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How to Use Drum Samples in Your Mix Session

Here’s my workflow for auditioning and printing drum samples in a mix. I recommend that you commit your triggered drums to audio in this way, for a few reasons discussed in the video. Click here to get the drum samples used in this video.

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Inside the Mix – River Oaks (Shane Told) – EQ on Acoustic Guitars

Inside the Mix - River Oaks 1

Here’s a peak inside the mix for “Let You Down” by River Oaks (Shane Told of Silverstein). This video walks through how I used EQ on the acoustic guitars to put them up-front in the mix and create the acoustic-driven rock vibe.  

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5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Master Your Own Mixes

5 reasons not to master your own mixes

It’s getting more common for mixers to do the mastering for clients, especially when you’re just starting out. I used to do this too in the first half of my career. These days though, I’m a big believer in getting someone else to master your work. In fact I haven’t mastered anything in years. Here […]

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Proof That You Can Mix with Stock Plugins

I never buy excuses like “I don’t have the right gear” or “I can’t afford good enough plugins.” I’m a firm believer that it’s about your skills and your taste, not the gear itself. So I decided to do a little challenge for myself. In this video, I take a vocal track loaded with expensive plugins […]

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Inside the Mix: Counterparts ‘Prophets’

Counterparts Mix Session

#TBT! Here’s a look at my mix session for Counterparts “Goodbye, Megaton.” This record was recorded and mixed in 2009, and surprisingly I still get compliments on the sound of this record.  In this video I take a look back at what made this mix unique. I find it a valuable exercise to take some […]

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How to Create a Reverse Snare Effect (VIDEO)

Quick tutorial video showing how to create a simple reverse snare swell effect.

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How to Create a Reverse Cymbal Swell Effect

Here’s a super quick & simple tutorial on how to create the classic reverse cymbal effect.

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How to Make Lead Guitars Cut Through The Mix (VIDEO)

It can often be difficult to get a lead guitar to sit on top of all the other layers in a mix. Here’s how I use EQ, compression, and limiting to make lead guitars cut through the mix.

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How to Get Louder Cymbals in Your Overhead Tracks [VIDEO]

You need the cymbals to be louder in the mix, so you turn up the overhead track. The cymbals are louder, but the rest of the kit sounds worse. You start to lose all the punch and intensity you worked hard for on your close mics and drum samples. Ever had this problem? Check out […]

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Interview: Will Putney (Northlane, Stray From the Path, For Today, etc.)

Will Putney

Will Putney has become one of the most in-demand producers in heavy music, but his sound is far from the cookie-cutter style flooding the genre today. With a portfolio of records growing at a pace that seems impossible, we were lucky to catch up with Will and get an inside look at how he delivers […]

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