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Hardcore Music Studio Member Roundtable

Replay from a Facebook live stream where members of my Hardcore Mixing, Hardcore Editing, Hardcore Tracking courses and the Professional Production System shared their insights & answered questions.

2:30 – Confidence as an engineer

15:27 – Am I far enough along in my audio journey to get value from these courses?

20:30 – What are a few major takeaways from the program that helped you improve your mixes?

35:40 – How can you translate the Hardcore Mixing / Tracking / Editing info to other genres?

46:13 – How do you set prices for your services?

58:30 – I’ve purchased so many other courses / subscriptions. What’s different about the Pro Production System? Can I still benefit?

1:10:50 – How do you stay motivated about a project when you don’t like the songs?

1:18:39 – What would you say to someone who is on the fence about joining the Pro Production System because they’re worried they can’t afford it?