Looking for the best way to learn how to make professional quality records? 

Forget about those fancy audio colleges that charge you $50,000 or more. Artists don't hire producers or mixers for their degree!

There's only one tried-and-true way to learn recording & mixing: getting in the room with a real pro ahead of you and seeing how it's actually done.

That means you see the entire process from start to finish, with every decision and every tool explained in detail. 

All of our courses allow you to do it virtually, without leaving your studio (or home) and going to school for 4 years. 

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Course overviews


Mix faster, hit harder and translate everywhere.

Tired of comparing your mixes to the pros and not even coming close?

Hardcore Mixing is the flagship course from producer/mixer Jordan Valeriote (Silverstein, Neck Deep, Forevermore, etc). Learn the Hardcore Mixing secrets that will turn you from aspiring engineer into sought-after mixer – without buying more gear, having a fancy studio or going to audio college.

The course includes a detailed walkthrough of my actual mix for Silverstein – “Milestone,” plus my M3 Method for Massive Mixes training on mindset, organization and workflow. Bonuses include written guides, cheatsheets, drum samples, extra multitracks, mix templates and more.


Get it right at the source and capture raw tracks that beat your current mixes.

This course takes you through the entire recording process from start to finish with every step explained along the way.

And it’s not just about mics and preamps!

Hardcore Tracking goes in-depth on instrument setup and gives you the secrets on how to get incredible sounding performances (even when the artist can’t play what they wrote!).

The end result? You’ll start capturing tracks in the recording stage that sound better than your final mixes right now.


Get tight, pro-quality tracks that still sound natural while cutting your editing time in half.

Editing is a crucial part of modern music production.  If you want to go anywhere with engineering, and if you want your recordings to compete, you need to be able to edit.

Hardcore Editing reveals exactly how the pros edit for quantized drums that feel great, tight guitars that don’t sound robotic, and transparently tuned vocals – without taking forever to do it.


The most hands-on, personalized mix training experience available.

You'll spend the entire day virtually with Jordan as he mixes a song of your choice from start to finish.

You'll have the opportunity to see the entire process, discuss decisions and ask questions along the way. It's just like being in the control room to mix side-by-side with a, you also get to keep the video recordings afterwards.

Price is $2,000 and availability is limited.

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