want to learn the secrets behind a professional mix?

it's time to start getting the sound in your head to come out of the speakers.

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We've all been there. 

You spend hours on a mix and finally feel like it's getting close... only to compare it to something else and feel totally lost and deflated.

The mix sounds sterile and separate, instead of tight and glued together. The vocals are poking too far out of the mix. The low end sounds muddy and lacks size and clarity. Drums are either peaking too loudly above or buried behind the mix.

So it's back to the internet in search for more quick-fixes and random YouTube videos and mixing tips to try and save your mix. 

...but you just end up even more confused, using tools & plugins that you don't really understand and trying to apply techniques that aren't even relevant to the genre you're working on.

so how do you overcome these roadblocks and start getting more professional sounding mixes?

Let's face it, you're not going to become a world-class mixer overnight. 

But don't just continue to mix blindly, struggling to make even small improvements. It's going to take forever. 

You need to start learning from pros who have been there already and see exactly what they're doing to consistently pump out killer mixes and make a living doing it.

By getting an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at an actual pro mix session, you'll learn all of the tips, techniques and secrets that you won't pick up anywhere else - or would take you years to figure out on your own.

that's why i created HARDCORE MIXING PREMIUM

I'm Jordan Valeriote, and I've been producing and mixing full-time for almost a decade. 

​I've been able to work with bands like Silverstein, Forevermore, Neck Deep, Dead and Divine and Counterparts to name a few. 

I've helped bands go on to get record deals and management deals, and produce and mix projects for labels like Rise Records, Hopeless, SolidState, Universal and more. ​

And I accomplished all of that out of a tiny 600 sqft studio, a small collection of gear and no audio schooling.

The secret ingredient that allowed me to improve quickly and climb the ladder was learning from pros ahead of me.

As an assistant at a high-end studio in Toronto, I was able to watch top-tier producers work on superstar projects. I looked over their shoulder to see exactly what they were doing and how. 

After my short stint assisting there, I continued to learn by connecting with pros who were already doing what I wanted to do. I took opportunities to learn their techniques and peak inside their world. 

The result? Every time I had one of these learning opportunities, the quality of my mixes increased 10x almost immediately. I wasn't struggling blindly on my own... I was getting real-world advice and then taking it back to implement in my own work. 

I want you to have that same opportunity to level-up your mixes quickly. Hardcore Mixing Premium will help you:

  • Improve your mixes dramatically.  Make massive leaps forward in your mixing skills - rapidly.
  •  Demystify the Major Label Mix. Give you full access to an actual mix session for a major release and show you exactly how it's done.
  • Have artists seeking out your sound. By levelling up your mixing skills, you'll start attracting more and better clients and become a mixing authority who bands trust to deliver a killer mix every time.
  • Get on the fast track with the right resources. Get the tools, templates, samples and material you need to get un-stuck and improve even faster.

is it really possible? See for yourself:

Nick GinnSchool House Studios

I was working on a mix of a song that I wasn’t happy with, and decided to mix it from scratch after watching this course. I, and the band, couldn’t believe the difference. It was on a totally different level. Everything was more clear, punched a lot more, sounded bigger and just straight up more professional. Even mixing not “hardcore” tracks are coming out a lot better than ever before, and I’m starting to get a lot more jobs just mixing.

​Since watching these, business has improved so much that I was actually able to quit my shitty part time job and am now finally working full time at my studio.

I landed a really serious record to me last night and I feel I owe it all to you.

I would have paid 3 times what I did had I known how much these videos would clear up for me. I bought 10 years of knowledge for next to nothing. Unreal man.

Don LevasseurAtlantis Studio
Matthew Amelung Producer/Engineer

This is definitely helping me greater than any video that I have seen or purchased regarding mixing. I have always felt in between a beginner and professional, but these tutorials are going to put me ahead by far, QUICKLY. Best mixing course this year, and I've seen a few of the big name courses...

Here's what you'll get inside the course:

  • 5+ Hours of Video Training:  Watch over my shoulder as I walk you through my actual mix session for the song 'Milestone' by Silverstein (Rise Records).  Learn the what, why and how behind every mix decision as I show you every track, every plugin, and every move - all broken down in depth. 
  • Bonus Module: Working With Programmed Drums. How to achieve a tight, realistic and glued-together sound when dealing with programmed drums.
  • Multitracks:  Download the stems and actual raw multi-track files for the song to follow along and practice in your own DAW.  Not only with this accelerate your learning, but you'll finally get to see what you're capable of when working with professionally recorded tracks.
  • Drum Samples:  I'll give you the same kick and snare samples that I used in the mix - my top samples that I made specifically for heavy music
  • Bonus Downloads: My Pro Tools Mix FX Template, workflow diagram, plus the option to download and keep all of the course videos offline.
  • Private Facebook Group: Connect with other serious mixers, share tips and ask for feedback on your mixes.
  • Members-Only Q&A Sessions: Access to quarterly live Q&A sessions where I hang out and answer your questions. Plus, you get access to past Q&A recordings full of hours of valuable content

I've spent 10 years trying to figure out mixing vocals. And never wanted to ask my friends who are super good cause I felt rude or weird asking. So thank you for this... I watched the vocal video so far...and I'm finally happy with my vocal sound... man this improved my mixes so much. The course is worth every penny. I was able to translate it to all genres.


ready to level up your mixes?

At my normal mix lesson rate of $150/hr this training alone is worth over $750 (and that doesn't even include the value of all the bonus downloads, drum samples and live hangouts)

But I want this to be attainable for you no matter where you're at in your mixing journey, so I'm knocking it down...

or 4 low payments of $85

30-day money back guarantee

You are fully protected by our 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee. If you feel like this course isn't helping you, just email us within 30 days and we'll refund you immediately.

I want to extend a huge thank you to Jordan for offering this course. The amount of improvement I've noticed in my mixing is incredible.


I feel like I learned how to tame a bass and got another perspective as a whole while listening to my own mixes and others. I feel like I'm better at fixing porly recorded stuff so it sounds more like my own taste.


Just about to jump into automation tomorrow night after work, but wanted to say thank you for how much I've learned so far. My initial concern was that the videos would potentially be anecdotal in how to choose settings but I love how every single setting is explained and accounted for, and the techniques are already helping me in a bunch of different songs and genres that I've played with alongside this song throughout the week.  Thanks again Jordan, can't wait to keep learning more.


do you really want to go it alone?

In the past, aspiring engineers had mentors and teachers that they shadowed and learned from. That's how the all-star mixers learned the craft and got to where they are.

In today's world, with the ability to produce and mix music from anywhere, the opportunity to shadow a pro is harder and harder to come by. This course is my way of letting you shadow me on a professional mix. I don't hold anything back - you'll see all of my tricks and secrets.

I'm completely confident that after taking this course, you'll have the confidence and knowledge you need to start cranking out professional, record-quality mixes. 

Your skills are your #1 asset.

Don't buy another plugin or expensive compressor. There isn't any piece of equipment that will take you to the next level... you must invest in yourself and commit to growing as a mixer.

take the biggest step forward in your mixing journey now.

"I can't wait to see what this course does for your mixes. It's gonna be huge.”

-Jordan Valeriote

P.S.: What are you mixes going to sound like 6 months from now if you stay on your current path? Are you going to reach your goals of mixing professionally or finally making your songs sound like a record? If you don't invest in Hardcore Mixing Premium, chances are you'll still be struggling with the same roadblocks that you are right now... and falling behind those who are taking the leap. 

I've seen this training completely change the course of peoples' careers in music and beyond, giving them the confidence and freedom to do what they love and follow their dreams. If you're not satisfied with it, just contact me within 30 days for a refund.