Sundown Snare Collection



This pack includes 6 different snare sounds perfectly crafted for rock, hardcore and metal mixes. I used these samples exclusively for 2 years on major releases like Silverstein, Forevermore, Neck Deep, etc.

  • Mix-Ready – Get a killer snare sound immediately without spending time tweaking samples (of course, tweak them if you want!)
  • Multi-sampled – Medium, Hard, and Rimshot samples provide enough dynamic range for any heavy mix
  • 3 Blend Options for Each Snare – Each snare includes Direct, Room, and Blend samples. Use the Direct and Room samples together to create your own custom balance, or use the pre-mixed Blend sample to drop in to any mix (my favourite).
  • Instant download includes WAV and Trigger formats

Included Snares:

  • 14×6.5″ Black Beauty (in 2 tunings)
  • 14×6″ OCDP Snare
  • 14×10″ SJC Walnut/Maple Snare
  • 14×6.5″ C&C Snare (in 2 tunings)

Audio Samples:



Black Beauty A

Black Beauty B



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