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​Mixing Advice Tailored to Rock, Hardcore and Metal That Will Help Take Your Mixes to the Next Level.

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Ready to get on the right track towards professional rock & metal mixes?

For the price of a fancy latte, this book will help you:

  • ​Understand the essentials of mixing and increase your confidence
  • Mix a song in a day instead of a week
  • Have a clear vision for every song you mix
  • Increase the impact, energy, clarity and punch of your mixes
  • Start getting professional results and have artists seeking you for their projects


Tyler H.

I'm impressed at the results I'm getting from this E-Book. I applied some of the concepts to a mix I was working on, and within minutes it was already sounding miles better than anything I've ever mixed before.

Jeremy T.

Your book has changed my view of mixing completely! It made a lot of things that were fuzzy now very clear!  THANK YOU!

Phil Z.

The difference since reading the book is night and day. Buying your book has improved my mixes' coherency and clarity overnight. It’s like the elements of my metalcore mixes have just fallen into place. Thank you so much for making this available!

Alan D.

I have been using the book as my main reference for my project. And even though this is my first time mixing, it's already sounding WAY better than anything else my friends have mixed. And they've been doing it for years. It's the perfect book for what I'm doing. Thanks a million.


Hey, I'm Jordan Valeriote. I've been a full-time producer / engineer for almost 10 years, with credits including Silverstein (Rise Records), Forevermore (SolidState), Neck Deep (Hopeless), Counterparts, Intervals and more. I’ve taken everything I know about mixing and distilled the most important lessons into this book to help you start achieving a noticeable improvement in your mixes - quickly. 


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