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Plugin Preset: Waves SSL Channel – CLA Toms

Waves SSL Channel Preset: CLA Toms

The Waves SSL Channel is my #1 go-to plugin.  I didn’t come up with this preset, but I almost always use it as a starting point for tom tracks.  This preset is included with the plugin and can be found under ‘CLA’ in the ‘load’ menu.  This preset instantly gets you close to that modern […]

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Waves C4 for Metal Guitars – The Andy Sneap Preset

**Update for 2018: Check out this video demo for fixing muddy guitars with the C4 Preset** This is a classic metal mixing trick for guitars! Learn how to control the low-end of heavy guitars during palm mutes and chugging… WITHOUT making the rest of your tone thin. This is accomplished using a multiband compressor that […]

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Automating Plugins the Easy Way [VIDEO]

Here’s a short video tip on how to automate plugins quickly and easily in Pro Tools, using some little known keyboard shortcuts.  Automating plugins can open up a new world of possibilities in your mix.  As a bonus, you’ll also learn how to create a simple filter sweep effect using the bundled AIR Kill EQ […]

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Plugin Preset: Waves SSL Channel for Scream Vocals

SSL Channel Preset - Scream Vocals

This is my preset for scream vocals, using my #1 go-to plugin: Waves SSL Channel.  I use this as a quick and dirty preset during tracking and adjust it to suit the mix. Since it’s common for a screamer to be recording right up on the mic, it’s necessary to cut out some low end […]

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Plugin Preset: H-Comp Lead Vocal

Waves H-Comp Preset for Lead Vocal

Waves H-Comp – Lead Vocal Preset I’m a huge fan of the Waves H-series plugins.  These plugs deliver old-school vibe & warmth with innovative features only possible in the digital realm.  The H-Comp is one of my favourites, and this is one of my go-to settings for an instant in-your-face vocal sound.  Don’t be shy […]

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