Your All-Access Pass to a Catalog of Pro Mix Sessions

What if you could make breakthroughs & transform your mixes every single month?

Fellow audio engineer,

Imagine that you’re living in a different time… 10 or 20 years ago before all the big studios started closing.

You’re an assistant at one of these studios, working under an experienced & notable engineer.

Every day you get to wake up and head to the studio to do what you love most... and more importantly, you get to watch and learn as your mentor mixes new songs day-in and day-out.

You would be one of the few people who get to see & hear the “guts” of well-known songs…

To hear what the vocal sounded like completely alone and know exactly what the mixer had to do to make it radio-ready…

You'd listen as they build the mix from scratch into the polished final product that everyone else hears.

After a few months of this, how much do you want to bet that your mixes would completely transform?

With a steady stream of insights from real-world, professional mix sessions across a variety of genres and arrangements, you would quickly become a confident and well-rounded mixer.

This is how the legends came up in the big studios decades ago, and you need to have these kinds of experiences if you want to improve as an engineer - at least, if you don’t want to do it at a snail’s pace.

Now, forget about being in the big studios for a minute…

There’s something about just getting your hands on some real tracks and dissecting a pro mix that opens your eyes more than anything else.

As an engineer, you probably jump on any chance to get access to these tracks and go behind the scenes of mixes you know and love…. or even songs that you don’t know at all.

Because these days we’re all in a bit of a bubble… recording at home or in our small project studios and mixing without any experience outside of the stuff we create inside that bubble.

So when you get to step inside something different and deconstruct the work of an expert, you can’t help but get inspired to expand your own capabilities and make a new breakthrough in your mixing.

My name's Jordan Valeriote.

I’ve been engineering professionally for almost 10 years, and I still love finding new multitracks to load up and explore. I scour the internet for interviews or video clips with my favorite mixers, sometimes finding a golden nugget but usually coming up empty.

But every now and then an artist will release their stems, or I’ll get a chance to download some multitracks, and presto…. my mixes evolve.

Like when I downloaded Fall Out Boy tracks and realized how important compression was on the lead vocals (and how dry they were compared to my mixes).

Or when I got some Oh, Sleeper tracks and learned how to automate my FX sends instead of keeping things static…. or hearing Underoath drums in solo and analyzing how each piece of the kit was treated to create that punch and intensity…

The point is, every time I got to dig into multitracks like this, I made breakthroughs.

Just by listening to the tracks.

It’s one thing to listen and appreciate a finished mix, but lightbulbs start going off like crazy when you get to break it down to its individual parts.

Sadly, even with 10 years of engineering and interacting with pro engineers, I’ve only come across these chances a handful of times.

No wonder the average up-and-coming engineer or home studio owner is spinning their wheels and struggling to mix better. The chances for insights and breakthroughs are just too few and far between.

Over my 10 years of engineering, I’ve been able to work on some notable releases including Silverstein, Neck Deep, Intervals and other label projects… and I often get questions from other engineers about how I mixed these projects.

So I got thinking… what if I could open up my catalog and let other engineers dig in to my mixes, the same way I love to dig into other mixes?

And not just one song… but songs from multiple albums that span a variety of styles and unique arrangements….

So that people who are stuck in their ‘bubble’ can expand their skill set and become more well-rounded engineers capable of handling a wide range of instruments and genres.

I came up with something new...

Introducing MIX VAULT:
My most exclusive and intensive mix training program for engineers who want to advance their mix skills radically in the next 4 months.

Mix Vault will provide you with a steady stream of insights from real-world, professional mix sessions and full multitrack access.
It’s like a 4-month pro studio internship without leaving your house!

Here’s what's included inside Mix Vault:

A new mix every month for 4 months. Dig in with detailed video lessons that break down some of my most notable releases covering a range of genres.

Full multi-track download for each mix session. Load them up in any DAW to follow along and practice your mixing with pro-quality tracks.

Access to my private Hardcore Mixers community where you can share your work, get feedback and get answers to questions.

Live Q&A Calls with me during the course and at the end.

PLUS these bonuses:

  • FREE Hardcore Music Studio T-Shirt 
    Available only for MixVault members.
  • TWO Additional Mix Sessions
    Round out your skills as a mixer with organic, acoustic focused lessons & multitracks
    (Unlocked when you complete the 4 month program)


MONTH 1: Intervals - "Ephemeral"

From the album, "A Voice Within"

  • Melodic, technical rock/metal
  • Dynamic live drums
  • Clean & polished vocals
  • Intricate guitars

MONTH 2: Neck Deep - "Losing Teeth" (Hopeless Records)

From the album, "Wishful Thinking"

  • Melodic, catchy pop-punk
  • Live drums
  • Punk rock guitar, bass and vocals

MONTH 3: Auras - "Adverse Condition"

From the album, "Crestfallen"

  • Super-heavy djent/metal
  • Programmed drums with complex patterns
  • Down-tuned guitar and bass
  • Intense scream vocals

MONTH 4: Goodbye Sky Harbour - "Loud and Clear"

From the album, "Tired Hearts"

  • Radio-ready pop rock
  • Live drums, guitar and bass
  • Female fronted vocal
  • Classic mainstream pop-rock arrangement and mix


BONUS 1: Nick Johnston - "Remarkably Human"

From the album, "Remarkably Human"

  • Guitar driven instrumental rock
  • Organic vibe with lots of dynamics
  • Acoustic & electric guitars
  • Epic leads and solos

BONUS 2: Silverstein - "Toronto (Unabridged)" (Rise Records)

From the album, "I Am Alive in Everything I Touch"

  • Acoustic driven
  • Unique layers including cello and percussion
  • Unplugged vibe building to full band

You’ll get multitracks for all 6 of these sessions, plus in-depth walkthroughs and lessons where I explain every plugin, track, and mix decision in detail.

Sound Intense?

Yup… it’s intense.

I didn’t want to give you another one-off mix lesson.

I also didn’t want to open up an endless monthly program that eventually becomes stream of boring, mediocre tracks that you don’t care about.

Rather, I wanted to create an elite inner circle of mixers who are committed to their craft...

Engineers who aren’t going to just wait passively for new breakthroughs to come to them randomly (it hardly ever happens).

MIX VAULT is about committing to step up your mix skills every single month for the rest of the year,  get outside whatever your bubble is - metal, rock, hardcore, etc. - and become a multi faceted engineer.

I’ll provide the plan, the tracks, the lessons and the opportunity for breakthroughs so that you don’t have to waste any more time searching for them on your own.

Instead, you can spend that time making music and implementing the things you learn.

You could spend 12 months and tens of thousands of dollars at a fancy audio college and still never get this type of access to a catalog of actual real-world, pro mixes.

But it’s not going to cost you anywhere near what a college costs… and you won’t have to disrupt your normal life…

Mix Vault is only $57/month for 4 months.

The program is open for enrollment NOW… But this is meant to be an inner circle. A family of committed engineers.

So enrollment is going to close when this timer runs out, and only MIX VAULT members will get access to this material from now until next year.

Check out these success stories from past students:

"I just want to say thank you so much for your awesome classes and lessons online. I've been getting more and more clients coming to me because of my work. Your lessons have greatly improved my skills by a million.I'm actually making a decent income on my dream, more than I thought I would this early. I'm even able to upgrade some of the gear I desperately need solely off the money I've made from my little bedroom studio!"

Chris C.                 

"I applied your method to a song that I already mixed for my band. I waited until I was done with the new mix before I compared the before and after results. WOW! The difference is extreme! The new mix sounds exciting and full. By comparison, the old mix sounds like there's a blanket on the speakers. I am beyond happy with the results and can't wait to apply what I've learned to more projects.  Thank you so much for making this available to people like me."

Keith V.                 

I finished the core material and immediately jumped into an old session.  Is there a greater difference comparison than "night and day"? Because that's an understatement. I mean, it doesn't sound like I mixed it. It sounds almost like a pro did.  Hardcore Mixing was the best investment I've ever made in this field. You've allowed me to accelerate my march of progress to a dash.  It's time to start turning my stupidly ambitious hobby into a professional craft. Can't say I saw this coming!"

Colin D.                 

Full 120-Day Guarantee

If you’re going through this program and decide that it’s not for you, you can cancel at any time and receive a full refund for the months that you’d paid for.

I always aim to provide value far above the price tag of my products. With the depth and scope of this program, I don’t think it’s possible for you not to get $57/month worth of value (and much more).

This massive guarantee puts me at risk… but I want to make sure that you feel 100% confident enrolling in Mix Vault. And since I’m asking you to trust me, I’m going to also trust that you won’t take dishonest advantage of this guarantee.

Don't Worry...
You're Not Too Busy For This.

This isn’t like committing to 4 months of full-time school!

I’ve worked hard to deliver this course in a way that makes your learning simple and easy.

Every week you’ll get a new piece of the mix, plus the instruction videos to go along with it.

So that by the end of each month, you’ve gradually built the entire mix - and you have all the tracks to explore and play with on your own.

All it takes to keep up is about 30-60 minutes per week.

Plus, if you fall behind or miss a lesson, no problem - all the content will be there for you to go back and access forever.

John Doe UI/UX Designer

"Your mixing course was a complete game changer and I went from mixing 1 song a month and not really know what I was doing and why... and now mixing a song in a day and a half to album-release quality.

People are shocked how good my mixes are sounding for such little amount of time I have been mixing. Last November I decided to buy my first interface and your courses have saved me years and years of hard work to get me to this standard.

Now I can give my band that recording we always wanted. Believe me your courses are the best out there.

Ross W.

"I can honestly say that your course is the best initiative I have ever jumped on!  The biggest hurtle for me was the low end. After going through and practicing the techniques you show on how to control the low end, my mixes sound full, glued and have the energy to drive the song.

Bands love the final product and I feel so much more confident in my mixing skills (even after doing this for 7 years now, and working in two different studios). Thanks again for doing this and being bad ass enough to teach people these techniques, rather than hoarding them for the professionals!

Ryan M.

John Doe UI/UX Designer

"I just wanted to say thank you so much for the course you put together to help people like me grow in their ability to deliver professional sounding mixes. I have been waiting almost 10 years for something like this!!!
I now feel I have the foundation I need to start producing quality mixes that I won't feel embarrassed to show people! Thank you thank you THANK YOU!"

Todd M.                 

This is going to be special, and I can’t wait to meet the engineers that jump into this exclusive program.

It’s a chance for you to guarantee that you make steady improvements as an engineer every week for the next 4 months… Just imagine where that will put you at the end of the year.

Will I be meeting you inside?


Yes, I want to radically improve my mixes every month for the rest of this year!