From Producer/Engineer/Mixer Jordan Valeriote

"Learn How to Get Tight, Pro Quality Tracks That Still Sound Natural While Cutting Your Editing Time in Half."

We all want our recordings to sound tight and professional.

We want tight drums, perfectly played guitars and flawless vocals.

There are a lot of so-called experts out there who preach about their “natural recordings” or even worse, a "fix-it-in-the-mix" mentality.

But there’s a missing step that no one seems to want to reveal.

It’s fun to talk about expensive mics and fancy plugins… but we all know there’s more to it than that.

Why don’t engineers want to talk about how they had to fix every hit on the drum take?

How they had to edit together 10 separate sections of notes into a finished guitar riff?

Or admit that a record wouldn’t even be listenable without Auto-Tune on the vocal?

Well, I’m not afraid to say it. Editing is a crucial part of modern music production.

You can skip it if you want to make sure no one works with you and your music never gets past your own four walls…. but if you want to go anywhere with engineering, and if you want your recordings to compete... need to be able to edit.

I’ve fixed drummers that can barely play to a click…

I’ve created top-notch guitar tracks when the guitarist couldn’t even play what they wrote…

And I’ve made singers that have no business in front of a microphone sound like rockstars.

Is that my passion? No!

Would I rather not have to edit?  Of course!

But here's the thing... I also wanted clients.

I wanted to make the best recordings I possibly could. And I was passionate about building a career in the studio.

So I’m not going to hide it like a dirty little secret.

I’m willing to pull back the curtain and show you exactly how I edit tracks for pro record quality - even if the band can't play their own stuff!

Editing is an essential part of modern music production.

If you want to compete with other engineers and with other records, you need to have your drums locked to the grid, guitars super tight, and vocals perfectly in-tune and in time.

But sometimes it feels like editing just sucks!

You feel like it takes too long to edit your tracks and the sheer boredom and tediousness is enough to drive anyone insane. 

And despite spending forever on your edits, you still hear too many artifacts.

Phasing, smearing, clicks and pops, glitchy vocals and cymbals… even if you manage to take care of all that, it can start to sound too perfect - and fake!

Where’s the balance? How can you edit faster with less artifacts and get a super-tight - yet musical and natural - result?

How do the pros do it?

As I talked to more and more new engineers, I realized that they were being fed a bunch of bad advice.

People are spending hours upon hours editing things by hand when they have the tools at their fingertips to cut the time in half - all because some guy on a message board said it was the right way to do it!

Engineers today need the same opportunity that the older generation got: the opportunity to learn by watching an actual pro engineer edit the right way.

You need to see how to use the tools properly to edit faster - and know which tools are right for each specific editing task in the project.

It’s not all about cutting and snapping every single track to the grid.

In fact, your musical taste, feel and judgement as a producer / engineer play a huge role in editing with professional results.

It’s hard to learn that on your own by pure trial-and-error, and bedroom studio warriors aren’t going to be able to explain it to you.

It's simple: To learn how to edit like a real pro, you need to watch a real pro edit.

  • Imagine if you could edit a complex drum track from start to finish in only 30 minutes or less?
  • How about guitars that sound insanely tight without spending days on editing or making it sound like a robot played the part?
  • Or what if you knew exactly how (and how much) to tune vocals and align layer upon layer of backups without any obvious artifacts?

If you gain confidence in your editing skills, you’ll be able to elevate your projects to a new professional level without suffering through days or weeks of tedious editing.

No more sketchy edits, wasted time or second guessing.

Good news: I've created a training course that will help you master the art of editing like a pro.


See exactly how the pros edit for quantized drums that feel great, tight guitars that don’t sound robotic, and transparently tuned vocals - without taking forever to do it.

The HARDCORE EDITING course covers everything you need to know to become an expert editor:


Three in-depth drum editing videos showing you exactly how to edit drums for three different songs, ranging from simple to complex.

  • Learn how to combine Beat Detective with manual editing to get the perfect balance of speed and detail
  • Get the ideal drum editing workflow to follow on every song you edit
  • Learn how to decide what the best editing approach is depending on genre, drummer and song
  • See how to easily hear and avoid amateur sounding artifacts
  • Solve any problem, from sketchy flammed hits to overheads that are out of sync with the drums
  • Drum editing cheatsheets and quick-reference guides to keep you on the right track and guide your editing process until you get it down cold
  • Beat Detective cheatsheet for the most efficient & accurate go-to settings
  • *Step-by-step bonus videos showing you how to duplicate my exact Beat Detective workflow in Cubase, Reaper, Logic and Studio One!*
  • Why you should NOT quantize guitars the same way you edit drums. Instead, learn how the pros actually get that insanely tight guitar sound.
  • Find out what tools to stay away from when editing bass and guitars
  • The proper technique for combining takes and fixing timing
  • How to cut, fade and crossfade guitar tracks transparently for super-tight guitars that don’t sound like a robot
  • How to avoid the narrow, un-natural guitar sound that happens as a result of over-editing
  • Cheatsheets & quick reference guides included
  • What should you fix first - timing or tuning? Learn the proper workflow for editing singing and screaming vocals
  • In-depth demonstration of Autotune showing you the ideal settings and how to use graphical mode to tune vocals for a professional, natural sounding result
  • How to approach harmonies and doubles to fix tuning and timing painlessly
  • Where and where NOT to use time stretching for vocals
  • Aligning scream doubles and layers quickly
  • How to find the sweet spot to avoid over-editing vocal tracks and keep layers sounding big and wide
  • Vocal cheatsheets & quick reference guides
  • *How to accomplish the same results using Melodyne instead of Autotune*
PLUS, you'll also get these epic bonuses for free:

How to Track Guitars in Small Sections & Edit On-the-Fly

This lesson alone will change the quality of your recordings forever!

See how I break down a riff into small pieces to track it perfectly and put it together with a natural result... you'll never have to spend hours with time stretching and tedious guitar edits again after you learn this technique.



Download the raw, unedited drum tracks I used in each of the videos to follow along & practice in your DAW (also includes final stems for reference)


Editing drums without click track

You get the replay of a live training session I ran, showing how to edit drums that were not recorded to a click track. This session also includes live Q&A.



Go behind-the-scenes of the vocal editing & tuning done for the album "Binary Garden" by Auras

Get HARDCORE EDITING Now for Only $297


If this course doesn’t improve your editing skills or speed up your editing process, you deserve to get your money back.

This course shows you all the editing processes that I’ve refined over 10 years and on countless tracks of all types. You won’t find anything else out there that will teach you better techniques than what you’ll find here.

That said, if you don’t learn anything new and this course doesn’t make you a better, faster, more confident editor, simply email me within 30 days for a full refund.

Taken my mixes to the next level

I've recently used the Hardcore Editing and Hardcore mix courses. I love them and they have taken my mixes to the next level. They sound wicked because of you, thank you so much!

George Rockliffe

Wouldn't be where I am today.

It was a struggle at first paying the rent and all the bills associated with the studio. After purchasing Jordan’s Hardcore Mixing last year it has helped me open doors and achieve goals that I thought weren’t possible for me. I purchased Hardcore Tracking along with Mixing Exposé, and this was the best tutorial I have watched. Jordan explained how to capture specific instruments in complete detail. I can tell you that without Jordan and his courses I wouldn’t be where I am today. I have many clients that I am working with not only in Metal/Hardcore, but in EDM, EDC, POP, HipHop Hard Rock and recently gospel/Jazz Band. I owe it all to Jordan and Hardcore Music Studio.

Chris Litwin

"Shaved a ton of time off editing"

I honestly loved the editing course. It really nailed down a lot of techniques I was using. And definitely shaved a ton of time off editing, saving me much more time for mixing.


'I thought mixing is really hard but if you dive in to what Jordan is teaching, man.. You will not regret it!'

Right now, after I purchased Mixing Auras (Binary Garden) and Hardcore Editing I can say that my mixes improved a lot. It gives me what I need, and it is not just for metal but for all genres.

Christian C.

"Game changer"

I'm just finishing up the editing course and just the video about tracking guitar in sections was a game changer for me. I never realized how important the editing stage was.

If you haven't bought the editing course, I would absolutely recommend it.

Brandon G.

Gave me the confidence

Many thanks to Jordan Valeriote for all the invaluable tips/videos and sessions! The hardcore mixing and editing courses gave me the confidence to step up my game and in turn helped me mix 12 different clients art work this year along side my part time job and, for that I am grateful.

John Harcus


Wow just totally what I needed right now! I really like the sounding of my first record but I knew with editing it would be much better, but I had no knowledge of how to do it. So I'm really happy for these videos! :)

Ferenc Somloi

Blown Away

I finished the mixing course a couple of weeks ago and just wrapped up the editing course today and wow! I studied recording engineering in college 20 years ago, I was lucky enough to be taught/mentored by Jack Richardson (Guess Who, Alice Cooper) who was of course Garth Richardson's father, and he was great.

Unfortunately though when my schooling was done I felt like I walked away with more questions than answers, so when I cam across JV's videos online I was kind of blown away by how clear, to the point and helpful they were by comparison. I was hopeful but a bit skeptical about signing up for the paid courses, but now that I have I'm glad I did. The over the shoulder perspective was perfect, especially when things didn't go as expected and he was able to explain why. My biggest complaint about other videos I've watched is that they were too rehearsed and "best case scenario" which rarely played out the same way for me when I'd try to follow along on my own, and I think that's a big part about what's worked for me with JV's courses, becasue there were no road blocks or hurdles for me to get over. I was able to follow 100% of it and soak it all up. The technical tips as well as the theoretical and personal preference suggestions were a great help too.

Anyway, happy customer for sure!

Ryan Izzard

"Worth it 100%"

I just did my first session after doing the editing course and the band LOVES me, especially the drummer .

It was really easy to follow, and Jordan uses three songs that get progressively harder to edit so it's possible to jump right in on the easy song and follow along then as you get more comfortable you can start to test yourself on the others, the third one proved to be a more "real world" example and was great to see.

Ryan I.

You hit the nail on the head!

Yeah! You hit the nail on the head. I've been doing this for 15 years, and it always gaurantees great results. You can even change the intention of the song with the art of editing.

Jorge Figueroa

High Bar Standard

Thank you. I needed to hear that. I knew there was a high bar standard, YOU just made me realize that all of us can actually hit it.

Brian Schaaf

Totally changed the quality of my work!

I loved this one man, it totally changed the quality of my work.

Roelof Klop

A lot smoother and less time consuming...

Hey Jordan...

I just want you to know how helpful your HC Editing course is. I just finished the basic drum editing section and my edits are a lot smoother and less time consuming. I have to admit that I was somewhat sceptical when I purchased your course because I work in logic which isn't known as the best DAW for editing. Even though some things take a bit more time in logic everything is still applicable to it. In fact, I learned a lot about it's capabilities while trying to emulate your PT workflow.


Finally Feel Like I'm Not Struggling

Thanks again for putting all these resources together. I studied engineering at the Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences, interned at several studios, and have been recording for over 15 years and this is the first program/community that has helped me significantly improve my skills. Audio work can be a very isolated career so it's great to finally feel like I'm not struggling through the process on my own.

Nathan McMillan

"Helped me break through my barriers"

'I've been listening to Jordan for quite some time now. Jordan highlights techniques over technology, which not many engineers do. And it's helped me to break through my barriers, making me more of a 'free spirit', rather than following rules. The last project I did is a testament to what I'm saying, as it's probably the best mix I've ever done.

Daniel D.

Can't put a $ value on it

Hi Jordan. I've taken your Hardcore Mixing, Editing and Mix Vault and the knowledge that you've given can't put a $ value on it. Thanks so much for your help on the tracking part. This series has been amazing!

Lauren Fatica

Editing drums without a click track...immediately sold!

I woke up to the email about the editing course and as soon as the subject of editing drums without a click track was mentioned I was immediately sold. Haven't even finished hardcore editing yet but I've had a few drummers come in the past week, and man has my life become a whole lot easier! Can not wait to dip into the next part tonight! Also, these drummers didn't even play to a click past counting in. Definitley worth it!

Marc Estabillo

"A major godsend on this project..."

I would be screwed on this EP I'm currently working on had I not got the editing course. How Jordan explains how to edit drums had been a major godsend for me on this project as now the drummer sounds like he is playing in time. Definitely worth the money.

Luke B.

Editing Drums

Good stuff Jordan! I couldn't agree more with you in editing drums. I struggle in this area, especially with beat detective. This video has helped a lot. Looking forward to the next video. Thanks Jordan for all that you do for us engineers out there.

Chris Litwin

'Thanks for all that you do for this community, and I hope to learn even more from you in the future'

I've bought a number of courses from you and so far, yours have always had a fantastic bang for your buck. I've taken away an absolute plethora of working knowledge that I've been able to implement immediately. I also come around multiple times a year to re-watch videos etc, when i feel I need brushing up on certain skills.

Austin H.

"Saved me hours upon hours"

Your Editing Course has help me so much in understanding Beat Detective and other features in Pro Tools that I never knew I had. It has given me so much more confidence in editing and helped me realize what I need to be recording at the tracking stage. This has saved me hours upon hours a week to now just a couple of nights editing, and then I can get on with the fun stuff, mixing and enjoying the song.


Thank GOD for Hardcore Editing!

Thank GOD for Hardcore editing...I just had the worst Drum session of my whole life, thankfully I was able to get this mess on the grid.

RJ DeMarco

Currently taking the course and finished the first lesson. I already feel like I got my money's worth. This is stuff that I've been looking to learn but nobody at my college can teach me. I was worried about putting money down for this, but I'm so glad I did. I finished the first drum editing lesson yesterday and I already feel like I got my money's worth.

Bryant W.

"Great tools for anyone wanting to mix and edit."

Best part is when I really got into the course and didn't understand something or had a question on why or how something worked, I could easily email Jordan and he responded with awesome info and advice and was always willing to help. And the fact you can use it as reference at any given time is worth it alone. Great tools for anyone wanting to mix and edit.

Stephan B.

You will literally save days, even months...

You will literally save days, even months of time in the studio depending on your work load. The cost up front is so insanely minimal when you think about it.

Erik Rhine

You'll never wanna leave...

I rushed through editing before and wasted a lot of potential on previous songs. Once you've edited a song, you'll never wanna a leave a song unedited. Thanks.

Christoph Ebel

Top of the Charts!

I decided to take it more seriously and invest in this. I can't thank you enough because it changed the way I approached everything. I decided to take the entire music production work of my band's 3rd full length album upon myself, and I must say, the album sounds incredible. Today the album is on the 1st place on the iTunes India charts. This is a great moment for us as a band and for me as music producer. Thank you for your courses and I hope more people truly make use of your material, believe in themselves and push forward to get better.

Varun M.

Worth it 100%

Worth it 100% I just did my first session after doing the editing course and the band LOVES me, especially the dummer :)

Ryan Izzard

^^ Snapchat from Hardcore Editing student Chris A.

^^ Snapchat from student Javier M.

"But doesn't editing depend on which DAW you use?"

This is one of the most common (and valid) questions I get about the Hardcore Editing course.

I'm a Pro Tools user, so that's what I use to demonstrate the techniques inside Hardcore Editing.  

However, I want to stress that I don’t create courses about plugins or DAWs, and I'll never tell you that you need XYZ gear to succeed.

My goal is to teach you the principles behind the techniques… The “why” as well as the “how…”

So what you learn can be applied everywhere, regardless of your DAW, gear or genre.

But to make things even faster and easier, I've added additional drum editing lessons that show you exactly how to duplicate my process & workflow in other DAWs including Cubase, Logic, Studio One and Reaper.

Here's how actual course members answered a question about using other DAWs:

If this is the reassurance you needed, then go ahead and grab the course now.

But if you've still got questions...

Chances are you're not the only one. Let me take a stab at answering them here:


What DAW are you using in the Hardcore Editing lessons?

What editing plugins do I need in order to benefit from this course?

Is this course good for any genre?

Can I download the videos to watch later?

What format are the practice tracks in?

Look, I know that editing is probably never going to be your favorite part of making a record.

But I also know that there's a good chance it could be a lot less painful for you than it is now.

What if you're compromising the quality of your tracks without even knowing it by using the wrong tools... and wasting countless hours for no reason?

Are you happy to keep "winging it" on your own?

Or would you rather skip the trial-and-error and learn directly from someone who has spent a decade and thousands of hours editing tracks from complete amateurs all the way up to signed big-label bands?

You could spend 2 years and tens of thousands of dollars on audio school diploma and never learn what I'm sharing inside this course.

If you want to be taken seriously as an engineer, I'm ready to help you take that next step.

Join HARDCORE EDITING Now for Only $297