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How to MAKE IT as an engineer

Is it getting harder to make a name for yourself as a producer/engineer? Maybe. So what? Here’s the cold hard truth: It takes TIME and EFFORT to develop a skill and be rewarded for it. There’s one simple solution…. Stop quitting. Be better.

The $30,000 napkin

Should you charge hourly? Day rate? Per-song? Flat project rate? It’s hard to know which pricing model to use as an engineer. A typical model, of course, is charging an hourly rate for your services. Seems pretty logical… But I believe this is actually the worst way to value you work. I’ve got a quick […] 
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How To Alter Reality

Most of how we experience life has more to do with perception than reality. Here’s how to stop sabotaging yourself and alter reality to work in your favor.  

Secret to connecting with industry pros

Whether you’re hoping to sit in on a session, or get connected with managers & labels, there’s a crucial principle you need to understand. Here’s how to make big connections over the long term, with two stories that illustrate it perfectly.