Tracks that sound like a record, right at the source.


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The Lineup: 
Graham - The Recording Revolution
Joey, Eyal & Joel - URM / Nail the Mix
Joey - JST Tones
Brian - The Six Figure Home Studio
Dan - The Pro Audio Files
Warren - Produce Like a Pro
Lij - Recording Studio Rockstars
David - David Glenn Recording


Thursday April 20: Video 1 (Drum Mics)

Monday April 23: Video 2 (Guitar Tone)

Thursday April 27: Video 3 (Vocal Chain)



Fast-Action Bonus:
Buyers will receive the Mixing Exposé add-on for FREE if they purchase in the first 24 hours. This add-on becomes a $97 upsell after 9am on day 2.



Quick teaser video (please don't share publicly)

This isn't just a course, it's a full package! Here's what's included in Hardcore Tracking:

 “Tracking Exposé” - The entire recording process captured on video with explanations of every step along the way. It covers not only recording techniques and workflow, but teaches instrument setup, tuning, editing on the fly and how to achieve the tightest performances. 

“Real World Recording” - Written guidebook that gives foundational info about mic theory, mic technique, signal flow, gain staging, tracking strategies for each instrument, room treatment and an overall approach to recording. Also includes suggestions for what gear you should own in a small or project studio.

Tracking Cheatsheets - Quick reference sheets for each instrument with go-to mics and positions, instrument setup and tuning tips, and bullet points on tracking strategy

Multitrack Downloads - Hear the actual raw sounds captured in the videos in your own DAW. These tracks help illustrate what good recording levels are, and what a good raw tone sounds like during tracking. Also useful for mix practice.

Access to Private Community


Editing Videos & Lessons - Watch and learn as I edit the drums and tune the vocals for “Exposé.” No mysteries about how the raw takes become the final takes.

Bonus Lesson: How to track drums in a small room and optimize small spaces.

Bonus Lesson: Drum tracking tricks and hacks for when the drummer can’t pull it off

Office Hours - live group calls for direct Q&A with me to answer your specific tracking problems and any questions or roadblocks that come up during the course





UPSELL - "Mixing Exposé" 





$198 - $227


You will be paid via PayPal on or before June 1st.
If your commissions are more than $10,000, payments will need to be split. If your commissions exceed $30,000, we can arrange a wire transfer.


I'm not a huge fan of payment plans. I don't like the idea of my products becoming another monthly bill that continues to occur even after they've consumed the content. I want my products to feel like an investment, not an expense. 

​That said, during launches like this I frequently get requests for payment plans. If we receive a significant number of requests, I will prepare a 2-day extension on the course and offer a payment plan. It will be at $147x3 months or $79x6 months.

Stay tuned to affiliate announcements for details on the extension. You can choose whether or not to participate. ​

​Commissions on payment plans will be the same (50% / 30%) and will be paid out on a monthly basis on the first weekday of the following month (May commissions paid June 1, June commissions paid July 1, etc.) 



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Let your audience know that this is legit!

I've been producing records professionally for almost 10 years, with credits including Silverstein (Rise Records), Intervals, Forevermore (Tooth and Nail), Counterparts (Victory), Dead and Divine, Neck Deep (Hopeless Records) and more. 



Feel free to use this hi-res course logo: Download here

Pre-Launch Videos - Large / Email / Ads

Pre-Launch Videos - Thumbnails


Each pre-launch video is highly valuable and in-depth, featuring actual clips from inside the full course. Your audience will thank you for sending them there!

They're going to go inside the studio with me and see how I approach recording a song in the real world, with a real band.

The goal is to help them start getting sounds at the tracking stage that are better than their current final mixes!

Video 1: Capturing Drums

  • In-depth walkthrough of how to mic up a drum kit
  • Hear what good raw drums should sound like at the tracking stage
  • Free bonus download: Drum Tracking Cheatsheet with go-to mics and positions for drums

Video 2: Getting Tone

  • How to mic a guitar cab
  • See the guitar chain & watch me dial in a guitar tone quickly
  • Learn a new mental framework for tracking guitars that will 10x your quality

Video 3: Tracking Vocals

  • See my go-to vocal chain
  • Learn the comp-on-the-fly vocal tracking strategy to get the best takes and keep sessions moving quickly.

*Videos are here for your reference only, to help you write your copy. Please don't share these videos before the official release dates.


Copy these or use them as a starting point to communicate the benefits of this course. 

  • "Know how to capture great sounds and great takes every time"
  • "Be confident that the tones and sounds you capture are exactly what you need in the final mix"
  • "Quickly and easily choose the right mic for the job and put it in the right spot without wasting time, ruining the vibe or keeping the band waiting"
  • "Have your songs sounding better during tracking than most people’s final mixes sound… and get this result every time regardless of what client comes through your door (even if they can’t play what they wrote)"
  • "Cut your recording time in half while getting 10x better results (and learn framework for tracking that naturally cuts your editing and mixing time in half too!)"
  • "Become a master not only of your recording gear but also the instruments themselves so that you can always start with the best source possible"
  • "Make every client a raving fan and earn the trust of artists and labels alike to start getting projects lined up in advance"
  • "Take your engineering from “on-the-side” to full-time pro"

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