How to Cut Your Mix Revisions in Half

Do you often get bogged down with pages and pages of mix notes? Chances are you’re violating one of these guidelines.  Here are some crucial tips on how to communicate with artists and set up the revision process so that changes are quick and easy.

3 Low End Mixing MISTAKES That Are Killing Your Mixes

These 3 low end mixing techniques are taught over and over again in colleges and online… But if you’re mixing rock and heavy music, these could actually be mistakes that are killing your mixes – not helping them! Here are 3 common low-end mixing mistakes that should avoid when mixing rock, metal and hardcore.

The TRUTH About Proper Gain Staging in Your Mix (Gain Staging Simplified!)

It seems like every audio channel out there wants you to believe that you can get better mixes simply by using proper “gain staging.” This is a total MYTH! It drives me crazy when I see all the hype around “gain staging” online, so I finally had to make this video.  Here’s the truth behind some […] 
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Simple Vocal Widening Mix Technique

Here’s a super simple vocal widening technique that you can use in any mix – from hardcore and metal to pop, country and everything in between.  In this video I demonstrate this technique using a stock Pro Tools plugin or a paid plugin that makes things even easier.