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What you need for a LEGIT home studio setup

00:00 Introduction 00:24 Computer 01:06 DAW 02:04 Interface 03:26 Microphones 04:39 Preamps 05:12 Outboard Gear 05:40 Controller 06:01 Instruments 07:28 Monitors LIST OF GEAR MENTIONED IN THIS VIDEO: Mac computer Pro Tools Studio Avid Carbon interface Apollo x8 audio interface Focusrite Octopre microphone preamp Shure SM57 dynamic mic AKG… Read More »What you need for a LEGIT home studio setup

Your raw tracks should sound this good

What do “good source tones” actually sound like? And how much should change from the raw tracks to the final mix? In this video, I share 3 projects I worked on so you can hear what they sounded like before mixing and then after the final mix.