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Tips & Tricks

Should You Mix On AIRPODS?

I always check my mixes on my AirPods, but what would happen if I actually mixed with them? I wanted to try this out and see if it was a good idea or a bad one! Check out the plugins used in this video:

The Secret to Mixing PRO VOCALS is Not What You Think

Getting clear, bright, polished vocals in the mix comes down to one thing. It’s not EQ or reverb. Or stacking layers. Automation? Nope. Find out what is THE key to getting crisp, up-front, pro-level vocals, EVERY time. Music by Jevani Sanders –

Pro Mixer Reacts to METALLICA – Lux Æterna

It’s important for audio engineers to keep a pulse on what’s happening in popular music. Hearing what the best of the best in the industry are putting out helps us to set the bar for our own work. Here’s my reaction to Metallica’s new single, Lux Æterna from a mixing and production perspective.

Is THIS Why Your Mixes Aren’t Good Enough?

Someone posted a comment on one of my recent videos, and I HAD to come on and talk about it… because it reveals a huge mental battle that 99% of new engineers & mixers struggle with. Find out how you can win this battle and get better mixes, much faster.