How to EQ Heavy Guitars [VIDEO]

How to EQ Heavy Guitars (video)

Here’s a short video demonstrating how to use filtering and narrow EQ dips to clean up and smooth out distorted guitar tracks.  Ideally, if you’ve captured a great tone to begin with, you won’t need much more EQ than this in the mix!

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Plugin Preset: H-Comp Lead Vocal

Waves H-Comp Preset for Lead Vocal

Waves H-Comp – Lead Vocal Preset I’m a huge fan of the Waves H-series plugins.  These plugs deliver old-school vibe & warmth with innovative features only possible in the digital realm.  The H-Comp is one of my favourites, and this is one of my go-to settings for an instant in-your-face vocal sound.  Don’t be shy […]

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Why You’re Probably Using Too Much Reverb

A few years ago, while studying and comparing great mixes with my own, I started to notice something. All the mixes I loved were so dry. Seriously, go listen to some top 40 music on iTunes. How much reverb do you hear on the lead vocal? For many, reverb is a crutch.  Let’s face it […]

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