Plugin Preset: H-Comp Lead Vocal

Waves H-Comp – Lead Vocal Preset

My Lead Vocal preset on the Waves H-Comp

My Lead Vocal preset on the Waves H-Comp

I’m a huge fan of the Waves H-series plugins.  These plugs deliver old-school vibe & warmth with innovative features only possible in the digital realm.  The H-Comp is one of my favourites, and this is one of my go-to settings for an instant in-your-face vocal sound.  Don’t be shy – the sweet spot is around -12db gain reduction!

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Davince says

I love your mixes, Jordan! Very pro sounding! Hope you can make a free video of your mixing process of a simple rock song drum samples from raw to polished. Direct to the point, detailed and quick. Thanks and more power to you!


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