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How To Track Drums For Rock And Metal Music


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Aspiring Rock And Metal Music Engineers, Producers, And Mixers:

Let Me Teach You A Repeatable, Step-By-Step Process For Tracking Clear, Punchy, And Heavy Drums That Sound Pro-Quality Every Time!

This virtual workshop will give you the complete drum recording method you need to produce label-quality drum tracks in ANY room, with ANY drummer!

Drum Tracking Workshop Replay:

How to track drums for rock & metal music

Produce Pro-Quality Rock And Metal Drum Tracks, Feel Confident In The Studio, And Blow Everyone Away With Your Mixes - Using This Proven Drum Tracking Method

Limited release

Workshop recordings available only until May 31, 2023

I want to teach you a repeatable, foolproof process that will deliver tight, in-your-face drum tracks…

So you feel confident when you record drums and the end product is a HIT - 100% of the time.

It doesn’t matter if you only use midi drums right now, you don’t have any tracking projects at the moment, or even if you don’t have the space or gear to track drums yet…

Being able to nail drum tracking is essential if you want to be a legit music producer. So you don’t have any time to waste. You need to learn this skill now…

And when you do, you’ll be blown away - and so will everyone else - by how much better your songs and recordings sound.

Here’s the best part: It doesn’t have to be hard.

Most Engineers Make Drum Tracking WAY Too Complicated!

The secret to producing songs and albums with tight, punchy, slamming drums is to have a proven, repeatable process that you can plug-and-play every time you record.

A process that makes things easy and one you can go back to over and over again.

That’s why the world’s top audio engineers never disappoint. They have a proven process they return to every time they track drums.

They discovered HOW to get perfect drum takes… and they follow the same steps every time.

It’s as simple as that. Except, when you sign up you won’t have to figure the process out on your own. I’ll show it to you.

This is the exact process I’ve fine-tuned over the last decade as a professional audio engineer to produce award winning records. And behind your favorite heavy music albums - from Architects to Bring Me The Horizon to Meshuggah - is a simple process just like this one.

And when you sign up for this Drum Tracking Workshop, you’ll learn my step-by-step drum tracking process… so you can trade your basement demo sounding drums for heavy, punchy, in-your-face drums that sound like your favorite records.

Meet Your Host - Jordan Valeriote

I’m the Founder of Hardcore Music Studio. And over the past 10+ years I’ve been able to live my dreams as a producer, engineer, and mixer.

I’ve worked on records for bands like Silverstein, Neck Deep, Emery, Intervals, Counterparts, Forevermore, Nick Johnston, and many more

I’ve partnered with record labels like SolidState, Hopeless, Rise Records, and Universal

But the most rewarding part of my career (which is also my favorite part) is helping aspiring music engineers, producers, and mixers like you start producing label quality records on your own.

To date, I’ve helped THOUSANDS of engineers take their recordings and mixes from amateur-demo quality to pro-level commercial quality…

And based on my experiences with thousands of people like you, I can say this with full confidence:

Your Work Will Always Sound “Amateur” Until You Can Track Drums To A Pro Standard!

And the best part about this Drum Tracking Workshop is you’ll learn how to nail the drums from start to finish, every time you record.

And in just one day, you’ll know exactly how to set up, tune, mic, and track a drum kit in ANY room and with ANY drummer… and capture great drum tracks you can easily turn into a massive, tight, and punchy final drum mix.

No more scouring YouTube for mic techniques.

No more wasting countless hours searching for that “one tip” that you think will change your mixes.

No more banging your head against the steering wheel when your drums sound like cardboard boxes during your “car test”.

This is your golden ticket to pro-quality drums and more confidence in the studio.

And it’ll be a blast watching people head-bang to YOUR mixes… just like they do when listening to their favorite albums.

So if that sounds like something you want, here’s some more details:

Drum Tracking Workshop Replay:
How To Track Drums For Rock & Metal

In this limited-time release of this training, I’ll show you how to track rock and metal drums so they have pro, record-label quality every single time. 

You'll get my step-by-step method for getting tight, punchy, huge and slamming drums… so you can produce songs and records that hold up next to your favorite bands and mixes.

Here’s What You’ll Learn During The Drum Tracking Workshop Replay Sessions

Session #1: Reverse Engineering The Modern Heavy Drum Sound
  • A simple, repeatable process anyone can use in the studio (with any style drummer) to nail the modern heavy drum sound every single time… This 90-minute session will save you years of headaches and instantly give you pro-quality drum mixes…
  • Why being able to nail drum tracking is the HOLY GRAIL of audio engineering… (just getting this figured out will instantly get your mixes out of the “basement demo” rut.)
  • Why you can’t build a lasting career WITHOUT learning to track live drums (and how to use your ear for live drums to get even better at tracking midi drums.)
  • How to start with the end in mind (all the top audio engineers utilize this trick - and learning how to do it is going to save you so much time and frustration… and make your mixes sound pro quality!)
  • The top 5 mistakes people make when recording rock and metal drums that makes them sound robotic or like you recorded in a tiny bathroom!
  • The RIGHT drums, sizes, cymbals, and drum heads you need to get the modern heavy metal sound
  • How to tune drums quickly and easily with a simple technique that has worked for every band I’ve recorded (as long as you want big, punchy drum sounds with lots of presence and body.)
  • And much more!
Session #2: The Foolproof Mic Strategy For Rock & Metal Drums
  • My complete, foolproof mic strategy for getting the modern heavy drum sound every time I record…
  • Exactly what mics to use for what parts of the drum kit… and how to position them for the best sound and easiest mix… (this will save you so much time and give you TONS of confidence.)
  • Why getting a unique room sound will make your recordings sound better than any other mixes in your scene… (98% of amateur engineers are clueless about this - but all the pros know how to use this “room hack” to stand out.)
  • 3 examples of live drums that I’ve captured in different sized rooms so you know how to get the best raw sound possible that’ll make mixing the drums so much easier…
  • How to dial in all the punch & impact you want from your drums using simple signal chains that translate to any song you're working on…
  • And much more!
Session #3: Capturing Great Takes & How To Do It Anywhere
  • Tracking workflow and performance tips that’ll save you tons of time in the studio and make every session a lot easier and a heckuva lot more fun… (no matter how skilled the drummer is.)
  • What to listen for while you track drums to make sure you get the BEST sound… before even touching the mix! (I bet your drum tracks will sound better than all your old mixes when you use this technique.)
  • How to quickly adjust your tracking to the skill level of the drummer… (this won’t only make YOUR life easier… but the drummer is going to LOVE how good you make him sound!)
  • The #1 thing most drummers need to be reminded of when they record… (tell the drummer this one tip before you hit “record” and the takes will come out more clear and punchy.)
  • Where to put the kit to get the best sound… (if you mess this up it’ll be impossible to get pro-level recordings.)
  • How to track live drums in any room… (It doesn’t matter if it’s a basement, rehearsal space, or a room the size of a closet… you’ll learn how to get the best drums tracks regardless.)
  • And much more!

This Drum Tracking Workshop Will Transform The Quality Of Your Recordings In A Few Hours!

When you sign up for the Drum Tracking Workshop Replay all the frustrations you’ve had while recording drums will come to an end…

And you’ll have a simple, repeatable method you can use to record any drummer in any room… that’ll help you produce pro-level quality drums every single time.

I’ll show you my proven process… which is just like the one your favorite engineers use to produce your favorite rock and metal albums.

Plus, you can go back and watch the session recordings until May 31.

Until now, the only other place I teach the techniques you’ll learn during the workshop… is inside my full Pro Production System training… which requires an investment in the thousands… 

But I wanted to create a way to help you take a massive step forward and improve the quality of your work even if you aren’t ready to invest that much yet…

So instead of asking you to invest thousands of dollars for the entire PPS training…

I decided to re-release these event recordings where I’ll teach you my proven method for nailing awesome drum tracks and getting your recordings closer to pro-level…

And I’m keeping the ticket price super affordable

All you have to do is pay $29 for your ticket.

When You Sign Up Today, You’ll Also Get 2 Bonuses - Worth More Than The Cost Of The Ticket - For FREE!

  • Bonus #1: Drum Tracking Cheat Sheet ($59 value FREE!)

    You are going to get a LOT of valuable information inside the Drum Tracking Workshop Replay…

    And I want to make it as easy as possible for you to reference back to everything you learned when it matters most… in the studio!

    That’s why as a bonus for signing up, I’ll send you my Drum Tracking Cheatsheet so you have everything you need right at your fingertips…

    Including drum tuning tips, go-to mic selection, a mic positioning guide, and step-by-step tracking workflow.

    You can print this out, set it in the studio, and you’ll be golden every time you track drums from here on out.
  • Bonus #2: Pitfalls & Principles of Programmed Drums ($39 value FREE!)

    This is going to be a HUGE help when you're working with programmed drums.

    This bonus guide is my 6-step workflow for programming midi drums that’s worked like a charm on every major release I’ve done using programmed drums

    And it’ll help you get the big, heavy, in-your-face drum sound that all pro records have… and avoid the fake, robotic drum sound that doesn’t have any oomph behind it.

    And hey…

    I want to make this decision as easy as possible for you because I totally believe this workshop can transform your recording and have a huge impact on your future…

    So I’ll also give you a 7-day money back guarantee… which means there’s no risk and nothing should stand in the way of purchasing your virtual ticket.

7-Day Money Back Guarantee

If you don’t learn something new that helps you record better drum tracks, you get your money back. Simple as that.

All you’d have to do is shoot me an email, let me know about your experience, and you’ll get a refund. I’ll even try to leave you with a new nugget of information because you took the time to join the workshop.

With that said, I’ve NEVER had this happen.

I’ve been recording rock and metal bands for more than a decade. And I have a ton of experience and insight that I want to share with you…

So if you’re motivated, and if you put these sessions to use, your mixes will sound pro quality. I guarantee it.

Grab Your Virtual Ticket Now!

  • On-Demand Access to the Drum Tracking Workshop recordings (3 Sessions)
  • Replays available until May 31, 2023 at 11:59pm Eastern Time
  • Training that’ll make your raw drums tracks sound better than your old mixed drum tracks
  • $98 worth of FREE bonuses that you can keep in the studio with you to help you track drums that hit hard and sound crystal clear in the mix!

This Workshop Is For You - If You Want To:

  • Produce competitive, professional quality records that sound just as good as other commercial records… (nailing drum tracks is foundational to achieving this goal.)
  • Feel proud of your mixes and totally satisfied when you compare them to your favorite records… (clear, tight, and punchy drum tracks are CRUCIAL to make it happen.)
  • Accelerate how quickly you track, edit and mix drum tracks so you get more work done in half the time…
  • Know exactly what to do within seconds of walking in the studio… (what mics to use, where to place them, and how to get the best sound out of any drummer in any room.)
  • Elevate yourself above the masses of amateur producers and DAW ninjas and blow everyone away with how tight, punchy, and MASSIVE your drums sound…
  • Feel confident in the studio that no matter what drummer walks in or what their skill level is… (you’ll make them sound tight, heavy and like pros!)

Don’t Miss Out…

If you’re still on the fence, please consider a few things:

Maybe you don’t want to spend the $29 for your ticket to the workshop. But let’s be real

If a $50 plugin was on sale for $29, you’d probably buy it. But…

This event is 100x more valuable than a plugin. You’ll spend $29 to know exactly how to track drums and get pro results for the rest of your life.

Or maybe you looked at your calendar and you don’t have time to watch right away...

That’s why I’ll give you access to the workshop recordings until May 31. This way you can set aside a few hours whenever is best for you to learn how to get pro level drum recordings anytime, anywhere.

If you’re serious about it, then you’ll set aside the time to make it happen.

And listen…

If you’re hesitant because you only use midi drums right now, or you don’t have any tracking projects scheduled, or you don’t have the space or gear to track drums yet… no worries

You still NEED to know the information and process inside this workshop if you want hard-hitting drums that sound pro-quality 100% of the time.

If you work mostly with midi drums then you’ll benefit from the Pitfalls & Principles of Programmed Drums bonus video lesson that I’ll send you for free when you purchase your ticket…

And the techniques you learn will help you get better, human-sounding drums when you track so no one can tell the difference.

And if you don’t have the gear to track drums yet, inside session 3, I’ll show you how to build an affordable mobile tracking rig so you can track bands anywhere…

And I’ll also give you real-life examples of how you can build a successful producing career on the road.

Finally, maybe you learned about drum tracking in college or by watching YouTube videos.

That’s fine. But what really matters to me is if you can answer these questions:

Are you 100% satisfied with your raw drum sounds? And do you feel totally confident and in control during drum tracking sessions?

If you can’t answer “yes” to both those questions, then you need to join this training…

And speaking from experience, I bet you’ll learn more about getting pro-quality drum tracks during these sessions than an entire semester at audio college or thousands of wasted hours on YouTube.

And remember, if the workshop doesn’t help you at all, just let me know and you’ll get your money back. There’s absolutely zero-risk involved…

So don’t wait. If you want a repeatable, foolproof process that will deliver tight, in-your-face drum tracks…

So you feel confident when you record drums and the end product is a HIT - 100% of the time

And if you want to be taught by someone who has big label credits and millions of streams… and get your drum tracking questions answered live so you can knock peoples’ socks off with your recordings…

Click the button below to register today.

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