"Get the keys to crafting label-quality mixes so you can attract more clients, increase your rates and build a life mixing records."


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    M3 Method for Massive Mixes training & multitracks
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    MixStarter and MixFX Templates
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    My entire drum sample library
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    Working With Programmed Drums bonus lessons
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"Can't thank you enough."

I can't thank you enough for the Hardcore mixing course. It's definitely the best investment I've made in a long time!

I was striving to get my mixes to sound like the pros, trying to copy tones and shape my mixes to sound like theirs. I didn't have a clue how to take my mix from novice level to professional. The course really helped me open the doors to making significant improvements to all elements of my mixing.

After finishing the course I went back to a current mix I was working on and started from scratch... the client was blown away. He even said to me that it was better than what any other studio in my area was putting out (which have been going a lot longer than me!).

Joel F.

I started trying to record my own work in 2012, basically from scratch, with no experience to speak of. I learned the hard way that the deluge of information I was soaking up from varying and conflicting sources was not helping me learn a solid foundation to build from. The direct , hands on method - looking over the shoulder so to speak, is how I learn quickest. Your approach to this, and providing the same materials you've worked with so the person following along has tangible results, makes for a much more efficient process. It's been an eye and ear opener.

Since starting in on your program, I have built a working template that utilizes your settings, with the addition of Superior Drummer mapped out to the drum tracks. Everything sounds so much better now. I'm turning out mixes that translate far better from in here to my car, truck, headphones, etc. That alone was worth more than the cost of engaging in this program.

Jake Hades

Hey Jordan, I'm up to Kick and Snare and have gone back into it a couple of times. I've been really busy with work so I've been slow going with the course. I am loving it so far and think you've done a great job with it. Ever since I found you from Graham Cochrane, I have been learning and enjoying tons of info from you. Thanks and have a great Holiday!-Sean

Sean smith

"I now have mixes I can be proud of."

Until I found Hardcore Mixing, I had only been mixing with what little direction I had and my mixes were an inarguable proof of that. The fact that I was able to take this course and follow along with a complete project from start to finish and see where my mistakes were in my mixes and see how a professional handles the same obstacles has been invaluable to the progress and growth of my work.

After going through the Hardcore Mixing course, I now have mixes I can be proud of, musicians that want my style and touch, and a better understanding on why and how mixes are engineered in a professional atmosphere.

Stephan B.

"Increased speed, confidence and overall sound"

After Hardcore Mixing my skills have improved immensely. The course really helped me with attacking the mix vs messing around with individual elements without direction.

I now have a plan that I apply to any mix situation that increases my speed, confidence, and overall sound. I have my go-to plugins and templates ready to go at any moment so I'm not digging through menus and being taken out of the moment.

This process has helped me mix more efficiently which has led to more projects and this was worth the cost of the course alone."

Jacob S.

Look, I believe in this product and I know that if you take this training seriously, your mixes will improve. So I want to remove all of the risk for you. If you take the course, try a new mix and still aren't satisfied with this product, just email me within 60 days and I'll refund 100% of your money. I'm here to help you become a better mixer, and if that doesn't happen, I don't want your money anyways.

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