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5 Heavy Mixes That Actually Sound Cool!

I recently published a video talking about the problem with heavy music today – the over-processed sounds that are ruining modern records. In this video I’ve got the other side: a handful of heavy records that actually sound unique and not over-processed, while also being competitive and fun to listen to.   

Neural DSP Nolly vs Real Amps

Can amp sim plugins really compete with real amps? I decided to compare Neural DSP’s Archetype: Nolly plugin with the tones I’ve recorded on my 5150 and JCM800…. All I can say is this plugin is the real deal. Watch the video to hear for yourself! Download my Archetype: Nolly presets here:

Making An Old Mix Better! Counterparts ‘Prophets’ – 10 Years Later

I was messing around with one of my original Counterparts mix sessions for “Prophets,” and I decided to hit record and share this with you. This video moves fairly quickly through some powerful mix changes, so it might feel a little advanced to some, but just for fun, here’s how I would improve my mix… Read More »Making An Old Mix Better! Counterparts ‘Prophets’ – 10 Years Later