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What you need for a LEGIT home studio setup

00:00 Introduction 00:24 Computer 01:06 DAW 02:04 Interface 03:26 Microphones 04:39 Preamps 05:12 Outboard Gear 05:40 Controller 06:01 Instruments 07:28 Monitors LIST OF GEAR MENTIONED IN THIS VIDEO: Mac computer Pro Tools Studio Avid Carbon interface Apollo x8 audio interface Focusrite Octopre microphone preamp Shure SM57 dynamic mic AKG… Read More »What you need for a LEGIT home studio setup

Why you should double your rates (and when)

If your goal is to work with bigger bands, the rock-bottom prices you’re offering aren’t gonna get you there. Find out how low rates and constant discounts are actually holding you back from levelling up in your studio business – and how much you should really be charging to attract the clients you want.