied with the results, just email me within 60 days and I'll refund 100% of your money.


The reason I’ve kept this program so exclusive is because it’s simply not for everyone.

In fact, I’ve found that it’s really for the 2% or 3% of people who are truly committed to mastering the craft of audio engineering.

If you’re looking for shortcuts... if you like to pretend that you know everything already... or if you don't care about making music more than just a fun hobby... then this is not for you!

So don’t consider this program if it’s just going to be another product that sits on the shelf.

It’s only for you if you’re hungry to learn the secrets behind a professional mix, implement them in your own mixes, and take your production career to a new level!


In the past, up-and-coming engineers had mentors and teachers that they shadowed and learned from. That's how the all-star mixers learned the craft and got to where they are now.

In today's world, with the ability to produce and mix music from anywhere, the opportunity to shadow a pro is harder and harder to come by… actually, it’s almost impossible.

This course is my way of letting you shadow me on a professional mix.

I don't hold anything back - you'll see all of my tricks and secrets.

After taking this course, you'll have a solid mixing system in place PLUS the confidence and knowledge you need to start cranking out professional, record-quality mixes.

Your Skills Are Your #1 Asset.

If you wanted to build a deck in your backyard, the best tools in the world would be useless without a plan.

There isn't any plugin, interface, microphone or outboard gear that will solve your mixing issues.

You must invest in yourself and commit to learning how to mix the right way.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long will it take me to complete this course?

As long as you need!

The core training consists of approximately 6 hours of video content (not including bonuses). 

However, you do not need to sit down and watch everything from start to finish.

We've made every video fully searchable, which means you can find the help you need quickly and get back to mixing.

Plus, you get lifetime access to everything included in this offer. It will be here for you 3 weeks, 3 months or 3 years from now.

Q: What if I use a different DAW or don't have the same plugins?

No problem! This course isn't about plugins or DAWs. 

It's about the techniques and thought process required to use them effectively.

In addition, we've already converted the MixStarter and MixFX templates to Cubase, Logic, Reaper and Studio One format.

Over 1,500 members using a variety of DAWs and plugins have already used this training to improve their mixes. 

Don't ever let the gear stop you from achieving great mixes!

Q: Do I get to download the videos?

Yes, you can download the video files to play offline on any device.

Kevin C.

"Going back from what I was doing a couple of months ago to what I can do now is seriously shocking to me and very exciting at the same time. The passion that I felt for mixing back in 2011 is all coming back now and I really want to go forward with this as a career. I have so much more confidence now than I did even a few months ago.

I feel like I should be giving you more money for the course than what I paid! You've not only allowed me to dramatically improve my mixing but you've also given me the tools to become motivated again, something I desperately needed."

The fact that I was able to take this course and follow along with a complete project from start to finish and see where my mistakes were in my mixes and see how a professional handles the same obstacles that I was having has been invaluable to the progress and growth of my work.

After going through the Hardcore Mixing course, I now have mixes I can be proud of, musicians that want my style and touch, and a better understanding on why and how mixes are engineered in a professional atmosphere.

Stephan B.
Dave Z.

I wish I would have known about your course and website sooner. I've spent hundreds of dollars on mixing magazines, mixing books, mixing forums, plugins, other mixing courses and haven't learned anything compared to your hardcore mixing course.

I purchased a [big-name mixer] mixing course prior to your course and felt like I completely wasted my money.

The material in your course is PRICELESS! It is applicable in every mixing situation. I always wondered why my mixes sounded so dull or lifeless prior to your course. Now I finally get my mixes to hit as hard as I've always wanted. Thank you for the Hardcore Mixing series. I am one very very VERY happy customer.

I just want to say thank you so much for your awesome classes and free lessons online. I've been getting more and more clients coming to me, wanting to work with me because of my work.

Your lessons have improved my recording skills by a million. I'm actually making a decent income on my dream; more than I thought I would this early.  I'm even able to upgrade some of the gear I desperately need solely off the money I've made from my little bedroom studio!

Chris C.
John S.

I have just started my own studio and wanted to say thanks. I have been dividing my time between building my business and educating myself.

I found the drum and bass tutorials excellent (the whole course has been excellent) but particular the drums and bass. I have applied to my own band material first and these are my best mixes yet.

I use a lot of the same plugins which is awesome but there have definitely been some eureka moments for sure. I work on Logic X but your course has been a major asset to my personal development and education and explaining why you boost, cut or compress has been exactly what I needed. 

Ready to Start Getting Mixes You Feel Proud Of?

P.S.: What are your mixes going to sound like 6 months from now if you keep "thinking about it?"

Are you going to reach your goals of getting paid to mix or finally making your own songs sound like a real record?

If you don't invest in Hardcore Mixing, chances are you'll still be struggling with the same roadblocks that you are right now… mixing slowly, feeling overwhelmed and falling behind those who are taking the leap.

Remember, you can always make more money but you can never make more time... so it's important to decide how quickly you want to learn & improve your audio skills.

I've seen this training completely change the course of peoples' lives, giving them the confidence and freedom to do what they love and follow their dreams.

That's why I'm so passionate about getting this material into your hands too!

If you don't hear an improvement in your mixes after taking this course, remember you can contact me within 60 days for a refund.

What's there to lose?

-Jordan Valeriote