Mix FX Pack


This sample pack puts all the modern FX you need right at your fingertips.  Add bass drops, swells, reverse cymbals and snares to your mixes in seconds.  At less than 50 cents per sample, this pack is a no-brainer!


26 Bass Drops (a.k.a sub drops, bass booms)

  • Tuned to note intervals for maximum impact, from E all the way down to G to cover almost any tuning.
  • Enhanced for smaller speakers and massive on large systems & in venues.
  • Short, medium, and long bass drops for each note.

12 Cymbal Swells

  • 4 unique cymbals sounds to fit any mix
  • Short, medium, and long swells for each cymbal sound

6 Reverse Snares

  • Various tones & lengths to suit a variety of snare sounds
  • Quick ‘swooshes’ and long, epic swells


Two bonus FX swells, suitable for any mix & genre.

Audio Sample: