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Waves C4 for Metal Guitars – The Andy Sneap Preset

This is a classic metal mixing trick for guitars! Learn how to control the low-end of heavy guitars during palm mutes and chugging… WITHOUT making the rest of your tone thin. This is accomplished using a multiband compressor that only effects the low mids… leaving the rest of your guitar tone intact.

One common issue with heavy guitars, or even acoustic and clean guitars, is the low-end buildup that happens during palm-muted chug sections. If you use a regular compressor, it will react to these loud frequencies and you’ll lose the overall level and energy. If you use EQ, your guitar tone will suffer during sections where there  isn’t any low-end buildup. This preset, originally shared by metal legend Andy Sneap, provides the perfect solution. With only the low-mid band engaged, this compressor tames the low-end issues while leaving the rest of the signal alone. It’s always the first thing I try when I have a muddy or boomy guitar track.