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My Most Essential Studio Gear

There are certain things that I’ve come to rely on in the studio, whether I’m tracking or mixing.

Some pieces of gear that I simply can’t work without.

That I REFUSE to work without!

But it’s not what you think…

No mics, no preamps…

no compressors, no monitors….

These are the pieces that travel with me whenever I’m working in a different studio:


1. Kensington Expert Mouse Trackball

Not only did this thing save my wrist, it made me a lot faster in the DAW. I can zip around the screen, scroll left and right and make quick edits without moving my hand at all.

These things are weird to get used to, but there’s nothing more efficient and comfortable. You’ll never catch me with a trackpad or mouse in the studio.

2. LaCie Rugged External Drive

You never want to be the unsuspecting victim of a hard drive crash. If it’s going to happen, it’s probably gonna be at the worst time. 

I back up projects every night after the session and take this with me. There are many other drives that work just as well, but I love the portability and design of this one. 

It’s also got all of my go-to drum samples and production effects so that my library is always with me. 

3. iLok (and Waves account)

These things used to be more important, but now Waves and other online accounts do the same thing. 

I like to work fast, and if I have to substitute a new plugin during a session, it’s going to slow me down and frustrate me a ton. So no matter what, I’ll make sure that my go-to plugins are installed and authorized before we start. 

For me, workflow trumps everything else. 

Sure, the mic selection and other studio gear is important to me… but if I can’t stay in the zone, work quickly and be creative, then all the best gear in the world is pointless. 

Now it’s your turn!

Leave a comment below with your non-negotiable, must-have studio gear.