I stopped using these 4 plugins

There are some plugins that were my go-to tools for years, but I’ve recently switched them out. Some of the replacements are plugins that I made for myself. Others are just a newer, easier way of doing things. Check out this video to learn what I replaced and why.

I’ve used these plugins for over 10 years!

When it comes to plugins and a streamlined mix workflow, you don’t mess with success. In this video, I’m showing you why these continue to be my go-to plugins for each and every one of mixes – for 10 years and counting. Waves SSL Channel – https://waves.alzt.net/dMd4q Waves Classic Compressors – https://waves.alzt.net/0va0P Waves CLA76 – […] 
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Why Mixing Matters

A great mix can never save a bad song… But a bad mix can ruin a great song. Too many mixers today are ruining good songs by trying to impress other mixers. We need to remember WHO we’re mixing for!

Watch me help fix my students’ mixes

The fastest way to improve your mixes is to get feedback from a professional outside source – an experienced engineer who can help you refine your musical vision. This video shows a couple examples of how I’ve helped my students rapidly pinpoint & fix the problems in their mixes.

You gotta mix with courage!

One of the main reasons people don’t have pro-sounding mixes is that they treat the tracks like delicate china. In this video, I’m sharing how I executed my vision for Emery’s “I Don’t Know You At All,” giving you some insight into how you can make more fearless moves in your mixes.