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Plugin Preset: Stereo Delay for Vocals

I use this short stereo delay to add a touch of excitement and width to a lead vocal, and to help it sit in the mix.  I typically prefer this approach over a short reverb.

My stereo delay preset for vocals
My stereo delay preset for vocals

Note that since my FX are set up as sends and returns, the mix is at 100%.

Having the left and right delay times slightly different creates the width, while the LPF setting eliminates extra sibilance and helps the effect blend into the mix.

I usually mix this delay very subtly, so that it doesn’t jump out yet is obviously missed when muted.

Experiment with different delay times to suit your taste, and try using this effect in place of a reverb.

In fact, this type of delay tends to sound and act like a reverb – without the negative effect of pushing the vocal back in the mix.