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How to Get More Stuff Done by Batching Tasks

One of the keys to getting more stuff done is to batch your tasks. Everything you’re working on requires different types of focus, from brainstorming to setup to organization to creation… And every time you switch modes, your brain has to start all over again. Batching your tasks allows you to stay focused on just […]

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Tips for Editing Metal Vocals (Singing and Screaming)

Need some help editing your vocal tracks? I’ve spent hundreds (maybe thousands?) of hours working with all different sorts of vocals… and I’ve tried almost every approach and workflow to get vocals that are in time and in tune without sounding fake or T-Pain’d. After all of this trial and error, I’ve boiled it down […]

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Crucial Pro Tools Key Commands & Shortcuts for Editing

No matter how long you’ve been using a DAW, it seems like there’s always something you don’t know yet… This video outlines my go-to keyboard shortcuts for Pro Tools. These are all the key commands that I use instinctively and are essential to my fast workflow in the studio.

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Manual Slip Editing vs. Beat Detective for Editing Drums

A lot of engineers out there are resorting to manually chopping, moving and fading every single drum hit by hand. However, this is NOT the only way to get perfectly edited drums. Beat Detective is a powerful tool that can cut your editing time in half IF you know how to use it. Here’s a […]

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How to Use Drum Samples in Your Mix Session

Here’s my workflow for auditioning and printing drum samples in a mix. I recommend that you commit your triggered drums to audio in this way, for a few reasons discussed in the video. Click here to get the drum samples used in this video.

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How to Edit Drums With Beat Detective in Pro Tools

This tutorial shows how to use Beat Detective in Pro Tools to edit drums quickly. Sometimes you have to ‘trick’ Beat Detective into doing what you want, but learning how to use it will save you a lot of time when editing drums. Here’s my technique.

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