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How To Get The LoFi Telephone Effect (Any DAW, Any Plugins)

This is probably the most timeless effect you can use in your mixes.  It always works, it never sounds cheesy or dated, clients are always stoked on it…and it’s freakin’ easy to do! I’m talking about none other than the “telephone” effect (a.k.a. LoFi effect or ‘radio’ effect). By popular request, I’m showing you exactly […] 
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Micro-Automation: The Secret to Loud AND Dynamic Mixes?

So, you want to create loud, dynamic and competitive mixes. Awesome!  There’s just one problem… For loudness, you need less dynamic range. For movement, punch and energy, you need MORE dynamic range! So how do you get BOTH??? The answer: micro-automation. Micro-automation is a technique I’ve been using for many years and ONLY talking about […] 
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3 Magical Saturation Plugins

Saturation is one of my favorite tools to use in the mix to add size, punch, and glue.  In this video, you’re gonna get a rundown of my three favorite saturation plugins and why they’re so magical… plus learn why and when to reach for saturation instead of EQ or compression.  

The Bad Habit Making Your Mixes Suck!

Struggling to get final mixes that you’re proud of? Are your mixes & studio projects taking days or weeks longer than they should? Like the rest of society, you’re probably suffering a death by a thousand cuts. Here’s how to break away from false productivity and create something meaningful.