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Why Heavy Records Suck Today

Way too many modern heavy records are being ruined by over-production right now. It seems like more and more, I get excited to hear a new record and then have to turn it off because of the production and mix. 

Here’s what I think is wrong with heavy music production right now, and why you need to avoid following this trend if you want to make records that stand the test of time.

What I cover in this video: 

‣ Why so many modern heavy records are unlistenable today… especially because of the drums

‣ Why fans actually buy records (note – it has nothing to do with YOU!)

‣ An honest look at whether you’re a true mixer or not

‣ Understanding the “threshold of improvement” concept

‣ Where the industry is probably going… and how to not be left behind

I’m not against using modern tools to make the best record possible… but you need to make sure you’re actually making things better, not worse.