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Inside the Mix – COUNTERPARTS ‘Prophets’


Here’s a look at my mix session for Counterparts “Goodbye, Megaton.” This record was recorded and mixed in 2009, and surprisingly I still get compliments on the sound of this record.  In this video I take a look back at what made this mix unique.

I find it a valuable exercise to take some time looking back at your work. What would you do differently now? Where did you make some mistakes? More importantly, what can you learn from it?

Looking at this mix from 2009, I was reminded of the importance of simplicity. When I did this mix, I was trying to get the sound I wanted with as little processing as possible. Though I wouldn’t limit myself by that rule today, it’s a good reminder that you need to know when to process the hell out of something… and when to leave it alone and let it shine.

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