Tips & Tricks

Why This Mix Is So Good!

Analyzing one of my favorite mixes this year by Zakk Cervini who is absolutely crushing it in the heavy music scene right now. Here’s what makes this mix so good, and how you can study your favorite mixes then apply what you learn to your own work.

Guitar Disappearing in Mono? Q&A with Jordan

Here’s a clip from one of our recent Pro Production System coaching calls, where Jordan answers a common question about hard-panned guitars disappearing when switching to mono. Interested in working with Jordan to improve your recordings & mixes? Click here to schedule a production breakthrough call now.

My New Secret Weapon Plugin

Introducing Escalator, the first of two Black Salt Audio plugins that I’ll be launching June 1st, 2021.  Check out how you can add instant fatness, character, weight and punch to your mixes with Escalator. Say hello to your new secret weapon!